SWTOR Livestream Companion Wrap-up

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Have any questions on companions in Star Wars: Knights of the fallen empire? Ask them now, on the official forums, and BioWare will answer: August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:30 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Excise Good stream. Question #1: Without naming specific companions (we’ll use Companion Bob), did I understand the stream correctly and that the below is a possibility: Companion Bob was a classic Companion. In KotFE, Companion Bob does not return story-wise. Despite that, I can still summon Companion Bob for adventuring purposes. Is the above understanding correct? Question #2: Will any new companions have conversation quests? Question #3: Will any old companions have new conversation quests? Question #1 – That understanding is correct. Question #2/3 – Are you specifically talking like “in your cantina or on your ship” type conversations? Or just dialog directly with that Companion? August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:31 PM Quote: Originally Posted by -Sullster- Question: Does the existing character affection we have carry over to KotFE or give a higher starting point of influence if/when we try to get them back? Yup, the existing affection you have will carry over into Fallen Empire August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:37 PM Quote: Originally Posted by MillionsKNives Now that gear for companions is for aesthetics only, is it possible that we can get the old green starter gear back for them somehow? I know I have a few companions that came with gear that really fit their character, but because it was green it has since been vendored. Some of these it’s especially hard to find appropriate gear for. For example, Lord Scourge. It’s really not possible to recreate his original look because any gear that looks like that is restricted to the Imp side. This is a great question/suggestion. I will pass it on to the team. Quote: Originally Posted by Aricus I would just like to know the impact of the presence stat on companions. Will it be changed and/or will it be similar to what it is now? This is a good question, let me talk with the dev team and I will get back to you on this. August Livestream Wrap-up | 08.27.2015, 02:48 PM Quote: Originally Posted by cach-x Chances these get a reply are close to non-existant, but what the hell, I’ll ask anyway. 1. Will be able to meet and/or recruit companions that don’t belong in our class? (for example, if I play the demo with my agent, will I still see T7?) yes or no will suffice. 2. What affects the companions effectiveness in battle? Only our level? what about Presence stat? what about affection? 3. Will any and all changes to the companion system also be applied to the 1-60 leveling experience?(multiple roles in combat, or whatever changes you introduce to crafting) 4. Since some companions are not customizable via armor, I am correct to assume that the customization slot will still be there? 5. What will happen to earpieces and Implants on companions? Should I remove them before starting KOTFE? Yes. Level and Presence. What Presence does is increase damage, healing output, and total health of your Companions. Yup! Yup again. The plan right now is they will be mailed to you when they come off your Companion in...

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SWTOR PAX Prime Make-up Livestream – August 26th

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Bioware will be at PAX Prime next week, and has now posted the time table and details of the Pax Prime Make up Livestream. This live stream will be showcasing  Chapter 3 gameplay of the upcoming expansion Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out: PAX Prime Make-up Livestream – August 26th | 08.20.2015, 03:24 PM Hey folks, I wanted to let you know about the exact details of our livestream planned for next week: Where: www.twitch.tv/swtor When: 5PM PDT Who: Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus, Ben Scott, and myself What: We will be showing you gameplay from parts of Chapter 3 The team will answer questions from chat throughout the stream A shareable link for the 2015 PAX Prime Cantina Tour Pack, which includes the PAX exclusive Prinawe Aggregate A first reveal of a familiar face you will see in Knights of the Fallen Empire We will be talking some nitty-gritty details about how Companions will work in KotFE, both current and future Looking forward to seeing you all there. As I mentioned before, we will also post a recap here on the forums after the stream of some of the points we discussed. -eric...

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Top 3 Reasons to play KotFE – The Vulkk Edition

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New Level Cap During the upcoming spring, players will be able to advance their characters from level 60 to level 65. We know that this isn’t much but it’s absolutely better than nothing at all. The game is going to be letting players go to more new places than ever before. The new 5 levels means that there will be alterations in our abilities, also a new utility point and most likely another shuffle within the DR system will happen. Each time that the level cap goes up, the end-game gear either becomes obsolete or is barely an entry level for the new end-game content. By doing this, it levels out the playing field for both the experienced player and the new ones. New Outfits and Clothing Designs Because of the lack of new endgame production at launch that is actually worthy for the launch of an expansion, the more solo oriented parts will rule over the game. Backing up this theory is the topic of the Cartel Market. BioWare’s tactics of releasing a new pack every month and sometimes even twice a month bring the community with almost endless opportunities to dress up as their favorite character or hero. Since Tor-Fashio is quite popular in the community and the website keeps expanding, show that different outfits are a large part of the games future. Resurrected Old Content For older players, it may not seem like the best idea to make us play through all of the old content that has been cleared. However, the majority of us loved that content on its proper level. Years later, who says that you will actually become bored with it? One prediction is that the old-new ops will be modified accordingly for half-decent challenges and at the same time will be easy enough for a new casual player. Another upside is that any of the Flashpoints that you weren’t able to do will be available again. So, who knows exactly how much fun the old content could be? Via Vulkk You can find two more reasons in the video...

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BioWare is looking into Legacy Wide Datacrons

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The SWTOR Developers are looking into implementing legacy wide datacrons. If all goes right, this might be included in the upcoming Fallen Empire expansion. Datacrons Are For Legacies | 08.11.2015, 02:48 PM Hey folks! I wanted to pass on a little tidbit that I heard this morning. We are very actively looking to put Legacy-wide Datacrons into Knights of the Fallen Empire! We know this has been widely requested for many years and so the Design team is working as we speak to get it in. As always, this is not a guarantee that it will make it in, but the team is hard at work to make it happen....

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Who Is Nico Okarr, The New SWTOR Companion?

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You’ve probably already heard that the upcoming expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire will feature a new companion but what do you really know about that companion? Nico Okarr will be made available to players who were actively subscribed on July 31st or August 10th, 2015. You may recall Nico from the third trailer for SWTOR, Return. In this trailer he was being escorted to a holding cell by Satele Shan and Jace Malcolm. Here it is for those who need refreshing: As you will see, Nico is a smuggler archetype and we really know very little about him. Of course the assumption is this will all be revealed in the companion story line. The Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia says he used to work for the Hutt Cartel and we know from the trailer that he was caught smuggling Sith artifacts. IN typical Smuggler style, he wears a cowboy hat and duster and he duel wields blaster pistols. His hat, coat, and bracers also have a steampunk/tech feel to them so he’s probably hiding a few tricks we’ll learn about later. The first time other than the trailer that Nico has even been mentioned is in the short story Vacation and if you have not read it yet, it’s well worth the time. We get some references to Nico’s age and combat skills from this story but not too much more about him. So there you have it! If you want the chance to play this companion, you’ll need to have actively subscribed on  July 31st or August 10th,...

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