SWTOR Tips for Small Guilds Doing Conquests

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The Conquest system within SWTOR is a pretty good one in many ways. It’s also a good way to get back into some of that older content and see it all again (or for the first time). However, if you have a small guild, you may have found that it’s just not as easy to do the conquests. Some players feel like guilds with smaller numbers don’t have a chance to compete for the Top 10. Well, here are a couple of things to know. First, even if you don’t make it in the top 10, doing these conquests is a great way to build guild unity. Secondly, depending on your server, you might have more of a chance than you think at moving up the ranks if you just get a good solid group of people together to commit. So with that in mind, if you want to try for success with a smaller guild, here are some things to consider: Remember your alts- Maybe you don’t have very members in your guild but there is a good chance most of you have a lot of alts. With all those free XP weekends, you might even have a lot of...

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Show Us Your Crib- Guildship Decorating

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Guildships are here and many players have been spending their time collecting items and decorating their pads. In fact, for some players it is so much fun, it’s almost become like a game inside the game. You can be as unique and creative as you desire when it comes to decorating your guildship. A lot of people choose to make it themed to their guild, or to roleplay as their characters. Some players just get silly or random with it. And here from Dulfy you can find a list of SWTOR Galactic Stronghold Decorations and how to obtain them. So with that said, we invite you to show us your guildships. If you share screenshots with us, we’d also love to hear the story behind it, what you decorated with or where you came up with your ideas for decorating. Here are some images from one really awesome guildship belonging to...

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Thank You Dark Horse Comics

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  We love Star Wars and we love comics. As fans, it can be difficult to picture a world without Star Wars and quite frankly, why would we want to? But such a time did exist and we have one name to thank for helping end that dark era in Star Wars history: Dark Horse EUCantina.net brings us some interesting news about Dark Horse Comics this week: This week marks the final scheduled release in the Expanded Universe, or as it has been rebranded, Legends time line.  Dark Horse comics has the unique privilege of closing it out with the final issue in the Legacy series. For those who don’t know, Dark Horse has been putting out Star Wars stories since 1991. It was Dark Horse comics that helped rekindle the Star Wars fandom after a dark period in the 80s when they stopped making Star Wars action figures and Marvel stopped making the comics. Again, EUCantina explains why this is so significant: It wasn’t until 1991 that a spark of life began to return to the galaxy far far away.  Timothy...

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Rumors

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As you may already know, there are many rumors going around about the release of Star Wars Battlefront 3 and everyone wants to be the first to release some exciting news about the game. We try to bring you the news as we find it confirmed but sometimes it’s also fun to mull over the rumors. Sometimes speculation becomes fact when the game is released. Even when it doesn’t, it can be fun to imagine while we wait for official news. So here are some things we know about Battlefront 3. First, EA has the sole rights to development of all Star Wars games but they have brought in some subsidiaries like DICE, Bioware and Visceral Games to help them develop the popular, upcoming title.  We know that the game is currently in production and that FrostBite 3 is being used. The game is expected to release around summer of 2015 to consoles. We also know that it is supposed to be a standalone title and not a sequel in the series. This means they have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to what...

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Check Out Cool Items from Gatekeeper’s Pack – Videos

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Are you curious about what’s in Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Packs? You would not be alone, as many SWTOR fans want to know what cool stuff they can get from these packs. Here is a compilation of videos from Dulfy herself showing us some of the cool stuff you can get if you are willing to dig through the cards (the drop rates, as usual, are not super great). Mounts Walkhar Auspiece (new model with a neat animation)   Tobus Cruiser (new model)   Weapons Blaster pistol   Blaster Rifle     Sniper rifle   Decorations Grand Statue of the Emperor (centerpiece):     Statue of the Spearman (centerpiece):   Misc Regen/emotes:...

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