Star Wars Battlefront Will Have Heroes vs Villains Mode

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We have some more exciting news about Star Wars: Battlefront, this confirmed by Spanish EA StarWars Facebook page and Spanish EA Star Wars Official Page. Star Wars Battlefront is going to have Heroes vs Villains mode, in addition to other game modes. See screenshots for the original and translation below. Star Wars Battlefront will have Heroes vs Villains Mode  In addition to Walker Assault, Star Wars Battlefront will feature immersive, fun-filled multiplayer modes including Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Drop Zone, Cargo, and Heroes vs Villains mode, that will be announced in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting multiplayer modes. This is definitely an interesting development. The big question now is how they will do it. Will it be similar to BFII? Will it be a low player count deathmatch? Will it be 1v1 with turns or 4v4 team-based? There are so many different ways they can choose to implement this that while many fans are speculating, we really...

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Could There Be Another CGI Trailer for the Expansion?

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We all know there was a great deal of hype about the new expansion and the trailer for it when it was revealed (and even when some info was leaked early). So a big question now is: will there be another CGI trailer? There are some fans who definitely think there might be. With all the efforts and marketing budgets they have dumped into marketing KotFE so far, there is a very good chance we might see a second trailer. This is the kind of thing that would surprise a lot of fans and definitely continue to fuel the hype train about the new expansion. What are some subtle signs there could be another trailer coming soon? Well, it’s all speculation of course, but the only characters who had artwork in the Fallen Empire page were the ones in the new trailer. Maybe this is a sign they have some new artwork coming along with a new trailer? Or maybe it’s just runaway thinking and they forgot (or got too busy to go back and add) all the artwork. Reveal trailers are the real deal and...

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Apply to Become a Battlefront 3 Alpha Tester

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Excited about Battlefront 3? Have you always wanted to test great games? Here’s your opportunity to be a game tester for Battlefront 3. EA Star Wars put out an official call for the testers for the closed Alpha stage of Star wars Battlefront. To apply, just go to the link, confirm your application, agree to the terms and then complete the application. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email informing you of next steps in the process. See the official post: Apply for your chance to join the Closed Alpha and help us prepare for the release of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ starting on November 17, 2015 in North America. Available for Origin on PC only, the purpose of the Star Wars Battlefront Closed Alpha is to perform a number of technical tests that will help the team at DICE as they continue the development of the game. And apply for your chance to get in the Alpha testing stage. Good...

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How Credit Sellers are Getting Smarter

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A common problem in MMORPGs is credit/gold farmers and sellers. SWTOR is not alone in this scenario. As gamers, we know there will always be currency farmers and this market can have an impact on the credit market within the game and the servers as well. This has long been the nature of MMORPGs but some gamers have tried to find ways to minimize the damage done by it, such as microtransactions or World of Warcraft’s gold token system. Still, credit spammers will try to find ways to get those customers coming in and while it seems there will never be a shortage of people looking to buy, they are still always looking for ways to sucker in a new customer. They even resort to trying to trick people into visiting their links and buying their services. A new way that these sneaky credit sellers are finding to trick people is by making their accounts, emails and social media profiles look like official SWTOR accounts. They may have the same avatar, similar names, etc. This is similar...

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Star Wars: Battlefront is Not Like Battlefield

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  We’ve heard the comparisons before so I’m sure you have as well: Battlefront is going to be just like a Star Wars themed Battlefield. Right? Wrong. Actually, Star Wars: Battlefront is not going to vary from Battlefield in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look. First, shooting and vehicles are going to be different. These are some of the most important aspects of a Battlefield game so it’s very important to distinguish how Battlefront will be different. Customization options are also different in Battlefront. Presentation-wise, it’s definitely a Star Wars game and you won’t just feel like it’s a skinned Battlefield game. tells us more: To get this out of the way, Star Wars: Battlefront is not a Battlefield game. Battlefront does share some similar mechanics with the Battlefield franchise, but not enough to say this is Battlefield: Star Wars. If anything, Star Wars: Battlefront is extremely faithful to the previous...

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