Purchase Cartel Coins In-Game – Coming Soon!(TM)

swtor cartel coins


BioWare have some news for us today regarding Cartel Coins. These will in near future be purchasable in-game. This is something that will only increase the number of impulse buys players make. I really get annoyed having to sign into the site, especially having to use the authenticator each time I want to buy some more coins. And, more money should mean more quality content, so I am very happy to see this added.

Get ready to purchase Cartel Coins from inside the game! We’re working on a more convenient way for you to purchase Cartel Coins directly from the Cartel Market.

Plus, Subscribers will have a limited-time opportunity to save 50% on their first in-game purchase of Cartel Coins!

Check back for more details in the coming weeks and get ready for big savings!

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