Patience you must have! Expansion announcement delayed…slightly

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It’s the last day of the month and of course speculation is high about what the next SWToR expansion announcement is going to be. Fans have been talking about it in various places, including the official SWToR forums where Bioware is always keeping a close eye on what’s going on. One SWToR fan’s excitement caught the eye of Bioware and solicited a response from Senior Producer, Bruce McLean:

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SWToRStrategies: The Wall of Crazy….or…it was a dark and stormy night!

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SWToRStrategies: Wall of Crazy (WoC) is the latest column that aspires to look into certain concepts and ideas that could make into our favorite game. The term “Wall of Crazy” is something that Bioware used in the past to describe crazy ideas that developers have during meetings and could eventually materialize if given the right resources. The most recent example, is the implementation of the Guild Capital ships and Guild Battles.

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From BioWare to Indie Van Game Jam

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The “Indie Van Game Jam” was supposed to drive around the country, making games and interviewing developers. Their kickstarter project didn’t make enough money, but they decided to do it anyway, Kotaku explains.  These three guys used to work for Bioware- Zeb, Chad and Diego. They met on the staff of SWTOR and like many of the people I met when visiting BioWare Austin, they were part of big layoffs/quits that came after the game’s released. The friends came together on a new project and they travel the country working on games. So what is the Indie Van Game Jam? Here’s an explanation in their own words: “We travel in a van, make games, and ask independent developers how they make theirs. Think Man Vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie.” Yea, sounds pretty cool, right? I want to be doing something similar with my life now that you mention it. Ok, maybe not but it’s still pretty cool and the best part is that they take us along for the...

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Bioware addresses network connectivity issues

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Bioware’s production community coordinator Tait Watson was once again at the official forums today addressing server issues that affected SWToR gamers today (9/24/2014).

In specific…

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Former Electronic Arts (EA) CEO predicts free-to-play model evolution

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Former Electronic Arts (EA) CEO, John Riccitiello is a controversial figure among gamers, especially with SWToR fans. During his tenure at EA, he spearheaded the strategy to develop and promote free-to-play games, an approach that Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR) fully embraced. During a recent interview with Gamespot. Mr. Riccitiello predicted that both premium and free-to-play pricing models will continue to exist with the later possibly evolving. He also stressed out that both models (and possibly others we haven’t seen), will continue to co-exist without one gaining the upper hand over others.

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