Star Wars The Old Republic Ingame Gameplay Footage + what we know so far


* Only being released for PC, no consoles
* Seems that the Game has PvE Mode and a PvP Mode – SifiWire
* Graphics are great and smooth – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* The interface seems standardised. Hot keys on a UI Bar. – 1UP
* The Majority of the Game can be done without Any help from anyone else – StarWarsMMO Demo
* Space Experience will be in game, its still being worked on – Machinima
* Subtitles for alien speech. – EuroGamer
* BioWare is currently indicating that it will be unwilling to let players skip or read dialogue scenes- EuroGamer
* The UI Can be customised!- StarWarsMMO
* Naming Filters include not being able to have numbers, special characters or Star Wars names – StarWarsMMO Demo
* Full Voice overs for all NPC, Companions and some extent our characters (There is a mention in one of the reviews about some text, maybe just during the selection, it was not too clear.)
* Some voice overs being done by cast members of Battlestar Galatica – Kokaku
* The voiceovers seem to be done by good actors not Fred the Cleaner (If anyone has played Culling of Strath in WoW 3rd boss, you will know what I mean)
* There is mention of a Player Driven Economy in the review from Joystiq.
* No grinding – Destructoid review.
* 8 Classes confirmed (During Gamespot Interview)
* They are looking into seperate servers for PvP, RP etc as an option. – StarWarsMMO
* They are trying to make TOR available to People with a mix of PC quality Old and New- StarWarsMMO
* PvP, Auction House, Raiding and an Economy all confirmed on video by a Dev: ZAM
* The Game is fully operational now
* Localised instancing – When getting/handing in a quest you are the only one at NPC – MMOGAMER


* Characters maybe planet locked for a period based on gameplay mechanics (BH needs to get a Hutts help to get off the planet, Smuggler has no ship (Its been stolen)
* Still no mention of non-human playable races.
* Bounty Hunters start on Hutta – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* Bounty Hunters Story Arc is called ‘The Great Hunt’ – SifiWire
* Bounty Hunters as well as ranged can do hand to hand combat plus dirty tricks – SifiWire
* Smuggler starts on Ord Mantell – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* Characters can Jump!- StarwarsMMO
* Multiple Voices for Player Characters so that when we respond they do not all sound the same – StarwarsMMO Demo
* Full Body and Facial expressions while speaking – StarWarsMMO Demo
* Information on races other than Human coming soon – StarWarsMMO
* Character customization
* Other classes will get the Cover ability, but maybe not as effective.
* Player Characters have some intresting moves.. Smuggler (knee NPC in nuts and shoot them in the head)
* Mixed Party Quests, If a Smuggler and Jedi group to go do the Smuggler quest line there will be quests for the Jedi to do while helping Smuggler – MMOGAmer
* Dialog selection via a Mass Effect Style Dialog wheel – GameSutra
* There is an END to each classes Story with new content to extend each story- MMOGamer
* The more Dark/Light Side you go you gain access to more abilities that lean towards that calling that going the other way denies you. – GameSutra


* No Auto Attack – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* Combat is fast paced (Almost Console Speed) – TenTonHammer
* Enemies fall fast and come quick, and the pace of action is consistent.- EuroGamer
* Cooldowns on the skills were very short, and the skills themselves were swift, immediate- EuroGamer
* TOR is NOT going for normal MMO Combat but Star Wars Combat (2.43 on vid)- Gamespot 17th June
* Special moves seem to require points similar to Rogue in WoW. (If you are not sure what I mean read further in this post, its explained)
* Players seem to be able to take on 1 to 4 NPCs at the same time. – Destructoid StarWarsMMO
* Combat seems to be more fluid and dynamic (not too sure what they were refering to by maybe queuing moves?)
* Duel use of Lightsabers shown. – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* There is mention of the Sith soaking up damage and causing agro. Possible hint to a Tanking class?
* While seeing the Combat in the Flaspoint its seemed very like Battlefront with 10 vs 2 combat – StarWarsMMO Demo
* When engaging NPCs the NPC switched from Ranged to Melee as the Players got closer – StarWarsMMO Demo
* Combat was more fluid not stiff like KOTRO – StarWarsMMO Demo
* The Sith was Auto deflecting Blaster Bolts during the Flaspoint – StarWarsMMO Demo


* Loot seems to be based on Light/Darkside as well as class.
* End Game Content like Raiding is available if players do not want to re roll- MMOGamer
* Looting is the standard Loot types in other MMOs – StarWarsMMO
* Choices in Flashpoints can change the course of the instance. Kill a NPC and ‘A’ happens.. do not kill and ‘B’ happens. – Mentioned in Multiple Reviews
* Flashpoints can be done solo or grouped.
* Group decisions in Flashpoints (Its mentioned that BW are still working on how to apply LS/DS points depending on outcome).
* PvP loot mentioned as loot in the gamespot Smuggler interview.
* Loot sets also seem to be in game, possible mutliple PvP sets mentioned – Gamespot Smuggler
* The Group decisions seem to work like the LOTRO Combo Combat function, you get little time to decide what you want to do. A selection of outcomes appear and you have to decide fast.
* Multiple different outfits per class- TenTonHammer (watch vid)

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