BioWare celebrates its 20th anniversary

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BioWare celebrated its 20th birthday on Friday. Many fans were thanked via Twitter but I think we should be thanking them for making some of the best RPG’s in history. Can you believe it’s already been twenty years since BioWare began? Time definitely does fly by and we are looking forward to more of their amazing talents in the Star Wars gaming realm. What are some of your favorite BioWare games and memories from playing them?  

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IGN Slams the Haters

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“Yes, there’s no space battles, no prequel content, and no single-player campaign, but we’re not worried yet.” Fans are pretty upset that IGN seems to be backing Star Wars Battlefront and they slam the haters in this video, giving their opinions and stating they they are not worried about the game. They read some “demands” from fans who are already expecting specific things from the game and complaining about things that have not happened yet. Of course, some fans don’t side with IGN on this one and claim that IGN is just being paid off by EA/DICE. Paid to have an opinion? Hmm… unheard of in journalism! *sarcasm* That said, it doesn’t mean they are paid fanboys. Maybe they just like the idea of the game. They do have some good points, even if you don’t agree with the overall positivity. For example, they talk about the difference in games as a form of media compared to other media items like movies or books. They also make...

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Harassment of SWTOR Developers

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Stop. Just stop for a minute. We like to have fun here. Sometimes we even like to push the boundaries. We are not strangers to controversy. That said, I read something incredibly disturbing today and we need to take some time to discuss it. This isn’t something that is entirely new. It’s a topic we’ve talked about before. It’s related to another topic I’ve talked about on a gamer podcast in recent months: swatting. It’s something we (the SWTOR community) need to talk about. This post on the SWTOR forums talks about recent harassment of SWTOR developers: Hey folks, I feel the need to make this post after some things happened yesterday. Yesterday, John made some posts communicating our views, and looking for feedback, around the state of Sentinels and Marauders. We knew going in that some of what we were going to say might not be what players wanted to hear, but the Combat team felt it was very important that you understood how we view things from...

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How BioWare Built Enough Content to Fill The Old Republic

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We know it’s not easy creating and operating a massively multiplayer online game like SWTOR. That said, it can be equally as difficult to keep it filled with enough content on a regular basis so that players do not get bored. Have you ever wondered how BioWare built enough content to fill The Old Republic and how they continue to give us great content again and again. Some of you might remember back in 2011 when BioWare designer Georg Zoeller did a talk at GDC Online about Star Wars: The Old Republic and explained how spatial analysis can be used to support a rapid content iteration process during the late stages of MMO development. For those of you who heard the talk, he goes on to explain how BioWare’s homegrown ‘HoloProjector’ spatial visualization toolkit was used in the day to day development of the game. It also helped the BioWare devs with decision making, content validation and more. He talks about the lessons the team of devs have learned from these...

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New member of the Austin Community team: Nick Avola

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Meet the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team  Nick Avola. He’s Holding a Thermal Detonator! Hey all! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team. My name is Nick Avola, and I have the daunting (yet exciting) task of playing third fiddle on a team directly involved in all areas of our games – from player feedback, to design considerations, to promotions, to communications, you name it. Much of my time will be spent scouring the forums, blogisphere, and social media platforms to track community sentiment on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be consolidating your comments and concerns into detailed reports, which will be disseminated regularly amongst the Community, Development, Leadership, and other key teams here at BioWare Austin. The sooner your feedback reaches the eyes and ears of senior staffers, the more accurately and effectively we can respond in kind, and I will be working overtime to fine-tune this...

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