Star Wars Vs. The Royal Wedding

Two huge events happened in the world a couple of weeks back: first off, and most importantly, LucasFilm announced the details of the forthcoming Star Wars complete saga blu-ray release to predictable fanfare (and the even more predictable dissent from some circles). And then there was the piffling matter of the wedding of the UK’s own monarch in waiting Prince William to his commoner beloved Kate Middleton.

At one point, as the celebrations neared, and the hysteria that spread across the world reached a crescendo, you couldn’t get moved for garish merchandise, swaths of Union Jacks and all manner of useless tat with the faces of the future King and his bride plastered all over it.
So it was only a matter of time until someone brought together the Royal Wedding, and the most famous cross-cultural works of art, like Star Wars for instance. See that? Full circle, almost effortlessly…
Anyway, YouTube artist FantaPants has indeed melded the two historic moments together, offering a cheeky re-edit of the Royal Wedding that splices in some scenes that might just be familiar to Star Wars fans…

Aside from that VERY silly inclusion of Chewbacca at the very end, which almost blows it thanks to a slip in the quality (but doesn’t compromise everything thanks to the comedy element), the video is a triumph of clever editing, and deserves to be celebrated for what it is.

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