No Public PTS for 3.0: Only A Closed Beta

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Eirc Musco posted an update on the official forums regarding the upcomming Star Wars: The old Republic update – Shadow of Revan. There wil be no testing on the public test servers this time, as the game update will be tested purly on a closed servers. Just like a regular beta test as we also experienced with Rise of the hutt cartel. It would seem like this is a way for BioWare,  to stop miners from leaking new game infomation, from the upcomming expansion,  for as long as possible. Hey Minisep! Let me answer your questions, and explain a bit about how PTS will work for Shadow or Revan. There will be a PTS for Shadow of Revan. However, similar to Rise of the Hutt Cartel, this PTS will be on a closed server. This closed PTS server will be testing all of the expansion! As a note, for Rise we also did a PTS which was open to the public which tested some of the 2.0 features. We will not be doing that this time around. The only testing that will happen for 3.0 will be on our Closed PTS server. One question I know that will be asked is how you get into that testing group. Similar to Rise, we will be hand selecting some groups of players and then we will also be inviting players randomly to fill out the ranks. [Source] —- Thanks for confirming Eric. Can we assume that these groups will be selected so that a representative cross section of the player base gets access meaning all play styles are represented? Absolutely! From both the random and hand selection we will make sure to cover every type of player. Very casual, hardcore PvP, progression Ops, etc. -eric [Source] Thanks!...

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Bioware sending out e-mails for beta testing

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Some lucky players are reporting that they have received an email from BioWare regarding Beta testing. It not known what they are supposed to beta test yet, but giving the recent announcement of Star Wars: The old republic upcoming expansion Galactic Starfighter, it’s obvious what players are going to test. So guys, check out your mail box, and let us know if you got a mail like this: Hello, We wanted to let you know that the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ team is looking to recruit testers for an upcoming release and we have identified you as a candidate for possibly helping us in this effort. To participate in this testing program, at a minimum, you must be at least 18-years of age, have played SWTOR for 6-months or more, and have an active subscription for SWTOR. Participation in this program will also require you to sign a Beta Testing Agreement, which includes a confidentiality provision that prohibits you, publicly or privately, from disclosing anything about this program to anyone until you are released from that agreement. You will also be required to contribute time in tasks beyond just general testing such as sending to us comments, feedback and suggestions daily through a protected forum access. This program will run for a minimum of 6 weekends between September and November 2013. If you meet our criteria and can make the time commitment to help us, the next step will be to sign our Digital Beta Testing Agreement here: (make sure you are logged in) Once you have signed our Digital Beta Testing Agreement just hold tight. You will hear from us very soon with more information. Thank you in advance for consideration of this opportunity, we value your interest and your commitment to our game. The SWTOR Team Eric Musco | Community Manager | BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts Inc....

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Thanks for the amazing beta Bioware

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Now the SWTOR beta has officially come to an end and we are all awaiting the December 20th launch that is just a couple more weeks away. While some were able to game test for an extended period of time, others were at least given a weekend to check it out and the reaction from the community of testers was mostly positive. Nearly everyone who tested and was surveyed said they would recommend the game to a friend. In honor of the end of beta and the upcoming launch of SWTOR, we are asking you all to share with us your favorite moments or experiences of beta testing- no matter how long or short your experience was. Did you play with friends or solo explore? Did you rush to level as quickly as you could or take your time to experience all of the story line? Did you try different classes or focus on getting as far as you could with your favorite class? What did you like most about the beta experience? Did anything you experienced change your opinion of the game or your decision to buy or not buy it? We want to hear from you! Here is a video thank you to Bioware from one beta tester for your enjoyment (contains some game...

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SWTOR Brings in 2 Million Game Testers

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We know that SWTOR is popular. In fact, unless you’ve been living the past few months under a rock, you are aware of the hype that surrounds this upcoming MMO. What you might not know is just how much interest there really is in the game.  There is such a strong interest in SWTOR that Bioware has broken records with pre-orders and possibly records with game testing as well since they brought in 2 million game testers– all volunteer testers at that.  Testers averaged 12 hours each over Thanksgiving, according to Instead of enjoying turkey with the fam (or maybe after enjoying their dinners) there were still tons of gamers who found time to pop in and check out SWTOR for themselves.  EA says more than 725,000 unique players joined the game over the Thanksgiving weekend, making it “one of the biggest beta tests in history.” 2.4 million gamers had registered in advance on the game’s official website, with 2 million later signing up for the public beta.  This is a highly preregistered and built-in demand for the game. This is something not ever seen before on this high of a scale for the company. It means a launch advertising campaign that will focus on different things from other EA titles. For example, the focus will be on getting new customers for the long term and building subscriptions month after month. The interest for SWTOR is clearly there- no question about that at all. The real question will lie in what they will do to keep the interest there after launch and for years to...

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A detailed SWTOR Beta Review by a MMORPG veteran

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When it comes to SWTOR reviews, we’ve got you covered. In addition to writing our own, we like to bring you the best of what we find on the Internet from other fans, game sites and more. We stumbled across another SWTOR beat review from an MMORPG veteran who has a lot to say about the game. And when we say a lot, we really mean it! Merecraft of Far Beyond My Capacity wrote over 8,000 words about SWTOR beta. That’s like a small book! If you want to learn more about the game from someone who has firsthand MMORPG experience, this one is worth your time. Even if you just skim over the sections that interest you, it’s worth it to check it out. Merecraft is a 12-year veteran of MMOs who has been playing the game for some time now and the drop of the NDA means he gets to share all of his ideas, impressions and opinions with the rest of us. He first describes his background with gaming and then promises to be as objective as possible in this review. Then comes the warning: “This is going to be a long and detailed review, so strap yourself in, it could get messy…” Which is completely true! 8,000+ words is one heck of a review but he has so much to say that I suggest you read over it for yourself (or at least the parts that interest you the most). Let us know what you...

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