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Brand New Star Wars Clone Wars Season 4 Trailer

LucasArts and Cartoon Network have released a new extended trailer for the forthcoming fourth season of The Clone Wars, and it looks to be another good, story-heavy addition to the franchise. The season is set to begin with an hour premiere, consisting of two episodes – “Water War” and “Gungan Attack” – which form two parts of a three ep story-arc (completed by the next week’s show). Within that arc we’ll be treated to a hugely impressive underwater battle scene (which I’ve seen and was blown away by) and the first appearance of fan favourite character, Captain Ackbar. Overall, the fourth season promises to ramp up the action, introducing new characters and a grander scale and retaining the high-octane thrills that the canon-building property has shown since day one. Here’s the trailer in full: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4 starts Friday 16th September in the US.

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Revan almost appeared in last week’s episode of The Clone Wars

In a video commentary, on the Official Star Wars website, supervising director Dave Filoni explains how Darth Revan was supposed to appear in the episode of Clone Wars that was aired last week: “Ghosts of Morits”: We designed them. They are in The Clone Wars style. We modeled them in The Clone Wars style, and we shot the scene in the episode. The scene exists. But it never made it into animation, it only existed in layout. I was very apprehensive of this scene, as cool as it was, because the implication of it. Which is that, these Sith Lords could separate themselves from the Force, and somehow talk to the Son. George watches it, and he loved it, it was great. But eventually, I got a call from George. And he said, you know, I’ve been really thinking about this, and we should really take that scene out, with…

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