SWTOR List of Slash Commands and Emotes for In-Game

With prelaunch coming, what better time than now to come across this list of slash commands and emotes for in-game SWTOR?

Slash Commands:

Assuming they are still accurate when the servers go live (which we cannot guarantee at this time), here are some slash commands you can use in-game:

Numbers like /0 /1 /2 /3 will represent chat channels
  • /coverbar
  • /date
  • /dismiss
  • /dnd
  • /duel
  • /e
  • /emote
  • /flag
  • /follow
  • /friend
  • /gabdicate
  • /gdisband
  • /general
  • /ginvite
  • /gkick
  • /gquit
  • /gremove
  • /group
  • /grp
  • /guild
  • /hideui
  • /inspect
  • /invite
  • /lag
  • /logout
  • /me
  • /nameplates
See the complete list for more slash commands. If you are a veteran MMORPGer, you will probably be familiar with many of these already so a good policy is just to test slash commands you know to have worked in other games in the system of SWTOR and see if they work for you. Chances are, they probably will (if nothing changes on launch). And you can refer to this list if you don’t remember one or are not sure if there is one there. Slash commands in a game work like keyboard shortcuts for computer processing programs and they help make certain tasks faster and easier in the game. 
Emotes include:
  • /accuse
  • /angry
  • /apologize
  • /applaud
  • /applause
  • /attacktarget
  • /backflip
  • /beckon
  • /beg
  • /belch
  • /blink
  • /blow
  • /blush
  • /boggle
  • /bonk
  • /bored
  • /bow
  • /bowformal
  • /bowrespect
  • /brandish
  • /bravo
  • /brb
  • /burp
  • /bye
  • /cackle
  • /calm
  • /catchup
  • /cheer
  • /chew
  • /chuckle
  • /clap
  • /clubdance
  • /cold

And many, many more. Some are your standard MMORPG expected emotes but there are a few extras or those unique to SWTOR. The full list of emotes also shows you examples of what your character will do in 1st person, 3rd person and when targeting another while you do the emote action.

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