Star Wars as 17th-century Japanese Prints

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Maybe it’s because I am such a huge fan of art and Star Wars (of course) but I really love this project I came across from a Japanese crowdfunding site, Makuake. The project is for traditional woodblock prints of the original George Lucas Star Wars characters and the project far exceeded its goal. While they do not come cheap (a single print costs 54,000 yen/$434, with a set of three going for 162,000 yen/$1,303) they are worth every penny. The craftsmanship, art and patience that goes into each beautiful piece is amazing. Most Star Wars fans will know that George Lucas was influenced by the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and that Kurosawa’s 1958 period adventure The Hidden Fortress often cited as a direct inspiration for Lucas’ first Star Wars film so it makes sense that Star Wars could then be so easily and beautiful adapted to its Japanese roots. These are not your typical paper prints, as you will notice. The printing style is called ukiyo-e and it was...

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Check Out the ‘Star Wars: Uprising’ Gameplay Trailer Kabam Just Released

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You know how we love our Star Wars games around here. We know you love them too and that’s why we work to bring you the latest and greatest if it’s related to Star Wars gaming. That said, we were excited to hear about a new game that tied into the new movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Is anyone really surprised about this, either? Of course they are going to try to tie in everything and anything, with the popularity of the movies and all that. What was less exciting was the news that this would be a mobile game only. I like mobile games, don’t get me wrong, but I really wanted to see something bigger and better from this. Still, it’s being made by Kabam and this pretty much guarantees two things: It will be worth downloading It will be free to play Kabam has a way that they do things and it’s the reason their games are so popular. They recently released a new video so you can see a bit of the game and I do think it looks pretty cool. It’s set to...

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The 3.3 Drinking Game Celebration!

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Hey, what fun would a new patch be if we didn’t turn it into a drinking game (adults only)? Here we have a lovely little way to enjoy 3.3 and celebrate with inebriated style! Every new patch, especially an update that brings new classes or other physical features to the game, is going to also bring the hordes of wanting to try the new class, the new zone, etc. Every MMORPGer knows this (and often dreads it on update day). So why not turn it into a little fun or have a few laughs from it? In all seriousness, if you drink, please drink responsibly. 

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Project Update #8: “Star Wars: The Old Republic – Revan” – Fan Film by Steven Shulgach

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  The Premier is Here! We have another exciting update for you about Project Revan, for those who have been following along. Below is the official update from the team. What a journey this has been… If you hadn’t heard, the premier date was unfortunately pushed forward due to internal complications in the departments of the theater, and we have a new schedule. For all those who are able to come out to the premier this Friday the 24th, you are in for a treat! For those that cannot attend the event unfortunately, need not to matter! – The film will be released the next day online on YouTube or Vimeo for you choosing.  We are all so excited, we cannot even explain it. You all have meant a lot, and the rest of our fans on Facebook. This journey is coming to an end, and the critics *cough* fans *cough* will get to have their fun talking about the film. The force has been with us these past three years.. we hope you enjoy the result. Through the roller coaster of a...

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Super Cool Stuff from Calvin’s Custom

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We have brought you posts about the awesome stuff that Calvin’s Customs does before and now we have another awesome custom project to share with you. He talks about what it is he was commissioned to do and why he decided to do it below. There are also some awesome pictures plus more on his Facebook page. He’s also been doing a lot of Darth Revan’s recently (no surprise at the popularity there) and even some cool non-Star Wars stuff if you’re into collectibles. Really so much talent here! He has some great Conan the Barbarians, bad ass looking Batman, an original design “Apocalyptic Hard Rocker”, military cyborg creations and much more. Here are details from the Miraluka project: As a old fashion muscle n bullets, mud and blood guy, I rarely do female figures, but there are exceptions, like this one, a special commission for a SWTOR friend, instead of having a Sith Acolyte for himself, he commissioned me to make this piece as an Anniversary gift for...

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