Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Insider — March 2014

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BioWare posted a new SWTOR Insider Video. In this video They show off the new Denon GSF map, Quesh Huttball map and the Tython / Korriban Flashpoints. The Cartel market will also get a lot of updates in the future. Later this month we will get access to the Space Jockey Starfighter pack and new direct sell dye modules. In April The Cartel market will have Hot Shots Starfighter Pack up for sale as well the First Grand Acquisitions Pack in late April / early May.. The video also talks about New type of pack based on user feedback, Features armor sets from the first three shipments and that One slot of the pack will drop the entire armor set in a lockbox. Last but not least, the video reminds us of Double XP event 3/14 – 3/17 and the Lucky-77 subscriber reward speeder, check it out below:...

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The Old Republic Insider – September 2013

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The producers of Star Wars: The old Republic posted a new Insider Video, that gives an inside look at new PvP Warzone Arenas, exciting Dread Master missions, and new Cartel Market goods coming to SWTOR next month! I have a feeling the video was made a while ago and just released now, but it is still worth spending 3 minutes on. Check it out below:

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Cory Butler tweeted a new pod racer

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Cory Butler tweeted a photo of a new pod racer. The art assets used for the floor are new, and look a lot like you’d expect a racing circuit’s track to look like. A few data minings ago, we found some data that seemed to be something like podracing tracks with boost pads. Could it be true?! Here is the new ride: — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) July 25, 2013  

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KOTOR and SWTOR Combine for 10th Anniversary

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Those who know me know that I love social media, and for good reason, as it connects us in ways that could never be possible before. It’s a great tool for extending your gaming connections as well. And it also helps us remain in contact with our favorite game updates and staff. Which brings us to a little tidbit from Twitter and Cory Butler this week. A couple of days ago a conversation happened that many might have missed. It’s such a small thing, yet says so much, especially for fans of SWTOR and KotOR. @AlexDGeslin asked @BlazeofCory Hey, I was wonder, are there any plans celebrate KotOR 1’s 10th anniversary on the #cartelmarket ? #swtorfamily BioWare Producer Cory Butler answered Alex Geslin’s question on Twitter and this would spark more questions about just what his answer meant and what we might all expect to see from SWTOR for the 10th anniversary. And that is when we saw this reply: @AlexDGeslin Great question. YES! — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) June 24, 2013   Really, that’s pretty cool. First it tells us that we might see something awesome in SWTOR for KotOR fans and the other benefit is that it pays to follow the guys (and gals) behind the games you love because  I cannot tell you how many times I have seen something on Twitter or Facebook that I would not have learned about otherwise until way later. It’s fun to feel “in the loop” and it also means you are at a lower risk of missing out on cool things when they happen. With that said, what do you think they have cooking for this...

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Cory Butler speaks on the future of SWTOR

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Cory Butler, interview | 0 comments has an  interview with BioWare’s Cory Butler discussing  customization options coming in Game Update 2.1, Cathar race and Free to play restrictions.  Most interesting parth of the interview are the last few questions regarding server transfer which include some new information about upcoming stuff that will be adding. Are for-pay server transfers coming? If so, when can players look forward to this service? Can you talk about any additional for-pay services players can look forward to? Cory Butler: Paid Character Transfers were originally slated to be part of Game Update 2.1, but we ran into a few bugs with the new Legacy Achievement system.  You can expect Paid Character Transfers to be coming in hot on the heels of Game Update 2.1.  No new announcements for paid services to make at this time. Other interesting info from the interview is Cathar Species unlock priced at 600 Cartel Coins for the entire account. This price will be the same for both Subscribers and Free-to-Play as well as Preferred Status players. Check out the full interveiw over at...

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