SWTOR Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sentinel + Marauder

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Today from the SWTOR Developer Blogs we have yet another 3.0 Game Update class changes post. In this one, Sentinel and Marauder. If you play a Jedi Knight, it’s time to learn about the changes coming in the 3.0 update. Here’s a blurb from the blog that you really need to read for yourself to ensure you don’t miss anything. We’ve put together this blog to inform Jedi Knights of the major changes that are coming in the 3.0 update. Just a couple of disclaimers before we jump in: this blog is not a comprehensive list of every single Jedi Knight change. Also, please note that the content described in this blog is still under development, so anything mentioned throughout this blog is still subject to change (especially any exact numbers or percentages that may be mentioned). Okay, let’s get started! In 3.0, the most significant change found in the Jedi Knight base class is the absence of Riposte. This ability has not gone away completely, but it has undergone some changes...

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Inquisitor/Consular SWTOR 3.0 Changes – Livestream Notes

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What changes will we see to Inquisitor/Consular with Game Update 3.0? Well, now we have some information to help us answer this question. Most of the livestream went over utilities and disciplines and Dulfy has a great breakdown of the whole thing for us. You can see SWTOR Disciplines Calculator built by swtor_miner. This calculator currently only displays Classes and Disciplines that have been shown on Official Livestreams. See it here.   Utilities Overload now heals a max of 8 targets. It is a smart heal (picks the lowest HP % targets to heal). There is a trait now to allow Cloud Mind to increase your damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds. Bubble stun is now an utility and available to all sorcs. Lighting Barrier – increases your Force Barrier amount by 10% only (down from 20%). Corruption Roaming Mend is the new Corruption ability and grant 3% internal and elemental damage reduction Animation: http://i.imgur.com/JzntnUD.gif Dark Infusion is now in the discipline path for...

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Game Update 3.0 Class Changes: Sage + Sorcerer

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The latest update from the SWTOR blog gives us news about some Game Update 3.0 class changes to Sage and Sorcerer. It’s not surprising that this update will bring changes to the various classes in the game but previously, we were not sure what those would be. Now, as we draw closer to the date, we get more information on just what we can expect. For the base Class changes, please see the Shadow blog here. As for Sage, here is a snippet from the post: Sages have seen some changes to their baseline ability package. Deliverance is now only accessible to Seer Sages, but all Sages now have Rejuvenate. Force Studies now increases the Sage’s maximum Force pool up to 600, rolling in the extra 100 Force from the now cut Mental Longevity skill. All Sages can now train the following passive ability: Inner Strength: Reduces the Force consumed by Force abilities by 10%. And as part of the operation group utility being added to all classes in the 3.0 game update, Sages also gain the...

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SWTOR Quests To Do before the Revan Expansion

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It’s almost time for the much anticipated Revan expansion for SWTOR. With it only a short time away, it makes sense that fans will be preparing, enjoying the game or preparing their game and characters for this expansion. If you’re looking for something to do before the ex-pac, you might want to read this post from Larry Everett over at Hyperspace Beacon. He has eight quests you need to do in SWTOR before the expansion and he explains why. So if you have not yet done these quests, then you may want to take some time before December and get this done. Let’s take a look at a snippet from the article: The Maelstrom Prison continues the adventure of Taral V. Players now lead a strike team into the Imperial base itself to rescue the Jedi prisoner, who we later find out is Revan. If you’re on the Imperial side and never player Republic, I suggest playing through this one not only to find out about Revan but to learn what happened to Grand Moff Kilran. An interesting...

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3.0 Conversation dialogue + Intro audio for all classes

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Are you interested in the new intros coming with 3,0? What about new conversation dialogue? Here you have audio mined data for all classes and intro questions for both Empire and Republic. Go ahead and check it out and let us know what you think. Which do you prefer? Are there any you do not like? WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Some of this audio could reveal spoilers. 3.0 (most) new Conversations! Audio mined for all classes intro quests Empire: * Agent Female * Bounty Hunter Male * Warrior Female * Inquisitor Female Republic: * Trooper Female Missing Yuun sounds. * Smuggler Female * Knight Male Missing T7 sounds. * Consular Male  ...

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