Mysterious Transmission From Faint Old Republic Signal

Few days ago I got a mail about a Incoming Transmission from a faint signal. I deleted it as I thought it was random spam, but apparently I was wrong. It seems like many people on the official forums plus some of the other Swtor fan sites also got the same mail The message reads as follows:

Subject: ## Incoming Transmission from a faint signal…
Message Body:
## Incoming Transmission from an old Republic signal…
## Initiating trace
## Signal cannot be located!
## Receiving transmission burst…
“where it all began…in a Violent display, lIght meets dark…GrEat
power still remaiNs hERE”
## End Transmission
## Signal lost!
## Attempting reconnect…
## Searching…
## Searching…
## Would you like to continue searching for the signal…?_

 swtor-life wrote the following about it:

There is a cipher that decodes the upper cryptic sequence of characters. To help you out right away, the key you need to start deciphering is tython. This will lead you on a great adventure with a lot of puzzles and brain breakers. The most intriguing part for me was the use of a cipher seen in KOTOR, which shows great knowledge of the creators of this puzzle.

May you be warned that this is not something created by Bioware and there is no beta access as reward at the end of the path (and that is why everyone spent hours on this trying to solve it). Nevertheless it is a great experience and I suggest you test your intelligence by this great game. If you get stuck you can ask in the comments and we’ll give tips, or you can visit the thread started on the official forums and browse through 50+ pages for solutions  .

You should  check it out. I’m still stuck at the button puzzle game.

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