Author: Lisa Mason

Weird Experiences in MMOs

SWTOR 4_3a Patch Notes

So SWTOR is not alone in the world of “weird stuff that happened to me” when it comes to MMORPGs. I have more than a few stories I could tell as well. Two of my favorites are “I gotta go to New Jersey” and “Sorry guys, my grandma died.” Both of these are amusing to me in the way in which they were delivered. I’ll give you the short versions: Gotta Go to New Jersey – This was a WoW story, actually. We were all queued up for a dungeon. It wasn’t anything too difficult. I think it was mid-30s stuff when the level cap was still 60 (Vanilla WoW here). We have a good group and we’re moving right along at a steady pace when suddenly our healer says, “I gotta go to New Jersey.” His character stops moving and I think one of us said, “What?” and then…

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SWTOR Hailed Better than Many Star Wars Movies


The new trailer for SWTOR is getting a lot of attention.When we say a lot of attention, we mean a lot. People are saying this 6-minute short are better than many Star Wars movies. Bioware has been known in the past to really capture attention with their story and their attention to detail. No other MMO has story like this and no other Star Wars game has this incredibly story and dedication to the original source material. It’s no surprise then, that people are excited for the latest expansion and excited about this trailer. Even if you have no intention of playing the game, you should still see the trailer. It’s great as a standalone short, and the Internet is taking notice. It was trending on Facebook and many news stations are talking about it. As Star Wars fans await the release of Rogue One, they have a little something to hold them over…

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Guide: How to Run SWTOR on OS X Using Wine


How to run Star Wars: The Old Republic on OS X using Wine. (Works with release 4.7.1) – here is a fan tutorial that some of you may find useful. There will be some knowledge of programming necessary for those who want to make use of this hack. This is a very detailed description of exactly how to do it, step by step. A Reddit user by the name of AgentRG has done a huge favor to people on OS X using Wine who want to play SWTOR. If you don’t use Wine, then feel free to skip over this post or pass it along to a friend who does. He explains the project here: “As we are all well aware, gaming on a Mac machine is very limited currently, and Apple isn’t planning on addressing this in the foreseeable future. Currently OS X users are provided with three possible solutions when…

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Reasons to Be Excited about SWTOR’s next Expansion


There are many reasons to be excited about SWTOR’s next expansion. For one, NEW CONTENT! Yay! We all want to see more from SWTOR, right? Well, that’s not all because the new expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, is giving us more reasons to get worked up about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the awesome trailer to kick things off. Here are some reasons to get excited about the expansion: Something for everyone to do – New players and veterans alike will all have something to keep them happy and busy in this latest expansion. There’s expanded gameplay with the new Galactic Command feature available to subscribers. The decisions players make while engaged in Galactic Command will ultimately impact the balance of the light vs. dark side of the Force across the galaxy. If you’re a new or returning player, there is also promotional material to help catch you up on everything….

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Carrie Fisher Says Trump Has “Coke Sniff”


If you watched the US Presidential debate last night, or the first presidential debate, you may have noticed that Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, had a bit of a sniffling problem. Even if you didn’t see it for  yourself, you may have seen social media, especially Twitter, having a ball laughing and speculating over it. This is something many onlookers took note of with the first debate. Trump’s sniffles were a big topic of conversation after the first debate on September 26, and the sniffles returned for the second debate leading someone to ask Fisher about it via Twitter. Fisher was asked through social media during the debate Sunday night if Trump was a “coke head” and her answer isn’t really all that surprising. “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY,” the Star Wars actress responded on her verified Twitter account. @reimamy I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY — Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) October 10,…

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Battlefront III Legacy Mod New Features


If you’ve been following the news and development of Battlefront III Legacy, you might already know that the Battlefront II mod using Battlefront III assets has now released a new video showing more cool stuff. It’s going to have ground-to-space flight as well as Star Destroyer docking. How awesome is that? As we told you recently, the mod will be entering beta soon so for those interested in trying this themselves, the time is near. If you want to learn more about the mod and what features it will have, now is the time as well. There’s now a new video so show you more that this mod plans to deliver. It showcases the flying of a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle into a Star Destroyer. It also shows a bit of other ships like the TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber and TIE Fighter. It’s actually a pretty decent video so what you what the…

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Jesse Harlin Talks Star Wars 1313 and More


PC Gamer’s Joe Donnelly talks with Mafia 3’s composer about Star Wars 1313, the blues, mariachi bands in Monkey Island and much more. The interview is really interesting and it’s well worth the time for you to head on over and read it in full for yourself. If you’re not familiar with Jesse Harlin, chances are you are familiar with his work and you might not even know it. He composed the music for Star Wars: Republic Commando, Battlefront 2, and The Old Republic. Some of his hard work was also slashed when 1313 was tossed in the reject bin, Sadly, just like the game itself, this is something we may never get to hear. In his interview, he says this of the score: “The Massive Attack-meets-Star Wars song is sadly totally resigned to the history books,” says Harlin. “I don’t have a copy of it, it’s sitting somewhere on an…

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A Lost Hope: Star Wars Fan Film 2016


Speaking of fan films… you know how I love them and I have another fun little short for you to check out. It’s a tale of two brothers and how they learn about the Force, as well as how it develops in their Jedi training. So if you have a few minutes for a quick short, go ahead and check out A Lost Hope, the Star Wars fan film. You might find some of this is familiar and when you get to the end, you’ll see why but we’ll save all the spoilers and suggest you just go and watch it. Sure, you’ll notice some imperfections and we could be nit-picky and point those out but as someone who just loves to see the effort fans put into these, I’d rather not get too critical of it and instead just enjoy it for what it is. See for yourself here:…

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4 Major Issues With Star Wars The Old Republic


Most of us who have been playing SWTOR for a long time, especially those of us who have been playing since the beginning, know that the game has some faults. Even big fans will admit there is some room for improvement. There’s always room for improvement, and SWTOR is no exception. So here’s a video that addresses some of these issues. Give it time and an honest chance before you just shake it off as a complaint video. They bring up some legit complaints as well as some options for how this should be remedied. “Here’s our list of 4 major issues with Stars The Old Republic. Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below.” This is their second video about SWTOR and in Part 1, they actually give 10 reasons new players should try the game. This video is geared more toward problems that older players have with…

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Warwick Davis Confirmed for ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’


In the early 80s, Warwick Davis made a name for himself and launched his acting career as Wicket, the Ewok in the famous Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. He also returned for a cameo back in 1999 when we saw the franchise return in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It’s no surprise then, that Star Wars fans would be asking whether or not he’ll be back for the newest trilogy. As fans speculate over the new film and where the story will go, it’s fun to see even the smallest hints of what is to be. That’s why, then, we had to share this news about Davis returning for a role in Episode VIII. Warwick Davis recently appeared in his first interview on Australian television and in most of the interview, he talked about how he felt about The Force Awakens, as someone who had worked on the previous films. His, however, directly asked if he…

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