Star Wars Battlefront Not to Tie in to Episode VII

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Since the announcement of the next Star Wars Battlefront game, many have been wondering if it will tie in to Episode VII and in what ways. We now have a new report Star Wars Underworld has this to say: Executive Vice President of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund recently spoke about how the game may or may not be connected the the upcoming film: “We’ve shown parts of the game to date. You know what were building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars universe, not so much linked to the movie being made.” He continues, “We wanted to make a game that celebrates the history of Star Wars. We don’t have a particular tie to the movie, but obviously we would prefer to launch Battlefront sometime close to when the movie launches,” This is not a definite shut down of the idea but it looks like we won’t be seeing any maps, characters and/or ships from Episode VII in Star Wars: Battlefront – at least not at the start. It’s possible there...

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Obsidian Still Thinks About Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III

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Who would want to see Knights of the Old Republic III? We’re guessing most of our readers would be just as excited about that as we would be, although we’ve been left to think it will never happen. Or will it? Obsidian, developer of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords admits that the idea of a third game in the franchise is something they do talk about often.

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J.J. Abrams Wants You

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Here is a special message from J.J Abrams that you don’t want to miss. He’s made another fun video for us from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, this time promoting the exciting fan-driven contest that is sponsored by “Force for Change”. He also reveals some fun and practical props and offers a great deal for hardcore Star wars fans.

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Timothy Zahn AMA has some interesting points on Canon and Lore

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Reddit is known for its AMAs (ask me anything). These sessions can be fun and interesting, all depending on who is getting asked the questions. There was an interesting one recently with Timothy Zahn, Star Wars novelist and author of Blackcollar. While this AMA didn’t specifically address SWTOR, there were some very interesting points brought up, especially about story and lore and if you have not seen it yet, we suggest you head over and give it a read. Here are some snippets: Hey Mr. Zahn! HUGE fan of your work. A lot of my love for Star Wars stems from your work. But I have to ask, how do you feel about Lucasfilm declaring most expanded universe works (i.e. your works) as “non-canon”? I wasn’t going to address this topic. But since so many of you have asked: What the “non-canon” announcement by LFL means is that they aren’t going to be bound by the Expanded Universe books, comics, and games as they plan their new movies. Realistically,...

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Can SWTOR Help You Land a Job?

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Here’s an interesting topic to ponder. It’s one that I was discussing with some fellow gamer friends just a week or so ago. We were talking about how we are leadership members within our gaming community and how this experience translates to the “real world” and also how our real life experience helps us be better leaders in the games we play. It’s so common in gamers today but it’s not always a topic we hear people talk about. So leads us to another question: Can SWTOR help you land a job? We’ve heard of people putting World of Warcraft on their resumes. We’re not certain how that worked out for them but with how mainstream WoW has become, it’s not a surprise if it helped a bit if they were able to put the game-work connection in it. So why can’t SWTOR experience be the same? We believe it can! Here are some ways that your gaming experience might help you with a job: Dress for Success- Gear makes a difference in SWTOR, like...

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