Bastilla Shan Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas

Bastilla Shan Cosplay

This is an amazing Bastilla Shan cosplay from Dahlia Thomas. She has been costuming/cosplaying since July 2012. She makes her own costumes, gives panels at conventions about cosplay related shenanigans, works with photographers all over Florida and help support other cosplayers.

Awards and recognitions for Dahlia:

-Dana Snyder’s Judge’s award in the Florida Supercon Supergirl competition. [Morrigan, Dragon Age Origins]

-Publication in We Rise Magazine. [Cortana]

– Cosplayer of the week on Chicks With Lightsabers. [Bastilla Shan]

Cosplay by:

Photo by:

Bastilla Shan Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas 1


Bastilla Shan Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas 2


Bastilla Shan Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas 3

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