RIP Aaron Allston

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Last week, the world lost a very wonderful writer and special person named Aaron Allston. He born on the 6th of December in 1960 and passed away on March 1st, 2014. He wrote and designed video games and also was well known for writing Star Wars books. He and Michael Stackpole worked together to create the X-Wing Series.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Deceived Audiobook

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  Earlier this year, we told you about the Revan full audio book from Darth Nion on YouTube? And now we are very happy to tell you that he has done the same with Deceived. So if you don’t like to read, or just can’t find the time to read, then you can still enjoy this book. And maybe you’ve already read it but you want  to hear again, brought to life in audio this time. Whatever reason you might have for wanting to experience the audiobook instead, we have it all on video/audio thanks to Darth Nion. It’s a 3-part series so you can listen to it in parts as you have time or all at once if you’re really into it. Check it out and tell us what you think. Star Wars: The Old Republic Deceived Audiobook PART 1 Star Wars: The Old Republic Deceived Audiobook PART 2 Star Wars: The Old Republic Deceived Audiobook PART 3 FINAL...

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Revan Full Audiobook Part 1

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Did you miss out on the Revan audiobook Part 1 released in full on August 30, 2013 by Darth Nion on YouTube? If you don’t like to read or don’t have time to read and just want to listen to the story while you work or do other things, then now you have the chance. Personally, I think the voices are great and I really get into the story. His voice for the reading is not annoying like many I have heard. All in all, it’s pretty darn good and it’s worth your time to check it out, even if you’re read the book already. Winner by votes, I welcome you to a new story about Revan where you can find out what happens to him after the games ,Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2. Star Wars : Revan full Audiobook Part...

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Jawajames Reads Star Wars: The old republic Annihilation

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If you haven’t read Annihilation by Drew Karpyshyn yet, your are missing out. The book have been out for about year now, and reviews have been positive. Annihilation with the possible exception of Revan also written by Drew Karpyshyn is quite possibly the best novel based around Star Wars: the Old Republic video game franchise. While it is not free of it’s flaws it is very enjoyable to read and easy to do so. It was one of the few Star Wars books that I have read recently that kept me turning pages. The best part about the novel is its characters. Theron Shan, first introduced in a the Old Republic comic series, is an intriguing character considering his background, lineage, and the fact that he is not a Jedi. However, I thought that his character lacked a measure of conflict. He seemed too at ease with his position in life. This made him a bit shallow, despite a deep background. The other characters in the novel are a lot of fun, particularly that of Teff’ith. The...

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Star Wars Shakespeare: A New Hope Gets a New Format

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If you love Star Wars but are reluctant to dive into the works of Shakespeare, Ian Doescher has just the book to ease you in to the verses of the Bard. Dolscher’s takes Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope back in time to the 1600s. Apparently, the project is George Lucas sanctioned, according to Get The Big Picture. The Star Wars creator has reportedly told Doescher he should take the project as far as possible. Perhaps this means we will see the other five episodes given the Hamlettreatment. Along with references to the Elithabethan author, the book also features period style images, including one with Luke holding a storm trooper’s helmet like a skull. “The allusions to Shakespeare’s works are references I carry around in my head, so most often the allusions to plays flowed naturally with a particular character’s dialogue. Other times, the references were more carefully planned,” Doescher told Quirk. “For instance, I knew I wanted to have a...

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