Why Is There So Much Hate on Star Wars: Battlefront?

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  If you’ve been following the news and updates on Star Wars: Battlefront then you are surely no stranger to the fact that there is a lot of negativity surrounding this game. The community seems to be really torn on whether to love it or hate it. While there are some who straddle the fence in the gray zone, most everyone is in one camp or the other. What is it about this game that has so many people either super hyped or super let down? I have a lot of theories on this answer but of course, it’s all speculation. My guess is that with any big Star Wars game, the community is going to be anxious. We love Star Wars. We love games. We want great Star Wars games. And the truth is, we’ve been let down before. A lot. Some of us are bitter about that. Some of us are tired of being sold a lot of Star Wars hype only to be delivered a let down. Will Star Wars Battlefront follow that same pattern? Well, that’s the magic question. Some people are hopeful and like what they see so far. Others feel they’ve already experienced the letdown. For one reason or another, they’re just not impressed with the game EA/DICE is delivering and they won’t be buying into it. Another problem is that this is a reboot but due to the branding, it’s going to be compared to previous games in the Battlefront series. This is not always a good thing when the reboot varies a great deal from the previous games. What are some reasons people are disappointed with Star Wars Battlefront? Answers are really all over the board and people will debate each one about whether or not it’s an actual problem. Here are some reasons that have been presented: Not enough maps/varied maps Not enough features from previous Battlefront games (thus alienating existing fan market) Poor game mechanics Too “unfinished” lack of Server Browser No space battles So what do you think? Which camp are you in? Have you written off Star Wars Battlefront before it’s even launched? Are you excited to play it? Waiting to see how it turns out post-launch? Sound off in the comments and let us know your...

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Star Wars: Episode VIII Rumors: Two Female Leads Added

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The speculation never ends with the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII. In the latest of rumors are some stories about film casting. There is supposedly a new female lead with a shortlist of actresses to include Gina Rodriguez, Tatiana Maslany, and Olivia Cooke. Rumors said this female casting was for a role with John Boyega. But now there is a new rumor that there is another female lead being cast and Gugu Mbathha-Raw has auditioned for the role. This would mean there is not just one but TWO substantial female leads in the new film.  We also have no idea yet if these lead roles are as heroes or villains. As usual with rumors, know that they are not true until you see it in the movie and especially with a Star Wars flick, you can expect everyone to be very tight-lipped about what is actually going on. We follow the rumors because well, it’s fun! Also, because they often turn out to be true. We’ve seen the trailers, all which have given us hints and glimpses into the cast and storyline. We’ve seen leaks (many of them probably controlled “leaks”) and we’ve seen behind the scenes. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting and the suspense continues to build with the secrecy. When you think about it, this is really a fantastic marketing tactic too. When you take a legacy like this, something that so many people love and look forward to, keep it all under wraps until the very end and market smartly, you’re going to have a big winner. So speaking on rumors, what roles do you think these two female leads might...

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Has No Offline Mode of Play for Survival Missions

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  If you’re revving up to try out the Star Wars Battelfront beta that begins next week, you’re going to want to know first that it has no offline mode of play for the Survival Missions. You will need an internet connection in order to play. “Offline gameplay will not be available within the beta,” Battlefront community manager Mat Everett wrote on Reddit. “For the beta, an Internet connection is required to play Missions.” He doesn’t go on to explain why they won’t be playable offline in the beta. We do know that the beta will be open to everyone across the various platforms the game is being released on and that it will also include the 40-player Walker Assault and Drop Zone modes. The Survival Mission mode is set on Tatooine and you can play by yourself or with a friend online in co-op or local in split-screen. Gamespot explains how we won’t have to wait much longer for the beta. It begins next week so you may want to start the download and get prepared: Fans don’t have to wait much longer to check out the Battlefront beta, as it begins on October 8 and will run through October 12. The beta file size is 7 GB on PS4/Xbox One, while the PC edition weighs in at 11 GB. PC players can pre-load the beta starting on October 7. XBox One owners who have EA Access memberships will get first access to the beta, five days early. The official game launches on November 17, 2015. This is about a month before the new Star Wars movie hits theaters in December and it will also give you some time to play during your time off on the holidays. Are you...

