James Ohlen at Game Developers Conference 2013: TOR is one of the largest micro-transaction money-makers for EA

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Following our recent post about Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen and his speech on the Game Developer’s  Conference (GDC), additional details have emerged over at Massively. Bioware’s Creative Director James Ohlen  The site has posted a detailed account of Ohlen’s presentation at the event where the latter covered the challenges Bioware faced during launch, its conversion to Free to Play (F2P) and the concerns the Austin-based developer had about Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Panderia. He also went into details about what the studio went through when the game started losing subscribers and how they managed to turn it around with F2P. You can read more about Ohlen’s presentation at GDC...

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How non-paying players can positively impact a game’s success

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Since Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) changed its subscription model to Free-to-Play  (F2P), a lot of opinions were raised about whether it was the right thing to do or not. Some quickly labeled SWToR as a failure that didn’t live up to the hype , while others saw this as a necesary change that helps the game’s long-term growth. Whether this change was successful or not remains to be seen, however first indications as reported by James Ohlen and the recent EA investor’s call are positive. Free-to-play might not be such a bad thing after all! A new article over at Gamasutra.com, argues that non-paying players, actually help the growth of such games. The author of the article cites three major reasons for opening up a game to freeloaders. Among other things F2P players help bring in other new players that eventually will turn into subscribers,  they show their appreciation in ways that help promote the game and they serve as good target audience for advertising....

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Game Developers Conference 2013: James Ohlen talks about SWToR’s woes during launch

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BioWare’s Creative Director James Ohlen recently spoke at the Game Developer’s Convention about SWToR’s launch and provided a plethora of details about the game’s launch. Among other things, he mentioned that Bioware significantly underestimated how quickly players can burn through content and found itself in a difficult spot. The development team originally expected that story lines would keep gamers engaged for at least five months – an expectation that as we all know didn’t prove to be true. Bioware’s creative director James Ohlen During launch, subscribers spent an average of 40 hours per week playing SWToR, while in some cases they would reach 80-120 hours on average per week. These extended gaming sessions lead to having close to half a million players at endgame content within a month’s period since launch. You can read additional details...

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Making of Rise of the Hutt Cartel: Part 2

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With the big announcement  today that Rise of The Hutt Cartel digital expansion will be available on April 14, Bioware also released an interesting video providing more details on the expansion. Among other things, Bioware developers gave out additional information on the continuation of your personal story line as it relates to Karraga the Hutt and the new planet on the expansion called Makeb. The video also provides hints on villains we will face on the new planet and their impact on our game play.

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So you hit level 50….now what? Gearing up at level 50 (Part 2)

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Guide was written by Fantine of the Alpha Strike Force SWToR Guild - Part One can be found here Rolling into Rakata The step above Columi is known as Rakata and when the game was released was the highest level of gear.  This level of gear requires a player earn the appropriate tokens.  It’s nearly identical to the Columi system above, however, you must take on a higher level of challenge to earn them. Rakata tokens are mostly earned from Operations.  The one exception to this rule of the chest token which is dropped from the final boss of the only Tier 2 hard mode flashpoint, Lost Island.  The link at the bottom shows the specific drops by boss, but in general you’ll need to complete hard mode tier one operations (Eternity Vault and Kagara’s Palace) and / or story mode tier two operations (Explosive Content and Terror from Beyond).  Rakata’s gear has a rating of 58.   Trooper in Black Hole Gear  Black Hole or Bust With the expansion into more difficult...

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