SWTOR Character Sheets (by CKN)

Have you ever wanted to be able to share your SWTOR characters with everyone outside of the game? Want to be able to post them on your blog, SWTOR website, guild site or elsewhere on the Internet and show off your toon? Well, now it’s possible and this is a pretty nifty tool.


Here’s how it came to be (from Ask Mr Robot):


Spread the SWTOR looooove! A fan (Miallen) stopped in our forums with a design idea for small embeddable character sheets. Then Scorpiux and Genshen over at Cali Killed Nox (CKN) picked up the project and used Mr. Robot’s API to make these a reality. They can be embedded on any site, including Enjin guild sites, wordpress blogs, you name it. It’s one of our favorite uses of the API, along with the SimulationCraft project that imports characters.


Very cool! You can go to their site right now and check it out and then make your own. Here’s what it looks like (photo credit: Ask Mr. Robot).

Scorpiux from CKN made it super easy to use. Take the script below and enter your character ID from Mr. Robot. Then place the script wherever you want to use it. Jump to the bottom for instructions on using it in WordPress and Enjin.

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