Tales from the Republic Fleet



“That’s amazing… you look just like me!” “Yeah, the doc did a great job. Your looks and charm got us in, now I should be able to get to the Senator’s computer. So, let’s get ready for the big date tomorrow night.” “Right. First thing – DON’T mention anything about the Senator’s hairpiece, he’s very self-conscious about it!…”



“The slaver said they were on a ship bound for Lonos Prime.” “Lonos? Keval, that’s in Sith space!” “I know, but I have a plan – there’s a slicer that can get us some fake ident chips and a transponder. That’ll get us onto the planet, at least.” *sighs* “Alright, brother. I should be able to meet up with you in a few days.” “Sounds good. I promise you, Jorda, we’ll find Mother and Father.”

Oh yes, here we have Tales from the Republic Fleet. Previously we brought you the story of Tales of the Imperial Fleet, entertaining captioned screen shots from the game. You’ll have to head over to read the rest of it for yourself.

Check it out: Tales from the Republic Fleet

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