Rumour: Star Wars Episode 8’s Casino Planet

Rumours have surfaced about a casino planet in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi. This new planet is suspected to be called Canto Bight. It should be no surprise that this Star Wars film is adding new planets to the ever-growing galaxy as every other instalment has done the same.

The shooting for the casino planet, Canto Bight, appears to be taking place in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. A few screenshots of this planet were leaked and fans are excited to see what impact this planet is going to have on the story of the film. The reason for this is because it looks to be taking the series in a whole new direction. After The Force Awakens pretty much used rehashed versions of old planets like Jakku (Tatooine), Starkiller Base (Hoth), it is exciting to see that The Last Jedi is carving a new path. This will hopefully be a sign of the promise that The Last Jedi will take the series to new fresher places.

Star Wars isn’t the only franchise to include a dedicated gambling area. Casinos and gambling, in general, are a major part of many films and franchises. The Final Fantasy series, for example, has the Gold Saucer which has appeared in several games throughout the series as a place for the heroes to relax with a few games. If you too want to live a moment in their shoes then there are plenty of casinos you could visit including online mobile slots like those on LadyLucks. Games like Apollo Rising have a similar sci-fi theme and can help you to get a feel for how our heroes might feel on Canto Bight.

With changes that The Last Jedi is making to the Star Wars formula, it is nice to see that similar changes are being made in the world of Star Wars video games. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is releasing around the same time as the movie and promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor. It is offering a new story campaign that looks to be telling a story from the side of The Empire as well as revamped multiplayer and co-op modes. If the recent trailers are anything to go by then we are going to have a very merry Star Wars winter.


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