And The Prize For Most Committed Star Wars Wedding Goes To…

Themed weddings happen every day, and most people don’t bat an eyelid. Whether you want to dress up in full Medieval threads, or commit to an entirely naturist ceremony, no-one really cares as long as no-one gets hurt, so 90% of those themed weddings pass by unnoticed. But thanks to the ultra-modern tradition of Showing Off On The Internet, that gave us such phenomenons as the Dirty Dancing and Baby Got Back first dances and the JK “Forever…” entrance dance, we get to peer into private ceremonies like never before, for good or bad…

While I’m not hugely impressed by all this dancing, one thing I do love is a Star Wars themed anything – birthday parties, bah mitzahs, funerals, whatever… And the mother of all Star Wars themed weddings has come to my attention, thanks to Offbeat Bride (via Dorkly).

Here’s a mouth-watering introduction to the ceremony by the bridge herself – Nadia, who married Dale:

We had a full Star Wars-themed wedding. The 501st legion acted as a guard of honour and raised $1000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I bought an R2-D2 projector that acted as ring bearer, we had a Jabba the Hutt wedding cake, I painted planets from the Star Wars Galaxy for all the tables, and all the guests dressed up in Star Wars attire.

So far, so typical Star Wars themed wedding (though major applause for the charitable contribution), what really sets this wedding apart is the commitment to the cause. The guests were invited to come in costume (which is usually a suggestion too far for the families of such rabidly geeky devotees), and duly obliged with gusto.

Add to the mix a clever use of the John Williams’ scores, and impressive-looking costumes throughout the wedding party and the result is a beautiful explosion of geek-love that deserves hearty applause.
Seriously, look at the cake, for Emperor’s sake…

So here’s to you, Nadia and Dale, with this incredible devotion to Star Wars, you’ve just kicked matrimony’s ass.

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