SWTOR: Pax South Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files

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Here are the Pax South Cantina Tour files provided by Baa’nariim of Harbinger. Below is a run through of what attendance learned at the conference, as posted by dulfy on reddit.   New costume designer coming with patch 3.2 and a video will be added soon. The decision for action taken against ravagers exploiters finalized this morning. There will be a post from musco about it (no specific timeframe on when this will take action or the post will happen) There is no plan to change the new slot machine’s drop rate from its current form. They are sort of “afraid” of releasing future slot machines (future slot machines for other cartel reputations) due to the backlash and the controversy created by the community. Two more game expansions before end of the year. New Togruta race, new stronghold New planet Ziost in April They read Bruce Macleans developer letter which is slated for release on the website in 2 weeks. It’s included in the video below: Blow the images is...

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SWTOR Gree events returning end of Feb/March

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Eric Musco just informed the community that the Gree events will be returning end of February/March. They team is still working out the exact timing, but they will update that information on our events page when we have it. Hey folks! When we started the Life Day event, we got questioned on two things almost immediately. Where is the Gree event and why is the Cyan Sphere on this vendor without it? Two valid questions. As I mentioned before the end of the year, it is our intent that the next time you see the Gree event it will be scaled to level 60. I am here to deliver news on both of these fronts! First, it is our plan right now that the Gree event will return end of February/March timeframe. We are still working out the exact timing but we will update that information on our events page when we have it. Second, I know there was concern around the Cyan Sphere and its cost. We are going to be moving the Cyan Sphere vehicle onto the Gree event vendor with 3.1. Also, just to make sure...

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The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in San Antonio, TX: 01/23 @ 7 PM CST

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BioWare announced that the next stop in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour will be happening on Friday January 23rd, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. This is your chance to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic community for a development team Q&A as well as complimentary drinks* and giveaways. Every attendee will be receiving a highly coveted M8-3R Astromech code. Venue: Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center Room 007D** Date: Friday, January 23rd, 2015 Time: 7-10PM CST Address: 200 East Market Street – San Antonio, TX 78205 Space will be limited, so be sure to arrive early! You can RSVP on Facebook here (Facebook RSVP is not required for and does not guarantee admittance). * This is an adult event and all attendees must be prepared to show ID. ** A PAX Friday or 3-Day Badge is required for...

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SWTOR Gree event is coming back… Sooner or later

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Eric Musco Just informed the community that the Gee event will be making a return to Star Wars: The old Republic, but it might be a while. The event needs to get an update, so it fits to level 60 game play first. Hey folks, I can confirm that it is definitely our plan to bring the Gree event back at some point in the future. When the event returns, it will also be scaled up to level 60. Unfortunately, I don’t have any details around timing yet but stay tuned for any future announcements! Thanks! -eric

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Las Vegas Community Cantina Flash Drive Contents

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The SWTOR Las Vegas Cantina Tory is over. As always, attendance got a nice flashdrive full of nice new images. It looks like the new revanite armor is unsurprisingly less dread guardy and more revany. The mount looks cool. The giant Massassi looks like an Ops boss, and those twin walkers look like the old twin tanks from EC. Check it out below:

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