SWToR Streams and vids

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We’re back with version of Streams and Vids! The last two weeks of September proved to be very busy for all SWToR streamers and, in general, content creators. Maybe it was the full release of Galactic Strongholds to preferred members or maybe it is the anticipation of Patch 3.0 and the new expansion. Either ways, SWToR fans as well as Bioware hit Twitch and streamed their latest work.

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Datamined: “Shadow of Revan” is the name of the new SWToR expansion

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SWToR_Miner, isn’t letting recent developments stop him from posting news about upcoming releases and content details. With the new expansion being right around the corner, everyone is trying to guess what the expansion is all about. Mr.Miner, took some of the guessing out of the equation by revealing the name of the new expansion…

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Patience you must have! Expansion announcement delayed…slightly

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It’s the last day of the month and of course speculation is high about what the next SWToR expansion announcement is going to be. Fans have been talking about it in various places, including the official SWToR forums where Bioware is always keeping a close eye on what’s going on. One SWToR fan’s excitement caught the eye of Bioware and solicited a response from Senior Producer, Bruce McLean:

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SWToRStrategies: The Wall of Crazy….or…it was a dark and stormy night!

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SWToRStrategies: Wall of Crazy (WoC) is the latest column that aspires to look into certain concepts and ideas that could make into our favorite game. The term “Wall of Crazy” is something that Bioware used in the past to describe crazy ideas that developers have during meetings and could eventually materialize if given the right resources. The most recent example, is the implementation of the Guild Capital ships and Guild Battles.

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Incomplete “Clone Wars” series episodes now available online for free

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When the acquisition of Lucasarts and in extension the Star Wars Franchise, was completed by Disney one of the immediate effects of the deal was the cancellation of the sixth season of the Clone Wars animated series. The series always had a following and its abrupt end left a lot of story lines without a definite end. Disney however didn’t want to leave fans with their questions unanswered so they’re releasing the last four incomplete episodes of the series.

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