beta video

More Beta video impressions

Yesterday MightyMonkeysGaming was host of so many cool beta videos that was so cool.  But Yesterday All my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay…Or are they? Were MightyMonkeysGaming chickened out, Mobility-Gaming E-Sports takes over. So today I have the honor of sending over a new bunch of beta videos. Enjoy!

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Jedi Shadow PvP Footage

Russian MMORPG website just released some fresh Jedi Shadow PvP Footage. The video is 20 min long and shoves quite a few interesting find I personally didn’t know yet. Stuff like a Marauder can use a viborblade: Anyways. Enjoy this Solid footage of the shadow/assassin class. Personally this is seriously making me consider rolling one of these for PvP purposes.

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