3.0 Conversation dialogue + Intro audio for all classes

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Are you interested in the new intros coming with 3,0? What about new conversation dialogue? Here you have audio mined data for all classes and intro questions for both Empire and Republic. Go ahead and check it out and let us know what you think. Which do you prefer? Are there any you do not like? WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Some of this audio could reveal spoilers. 3.0 (most) new Conversations! Audio mined for all classes intro quests Empire: * Agent Female * Bounty Hunter Male * Warrior Female * Inquisitor Female Republic: * Trooper Female Missing Yuun sounds. * Smuggler Female * Knight Male Missing T7 sounds. * Consular Male  ...

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Datamined: SWToR Miner livestreams Patch 3.0 Commando and Mercenary changes

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You might never heard of his name before but if you’re moderately interested in SWToR, you definitely read about his work in fansites across the web. Recently, SWToR_Miner had some challenges from Bioware and the content he releases about upcoming changes and updates to our favorite game but this isn’t stopping him however from hosting livestream events on Youtube. This time around, he talks about Patch 3.0 commando and mercenary changes that we’re going to see when Shadow of Revan gets released. The livestream is a little bit over 2 hours but definitely gets into the details of Patch 3.0 and specific details of the before-mentioned classes.

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SWTOR Datamined Abilities [Spreadsheet]

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If you’re looking for some info about the new SWTOR class abilities, then this data-mine is for you. Not only is it chock full of useful info, it’s done in a fantastically organized manner, in a Google Doc spreadsheet that anyone can look at. It’s sorted by class and neatly organized for you to find all the information you need in one neat location. This is a resource you’re going to want to bookmark. I don’t know how many hours of work went into this project but it is very useful and well done. This spreadsheet is loaded with data, all carefully sorted into neat categories for you. List of datamined abilities, sorted by class, discipline and level (All Imperial classes) can be found here. A user on Reddit also highlights some interesting points obtained from this spreadsheet and the abilities: Couple of General comments about the new abilities: All Disciplines now have 4 abilities unique to that ability, up from 2-3 abilities. (Note: Stances count as an ability, for example, Combat has Ataru Form and 3 other abilities.) The additional abilities come from totally new abilities that complement the playstyle, abilities that replace other abilities, and abilties taken from the base set of abilities for the AC or class. Except for Saboteur Gunslingers / Engineering Snipers, every spec has a new ability. (Saboteur Gunslingers / Engineering Snipers have Sabotage / EMP Discharged changed greatly again to Pre-2.0 functionality, but on a much shorter cooldown.) All DOT based specs now have 3 DOTs to manage. All classes that cannot tank now have a raid-wide buff. (Marauders / Sentinels still keep both of their raid-wide buffs.) All AOE attacks and heals now attack or heal 8 people or less. No more unlimited number of players / NPCs attacked. [16v16 WaRzOnEs CoNfIrMeD. ;)] Most AOE heals or attacks that used to only effected 4 players now effect up to 8. Channeled attacks now use the resource pool during the channel instead of all at the beginning. Armor Reduction has been taken from all ACs’ base abilties. It is now given to DPS specs that depend heavily on melee, ranged, energy, and kinetic damage. No tanks can reduce armor now (without stance dancing.) DPS now have a bunch of skills to increase a target’s damage to a certain damage type. Most of these are tied to existing abilities and mirror the highest damage type of the spec. All healers now have a new AOE heal. All heals with more than 1.5s cast time and all AOE heals are removed from the base AC moves and put into the healer spec or the Utility perks. DPS now have 2-3 small heals (w/o Utility perks) that take 1 GCD (EDIT: with the exception of Diagnostic Scan for Ops / Scoundrels.) (Note: Emergency Scan / Bacta Infusion seems to be reworked: it may be a small heal for DPS and a slightly larger free heal with large HOT for healers.) The tank stance now increases accuracy by 10% (to 100% ranged/melee and 110% Force / Tech,) but reduces damage output by an additional 5% (from 5% to 10% total.) Source: Reddit & Spreadsheet from...

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Datamined: “Shadow of Revan” is the name of the new SWToR expansion

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SWToR_Miner, isn’t letting recent developments stop him from posting news about upcoming releases and content details. With the new expansion being right around the corner, everyone is trying to guess what the expansion is all about. Mr.Miner, took some of the guessing out of the equation by revealing the name of the new expansion…

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SWToR Miner and (possibly) SWToR fan sites get a challenge from Bioware

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You might have never heard of his name before, but if you have a moderate interest in SWToR you probably read about his work somewhere. SWTOR Miner is one more passionate fans of the game with a special skill. Every now and then he data mines SWToR source files for clues of what Bioware has in store for us next. In many cases, his findings get published In fan sites that are eager for more information about Bioware’s MMO.

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