SWToR class forums getting a makeover!

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Eric Musco announced today that SWToR class forums will be getting a makeover soon. The change will help to consolidate the content and make it easier to receive feedback on SWToR. You can review Eric’s post in detail below:

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“Star Wars Rebels” screenwriter teases fans about possible Episode VII connections

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Simon Kinberg, screenwriter for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series, recently revealed additional details about the show in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. While fans speculated that there will be a connection between the series and the new Star Wars movie, Kinberg confirmed the rumors.

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TOR Radio – A galaxy of SWToR Podcasts

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TOR Radio is the newest swtorstrategies.com column covering the latest and greatest podcasts in the SWToR galaxy. We’re back this week with many podcasts that updated their recordings and you can preview below.

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SWToRConquest.com releases conquest tracking widget

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Want to show off your guilds’ accomplishments at your guild website and don’t know how? Fear not – SWTORConquest.com has got you covered! They recently announced a very cool plugin that allows you to show your guild’s conquest score at your website.

We tried it with our guilds’ WordPress website and it works very well with both pages as well as BBPress forums (you can embed it within forums posts very easy).

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Patch 3.0 details to be released soon

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Senior producer, Bruce MacLean was once again at the SWToR.com forums and this time let us know when Patch 3.0 information is going to be released. In specific, responding to a fan’s post he mentioned: You nailed it. We have been holding back 3.0 details because <SPOILERS!!>. But now that Forged Alliances is out there with this morning’s launch of 2.10 we’re letting folks have a little time with Rakata Prime and then spilling the beans on 3.0. Look for a teaser within a week, and then a full announce before the end of month! There you have it! Next week we should have a teaser trailer on the next chapter of SWToR while the full reveal will be later this month! Image...

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