SWTOR Stays on Pace for Most Played PC Games in February 2015

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Raptr’s newest most played list for PC games is out and we see SWTOR still holding strong in the Top 20 at position 15. February’s Most Played PC Games list looked pretty similar to January’s but with one big addition: Blizzard’s MOBA contender Heroes of the Storm! The top 5 games has remained pretty much the same over the past few months but something else that has remained consistent is SWTOR on the list. We’ve seen some other games move around here and there due to different factors. Battlefield 4 gained four spots in February, which is likely because of people preparing for the release of Hardline. Hearthstone lost 3 places and Dragon Age Inquisition lost a whopping 10 spaces on the list. ouch! Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars 2 both moved up two ranks. The free login weekend at the end of the month probably helped Final Fantasy move up on that list. With all the moves up and down, SWTOR has stayed right where it’s at, which we thing is a pretty good indicator...

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Darth Vader Stress Toy from ThinkGeek.com

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Sometimes you just need to squeeze the head of a Vader when you’re feeling stressed, right? Well, ThinkGeek wants to help you out with this. We think Vader knows a thing or two about being stressed out as well. This is another cool product we got to review from ThinkGeek and while I got it some time back. I like to actually use products for awhile before just posting reviews and saying, “Yea, it’s great.” So I had to check it out for a bit. The head is squishy enough and sized well for my hand (I have small hands so some are too large). The unique shape also made is easier for me to hold. It was not too hard (like some stress balls I have used) and not so soft that it felt it wasn’t useful. It also didn’t tear apart after just a week or two, something that really impressed me. This makes it worth the $9.99 price tag. Details: Squeeze a Sith Lord to relieve stress About the size of a baseball Use your hands or the Force, Luke From the product...

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History of the Old Republic

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Here is some really interesting original content from TJWright and we want to share with you. They are some super amazing images based on the History of the Old Republic and created for the new upcoming book. Here he explains the project: Starting out 2015 with a bang by getting a gig doing Star Wars stuff for an upcoming book that will attempt to make sense of the Star Wars: Legends stuff that is no longer considered ‘canon’ by LucasFilm. Now if you want to see more of the images for yourself, just check out the link and website. As for the upcoming book the images will be used in, not a lot is known just yet. It will be based around the Legends story and will not be new canon, at least not completely. There could be a some new content or ideas tossed in but mostly it should fit within the existing continuity of Legends. One thing is certain: if the upcoming book is anything like the artwork we’ve seen so far, it’s definitely one I want to add to my...

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R2-D2 Measuring Cups from ThinkGeek.com Review

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Of all the products we got from the very generous ThinkGeek to review, this one is the one I was most excited about. Before I even knew we were going to get it to review, my friend had shared it on my Facebook wall and I knew I wanted to get it. She knows I’m a Star Wars fan and often tags me in all things Star Wars themed. I don’t mind, of course. But this one stood out to me more than others and I’m not even that big of a cook, really. In fact, if you’re not big on kitchen duty, this might even inspire you to spend some more time in there mixing and measuring things up. My thoughts? It looks really cool and I will probably display it more than I use it. However, if you do plan to use it, it works great. Just don’t microwave it and don’t put it in the dishwasher. You’re going to need to take care of R2-D2 by hand to keep him in good condition. It’s easy to use and easy to disassemble. They also measure up (tee hee) in terms of sizing....

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What’s Happening to the Women of BioWare Austin?

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  In the past month, we have seen an exodus of SWTOR staff from Bioware Austin, much like one we saw a couple years back. Of these were Courtney Woods from the community team and Hillary “Pokket” Nicole, the Community Coordinator. While specifics were not released, we are given the impression their contracts just ended and Bioware was not interested in renewing them. As a female gamer and someone who has worked within the industry for a number of years, it’s great to see other females taking a leadership role so I am sad to see them go. That said, it has many asking the question “Are there any females left out there at Bioware Austin?” and of course, there are. It would seem that SWTOR is getting rid of their community team once again (remember when this happened last time?) and the fact that Courtney and Hillary are female was just coincidental. Regardless of the reasoning behind these two ladies leaving, we will miss them. I personally will miss...

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