SWTOR Segment from EA GamesCom Press Conference

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We have an interesting update today on SWTOR from EA’s GamesCom Press Conference. The SWTOR segment touched on a few things we have not gotten updated on in some time, such as the player count. They also touch on some things that are coming soon in SWTOR (things we all known about already but that might serve to bring in some newer or returning players). From EA’s GamesCom Press Conference: The results have been remarkable. Every month, more than a million players are logging in, playing with their friends, and embarking on their own personal Star Warstm Saga. So basically, EA took almost two minutes out of their press conference today to mention SWTOR. You can see the video for yourself at IGN, but the highlights are: recap of the last 18 months reminder that it’s gone free to play updated content Galactic Starfighter new guild rewards new PvP warzones new Flashpoints and Operations Galactic Strongholds goes live next week The presentation was heightened with some...

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When Game Bugs become Permanent Features

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It’s happened before… a bug exists in a game and people like it so much, it becomes an intended feature. Such is not always the case with SWTOR. Remember way back when you could message someone on their main and when they logged an alt, continued messages would go to their alts? A lot of people loved the feature but others worried it never allowed you to “hide” when playing the game. Bioware later removed it, stating it was a bug but many players wished they would bring it back with a toggle feature so if you didn’t want it, it wasn’t forced on you but those who liked it could use it. Another bug discovered just a couple weeks ago that was popular was the character select screen bug. In this bug, it allowed a different view from the character select screen- one that showed the character from about the knees up and with a more detailed background.  While confirmed as unintentional, people liked it so much and spoke out on Reddit and the official...

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BioWare Chooses Who You Can Romance In Their Games- Here’s How

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There’s been a lot of talk about romancing in BioWare games. This is nothing new. We’ve discussed the topic in SWTOR quite often. Did you know that there’s more to these romances than just writing and art- although they play a huge role in it. BioWare is speaking out on this very topic to tell us more about how they choose who you can romance in their games. There’s an official BioWare recording that explains it all. It’s audio only so we’ll cover some of the highlights for you. The just-under 50 minute audio is from the GaymerX2 convention and delivered by the writers of Dragon Age Inquisition. In the beginning they talk about the process: how they write the friendships and flirtations, the romantic relationships and what certain romantic partners might look like. They talk about how this affects attraction and how they work with the voice actors to plan all of this out. It’s really interesting to see behind the scenes, in the game-making process and how it affects complicated parts...

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Bioware Austin is Hiring

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SWTOR Community Manager Eric Musco also shared it on the SWTOR forums. Their web team is looking for a Front End Web Developer to work on SWTOR in the Austin studio. They say they are looking for someone who is passionate about SWTOR and wanting to work on some cool new things. The job listing says you’d be working on “the customer-facing web applications and the web site” for SWTOR.

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Should BioWare Keep Adding Romance to their Games?

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BioWare is one video game company that is familiar with stretching the limits of what is acceptable or “well known” in games. They push the envelope with their sexual content and they have often seen backlash from it. However, being one of the only game developers willing to go to these places, they also have a hardcore following from it.

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