Swtor-mined: Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships

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SWTOR Miner is a bussy little bee these days. With the new patch comes tons and tones of new stuff to discover. Here the latest info he digged up about Gild Conquests/Guild Flagships. Now don’t go and get yourself banned by posting/dicussing any information mined by me on the Official SWTOR Forums. Guild Conquests/Guild Flagships Details Initial Purchase Cost: 50 million credits: 130 million credits plus Conquest items to fully unlock “Room” unlock costs: 5 million credits + Conquest items 16 unlockable rooms “Invading the planet will commit your guild’s flagship to compete on this planet’s leaderboard for this conquest event. If you place in the top spot, you will conquer the planet at the end of the event.” “You cannot invade a planet in the last 3 days of a conquest event. You must lock in your commitment beforehand.” You must possess a gold key to the guild flagship in order to commit to an invasion. “Flagship commitment for this...

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Swtor-mined: 2.9 PTS Patch #1

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Game update 2.9 will be playable on the public test servers this weekend, but the patch is already available for download. As always SWTOR_Miner have been bussy datamining the patch for us.  There’s a huge amount of changes. A lot of data will be missing and/or incorrect in these files. He will need to examine the new data structures and see exactly what’s changed and update the output. Remember you can  now follow him on Twitter, @swtor_miner. He have been pretty active on there of late. Here’s the raw changes: New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements New/Changed/Removed Areas New/Changed/Removed Codex Entries New/Changed/Removed Collection Entries New/Changed/Removed Conversations New/Changed/Removed Gom_Fields New/Changed/Removed GOM_Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed Cartel Market Entries New/Changed/Removed Npcs New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed Ships New/Changed/Removed String Tables New/Changed/Removed...

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Swtor-mined: 2.8 PTS Patch #2 | 5/8/2014

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  News from swtor_miner. This time he came up some more information on the new Narshadda Nightlife/Festival of Splendor Event. He found the chances of winning while playing the new slot machines. Kingpin’s Bounty Slot Machine Costs 1x Kingpin’s Casino Chip to play Chances for reward: Jackpot 1 (.07% chance) Kingpin’s Rancor Jackpot 2 (.23% chance) 1x Vectron Opus Win (4% chance) 1x Golden Certificate: A certificate which can be exchanged for special goods from a Nar Shaddaa casino prize vendor. Free Play (50% chance) Lose 1 (22.83% chance) Lose 2 (22.85% chance) – Outcome removed by Feeling Lucky buff. Machine Explodes (.02% chance) The Feeling Lucky buff removes one of the possible lose outcomes while playing the High Roller Slot Machine, but the relative outcome weights remain the same for the other outcomes. You keep the buff for 2 minutes or until you win or hit the Jackpot. The new probability of winning would approximately be: Jackpot 1 (.09%...

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Swtor-mined: 2.8 PTS

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While we have been celebrating Star Wars day, swtor_miner have been busy datamining the newest patch on the public test servers. Before you read on, I have to warn you that this post includes spoilers.  Just below are the raw changes and below that comes the interesting stuff.   New/Changed/Removed Abilities New/Changed/Removed Achievements - New/Changed/Removed CodexEntries New/Changed/Removed Collections New/Changed/Removed Companions New/Changed/Removed Conversations New/Changed/Removed GOM_Items New/Changed/Removed Items New/Changed/Removed MtxStoreFronts New/Changed/Removed NPCs New/Changed/Removed Quests New/Changed/Removed Ships New/Changed/Removed StringTables New/Changed/Removed Talents New Event: Festival of Splendor? Soovada (“Splendorous Summer” in Huttese) is an annual celebration of total extravagance in Hutt culture. Rival clans compete to prove their superior wealth, attempting to sponsor the most parties, pit fights, bounties, gambling, and every...

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Swtor-mined: 2.7PTS New Maps | 3/1/2014

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swtor_miner have been playing around with the new patch on the Public test servers and found some more goodies. First image is the Quesh Huttball map. The next two are the departure hangars for the new Flashpoints. (I wonder why there are 5 shuttles…) The rest are of the Tython and Korriban Flashpoints. Check it out below: My best assumption is that they copy pasted the old flashpoint rooms, and so they have 6 total rooms. and can fillup the other 2 when they feel like it. Personally I wouldn’t mind them pushing the rakata prime flashpoint a bit and have a flashpoint where we race against each other to find the Star Maps (multi planet flashpoint) I.e. Start at Korriban. Fight a boss, clicka shuttle takes us to Kysshyyk(pardon spelling) fight the 2nd boss there, jump to Dantooine....

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