Revan vs Darth Malgus

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Now we have another great versus matchup for you: Revan vs Darth Malgus This one is told in 4 parts so you will need to watch each video to get to the exciting conclusion. This is actually one that can really get the fans riled up since people tend to have very strong opinions about these characters and who would win in a face-off. See the first video here: Intro, History & Physical Round of the battle for the Old Republic! Part 2: Force Round of the battle for the Old Republic! Part 3: Dueling Round of the battle for the Old Republic! Part 4: Verdict of the battle for the Old Republic! What do you think after seeing this? Did your expectation come out the victor? Who do you think would...

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Making KOTOR 2 Beautiful

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You know how I just love to share really awesome things the fans do. Well, here we have something very interesting. This is a collection of images from KOTOR 2 making Peragus/KOTOR more beautiful. You can check it out for yourself below. A description from the creator: “Welcome to my collection of heavily modded kotor 2 playthrough part 1. I am currently suffering a game breaking bug at the end of Peragus but as soon as that’s fixed I’ll put up some screenshots of the rest of the playthough if there is any interest in them! I will post the mod list as soon as I can. There is lots of amazing work being showed here and they all deserve all the credit in the world.” Peragus in HD So there you have it in high definition. We think it’s pretty awesome. If you were a KOTOR fan, let us know what you think of this and as always, if you see something cool like this related to SWTOR, Star Wars or Star Wars games, we want to hear about it. Here’s the list of...

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Designer Makes His Own BB-8 Star Wars Droid

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  You know how we love to bring you cool stuff made by fans. Here is a very talented designer who has created an awesome little BB-8 Star Wars droid. We had to share this with you because not only is it awesome, he tells you how to make it for yourself. Christian Poulsen is currently in the process of finishing his degree in Industrial Design at Brigham Young University and not only has created this cool little project, but is also telling us how to do it. And if you want to do it for yourself, he even posted it to with full instructions so you too can have your own BB-8 Star Wars Droid. He’s an industrial designer who has taken his love of Star Wars and combined it with his talent to create something pretty awesome. Here he explains why he did it: As an industrial designer, I’ve been particularly fascinated by products that have personality and emotion. And I think the droids in Star Wars have always been really great at capturing a character without facial...

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Star Wars: Battlefront Will Return to the “Roots and Ethos” of the Franchise

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As we all anxiously await the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, we enjoy finding any and all information we can about the game. According to DICE general manager Patrick Bach, the upcoming shooter is so much more than a big-budget Battlefield mod. Bach says they are going back to the roots and ethos of the franchise with Star Wars: Battlefront, something that many fans of the series are going to be very happy to see. Eurogamer spoke to the DICE GM about the game and what the studio is doing to make it more than just a “big-budget Battlefield mod.” “Let me go back to when we got our hands on it, when it all started,” Bach said. “The whole idea of building a Star Wars Battlefront game is about two things. First of all, it’s called Star Wars Battlefront for a reason, so [we’re] going back to the roots and the core ethos of that. And then on top of that, it’s Star Wars together with LucasFilm. So we have the opportunity to work with them...

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Satele Shan VS Darth Maul

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Satele Shan vs. Darth Maul – Here’s another versus matchup video we think you might enjoy. Who do you see the victor in this showdown? If you ask me, I say Satele has it by a long shot but it could be just because I am such a fan. This is not to known on Darth Maul. He was an amazing duelist. In fact, were it not for Satele’s ability with The Force, she could easily finish him off. Some will argue that since Shan is a grandmaster, this isn’t even a fight and she would take it by a landslide. However, Maul was very powerful and skilled with the sabers and I still believe would put up a good fight in a versus battle such as this. A lot of it also comes down to timing, and where in their story each is when they are pitted against one another. Each had their own journeys and growth to experience and this could affect how they match up against one another. So it’s important to also look at story and timing if you’re going to pit these two together in a...

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