New member of the Austin Community team: Nick Avola

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Meet the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team  Nick Avola. He’s Holding a Thermal Detonator! Hey all! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the newest member of the Bioware Austin Community team. My name is Nick Avola, and I have the daunting (yet exciting) task of playing third fiddle on a team directly involved in all areas of our games – from player feedback, to design considerations, to promotions, to communications, you name it. Much of my time will be spent scouring the forums, blogisphere, and social media platforms to track community sentiment on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be consolidating your comments and concerns into detailed reports, which will be disseminated regularly amongst the Community, Development, Leadership, and other key teams here at BioWare Austin. The sooner your feedback reaches the eyes and ears of senior staffers, the more accurately and effectively we can respond in kind, and I will be working overtime to fine-tune this...

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What’s Happening to the Women of BioWare Austin?

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  In the past month, we have seen an exodus of SWTOR staff from Bioware Austin, much like one we saw a couple years back. Of these were Courtney Woods from the community team and Hillary “Pokket” Nicole, the Community Coordinator. While specifics were not released, we are given the impression their contracts just ended and Bioware was not interested in renewing them. As a female gamer and someone who has worked within the industry for a number of years, it’s great to see other females taking a leadership role so I am sad to see them go. That said, it has many asking the question “Are there any females left out there at Bioware Austin?” and of course, there are. It would seem that SWTOR is getting rid of their community team once again (remember when this happened last time?) and the fact that Courtney and Hillary are female was just coincidental. Regardless of the reasoning behind these two ladies leaving, we will miss them. I personally will miss...

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Veteran BioWare Writer Moves to Secret New Project

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  Mr. David Gaider, veteran KOTOR writer, has announced he is making a major change. A few days ago,  he announced on Twitter that he is leaving Dragon Age and the team so that he can work on a secret game from BioWare. While it’s hard to leave Dragon Age behind, 10 years is a long time to work on any one project. I decided it was time for something new. — David Gaider (@davidgaider) March 3, 2015 Mr. Gaider worked on many different BioWare games including, Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars the old Repubublic.  He also worked on Dragoan age Origins, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Inquisition , as well as older games like Neverwinter Nights. Because he stated that he cannot discuss the new game this suggests to us that it’s an unannounced title. BioWare is currently working on a new IP and this could a project that Gaider is helping with, but this is all unconfirmed and...

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BioWare Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk Gets Back Into Games

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  After Dr. Greg Zeschuk, co-founder, retired from BioWare in 2012, he made a web series based on beer called The Beer Diaries. He has now decided to get back into the gaming world, but the return may not be what everyone was expecting. GamesIndustry International reported that Zeschuk has joined the Vancouver based Biba Ventures. This startup is working on making mobile augmented reality apps that will work with playground equipment. Biba announced their deal with a playground equipment company, PlayPower, and they are to construct a collection of Biba supported playgrounds. Mr. Zeschuk will be serving as chairman for Biba. “Biba’s mobile games designed for outdoor play are just a breath of fresh air,” Zeschuk said.  “PlayPower and Biba are creating a new category, an inventive way to blend our new media habits with the health benefits and joy of active outdoor play. I am inspired by the category as a game designer and father.” The games developed...

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Bioware Canceled Shadow Realms to Focus on SWTOR

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Today, GameInformer reported that Shadow Realms, a 4v1 action RPG in development at BioWare Austin, has been canceled. Shortly after this new went out, BioWare Austin GM Jeff Hickman confirmed the news himself. “We’ve made the decision to not move forward with development of Shadow Realms,” wrote Hickman in a post on the official site. He went on to explain that “right now there are other projects for the team to work on within the BioWare studios for the coming year and beyond,” citing Star Wars: The Old Republic as the biggest focus, followed by Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next Mass Effect game, and “other new IP.” This is unfortunate news for fans who were looking forward to the game and also some may find it disappointing to see so many potential games getting the axe before they ever get to production. The downside here also is that this was to be BioWare’s first original game in six years. Many BioWare fans were eager to see what they...

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