Battlefront Will Run at Both 60fps AND 30fps on Consoles

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If you are planning to play Star Wars: Battlefront on your console, there is some good news. It will run at 60fps in multiplayer and 30fps in offline split screen, so that’s pretty good frames either way you look at it. This means console players will still get a good looking game as well as reaction time you want to see from a shooter. With the kind of graphics they have put into this (even on the console version), the fact that it is expected to play at 60 frames is good. we’ll probably expect to see a lower resolution on the consoles to help account for this but with a graphic-heavy game like this, it’s to be expected. And, if you’re curious at seeing the difference in 30 vs. the 60, here’s a handy little link that does JUST THAT:  ...

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Revenge of Revan Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Mod

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Here’s something really cool that’s ready (in beta) for you to download now and check it out. Developer Blog asks, “Can a mod be created that won’t disrupt KOTOR canon and still allow players to continue their stories from KOTOR1 and KOTOR2? Ever since the MMO was announced along with the Revan book, this has been on my mind. The short answer is: yes, it can be done. But the next part is, how you can do this without putting yourself in a corner and hurting your creative freedom?” Revenge of Revan (RoR) does exactlly that. It will allow fans to continue their story based on the choices they make in the last two games so they can continue while still fitting the KoTOR canon. Even with the non-strict canon choice the story for the mod will still fit nicely between KOTOR2 and SWTOR in the large grand scheme of events, but finer details will be different. The developer explains more here: For those who want to define their experience based on...

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Versus Series Darth Malak VS Darth Vader

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Here we have another great episode of the versus series: Darth Malak VS Darth Vader It’s a Darth vs Darth battle. This should be interesting… You know how we love these videos. They are a lot of fun for fans and even if we don’t agree on the outcome, or what it should be, it can be a lot of fun to watch. So here we go for this one: If you have seen these versus videos before, you know that they don’t always end the way we wish and sometimes that is part of the fun. In fact, some fans have even complained that they are biased but wouldn’t that kind of make logical sense too? I mean, the person creating the video is going to give it the outcome they think is most likely to happen. Yes, it will be based in lore and timelines and other facts from the canon but ultimately, it is an opinion. So take it for what it is. That said, we love to hear when you agree, disagree and everything in between so check out the video and then give us a shout in the comments to...

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Darjani SWGE Goes Open Source, Too

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We’re seeing a trend here these days in the Star Wars: Galaxies community. Following the lead of SWGEmu, they are going open source. After a year of silence and the complete death of their website, Dajarni Emu has finally announced that they will be up and running this summer. This post here on their Facebook page explains: After long silence, here is a heads up.Currently there is a new situaion with SWGEmu, since they finally decided to go… Posted by Darjani SWGE Galaxy on Sunday, May 3, 2015 Now with this in mind, you can expect to see some good things coming to the community. As always, we can expect to see some shifts and growing pains as a game ages and as the community around it grows and shifts. This is just one more example of that. The top sites/servers will rise above the rest with the changes and good things will come. This also opens the doors of opportunity to anyone who is skilled and wants to volunteer their time projects such as this. If you enjoy...

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An Oral History of Star Wars: Republic Commando by its Lead Programmer

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Have you ever wondered more about Star Wars: Republic Commando? As a Star Wars game fan, it’s always great to learn more about a game, especially when you can get some insider info from a programmer or developer. That is exactly what  happened in this case, where lead programmer Brett Douville speaks out in this video, more than an hour and 20 minutes of oral history of Star Wars: Republic Commando. From the description: I’m Brett Douville — I was a programmer and lead programmer at LucasArts for seven years. The last game I did there was Star Wars: Republic Commando, and in this series, I’m going to go ahead and play through the game, telling you stuff about it. I’m really proud with what we accomplished with this game, especially considering some of the stuff that happened towards the end — which I’ll describe in a future video. So come back, or watch it over on Twitch live on Tuesdays. Check me out @brett_douville on Twitter for show...

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