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EA Answers Questions about Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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With the Battlefront beta on the way in just a few short days, publisher EA and developer DICE are putting the final touches on the game and the team has offered some more info about what we can expect from the testing period, as well as what might be missing when it begins next week. “Vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront come with their own weapons and abilities that make them authentic to the Star Wars universe,” says Mathew Everett, Battlefront’s community manager. He also took time to answer some of the most common questions from the community about the beta: Q.) Will I be able to play Missions offline? A.) For the Beta, an Internet connection is required to play Missions. However, when Star Wars Battlefront ships on November 17 you will be able to play Missions offline. Q.) Will there be any AI bots in multiplayer in addition to other players? A.) Yes! Our Fighter Squadron mode features AI units (10 on each side). Q.) Will there be sidearms or only primary guns? A.) We offer a primary blaster along with a hand of Star Cards. How you customize your Star Card hand will be up to you. Q.) What comes with the various editions, i.e. Deluxe vs. Standard? A.) The Standard Edition of Star Wars Battlefront will include the base game. The Deluxe Edition will include the base game and have the Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, and DL-44 unlocked right away along with the exclusive Ion Shock and Victory emotes. Q.) Can I buy the Deluxe Edition on disk in a retail store, or is it just digitally online?   A.) The Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition is available as a physical item for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only. Q.)  Can I upgrade my vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront? A.)  Vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront come with their own weapons and abilities that make them authentic to the Star Wars universe. What questions do you have about the...

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SWTOR Cosplay Contest – New York Comic Con

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  If you’re going to be in New York City for New York Comic Con this year, then you’re also going to want to stop by the SWTOR Cosplay Contest. Here is the official info from SWTOR.com: DRESS TO IMPRESS COSPLAY CONTEST AT NEW YORK COMIC CON OCTOBER 8, 2015 – COMPETE FOR GREAT PRIZES! (DOORS OPEN 7PM EDT @ THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ ON BROADWAY) Compete in the first ever Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Cosplay Contest! Join us on October 8, 2015 at the New York Comic Con Cantina Event.Celebrate the upcoming launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire and come dressed to impress. Send in the email portion of your entry by October 5th! This event is FREE for everyone who wants to come, watch and share the fun with us and the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. Or, watch the contest live on www.twitch.tv/swtor at 8PM EDT and vote online to rank the top three winners! The deadline to enter via email is Monday, October 5th. See Official Contest Rules. If you don’t want to enter yourself (why wouldn’t you?) then you can just stop by and check it out on the night of the event, or follow it all live on Twitch. WHERE:The Hard Rock Café at 1501 Broadway, New York, NY, 10036 between 43rd and 44th Streets (Main Café Room) WHEN: Thursday, October 8, 2015. The Cantina Event is from 7PM – 11PM EDT and the Cosplay Contest will begin at 8PM EDT. If you’re not at the event, join us virtually starting at 8PM EDT at www.twitch.tv/swtor and vote online to rank the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! HOW TO ENTER Read the Official Contest Rules. Email the following toswtorsubmissions@swtor.com by Monday, Oct 5, 2015 @ 11:59PM EDT: Your Star Wars: The Old Republic account Display Name. Don’t have an account? Go towww.swtor.com/play-free to create one and join the contest! Your Star Wars: The Old Republic account email address Your First and Last Name The name of the existing Star Wars: The Old Republic character that you will be cosplaying Arrive at the NYCC Cantina Fan Event and be in your costume by 7:00 PM EDT to give us time to check you in and get you ready to go.If you need to change on-site, BE THERE EARLY! We’ll open doors for participants at 6:00PM and provide an area for you to change.(NOTE: You must be physically present to participate and to be rewarded.) JUDGING A panel of judges, assembled by the BioWare team, will pick the top three winners based on these four criteria, each with a pool of 25 points, for a maximum of 100 total points: Creativity of Costume Detail/craftmanship Cohesive Theme Overall presentation After the judges determine the top 3 contenders, anyone viewing the event physically or virtually at www.twitch.tv/swtor will be given the opportunity to vote online to rank the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! See the full prize list and more information here: SWTOR Cosplay Prizes [image...

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