3. KOTET Trailer Teaser Clip hits the internet


Bioware has released a third teaser clip prior to the release of the full cinematic trailer tomorrow for KOTET,.The official trailer will be relaed tomorrow October 7 during New York Comic Con. Where light and dark meet, shadows rise… Full cinematic trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne hits tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/vCdIQvstRg — The Old Republic (@SWTOR) October 6, 2016 Join the forum discussion on this post

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SWTOR New Expansion Revealed: Knights of the Eternal Throne!


We have been down for a few days due to new server host, but this is a story we don’t want you to miss out on. The next SWTOR expansion will be named Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET) and is coming in Fall 2016. More info from Bioware Today, during an EA Star Wars™ “Meet the Makers” panel at Star Wars Celebration in London, James Ohlen, Director of Design for BioWare helped celebrate the game’s upcoming 5-year anniversary, revealing a brand new digital expansion coming this fall, Knights of the Eternal Throne. The all new expansion adds more of BioWare’s trademark cinematic storytelling, as well as exciting new game features in one of the largest updates the team has made since the game launched 5 years ago in 2011! BioWare also announced that beginning today, all players can prepare for the new expansion by playing Chapter 1 of the…

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SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire — ‘The GEMINI Deception’ Teaser

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire -- 'The GEMINI Deception' Teaser

BioWare just leased the  teaser for the next chapter, in Star Wars: The old republic Knights of the Fallen Empire. This one is named “GEMINI Deception” Check it out below: Lead the assault against Arcann’s fleet in ‘The GEMINI Deception,’ coming June 30th in the episodic story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire. Prepare to embark on a dangerous mission to land a fatal blow against the Eternal Empire! Alongside the mysterious and deadly Droid SCORPIO, the Outlander’s team must infiltrate a Zakuulan warship and face Arcann’s formidable force of elite soldiers. When the mission goes awry, the Outlander must find a way out of a deadly trap – only to be faced with the ultimate betrayal. Knights of the Fallen Empire — including ‘The GEMINI Deception’ — is free to all Subscribers, and new players can jump right into the story with a new…

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SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘Hero’s Saga’ Trailer

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘Hero’s Saga’ Trailer

BioWare just released a new trailer for the upcoming chapter of  Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out below: Momentum is building as the Outlander and his Alliance move closer to the ultimate confrontation in Star Wars™: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire. The episodic adventure enters its final Chapters beginning this month. Be a part of the epic finale by activating your Chapter 1 Free* Trial and binging the story so far! The tide of battle is turning against the despotic Eternal Empire, and you alone must rally the galaxy’s greatest heroes and lead the final assault against Arcann’s forces. Join the fight today — activate your Free Trial by May 30 to gain a free Level 60 Character and instant access to Chapter 1: The Hunt! Assemble your army, fight alongside hand-picked allies, and watch your choices shape the fate of the galaxy! Plus, join us…

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SWTOR Chapter 12 “Visions in the Dark Teaser”

Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘Visions in the Dark’ Teaser

Bioware released a new  the teaser video for Chapter 12 a few days ago. This chapter is named Visions in the Dark, and is available from April 5, 2016 with early access. Face your Star Wars™ destiny and the immortal Emperor Valkorion in ‘Visions in the Dark,’ coming April 7th in the episodic story, Star Wars™: The Old Republic™- Knights of the Fallen Empire. Prepare for your most intense confrontation yet as your Alliance risks everything to strike a mortal blow against the Eternal Empire. As the Outlander, unravel dangerous truths that bind you to your dark enemy and get ready to wield a powerful new weapon inspired by some of the greatest Force™ users in the galaxy. Will you rise to overcome your fate and shatter Arcann’s forces? Knights of the Fallen Empire, including ‘Visions in the Dark’ is free to all Subscribers and new players can jump right…

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Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG?

Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG

So Den of Geek asks an interesting question in a recent post on their site: Does Episodic Content Belong in an MMORPG? If you’ve played a lot of games, one thing you will know to be true is that episodic content is not a new concept. There are many games across many genres that use this. Basically it’s chapter-based content that is staggered throughout the game and while it’s been around a long time, it’s gaining in popularity today due to certain hit games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead (a favorite of mine) and Life is Strange.  But Den of Geek looks at a genre of gaming that has not seen a a lot of episodic content – the MMORPG. So it definitely makes a lot of sense for certain types of games. The story-driven content will keep players coming back for more and waiting to see what happens next. But does it make sense…

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How BioWare Makes Use of Livestreamers for SWTOR

SWTOR 4_0 KOTFE Dev Stream

You might remember when BioWare was promoting KotFE that they brought in several well known live streamers and live video people to help promote the new expansion. They had YouTube content creators as well as popular Twitch streamers talk about SWTOR to their own fanbase. They also seemed to talk to outside streamers from other games about trying SWTOR and also introducing it to their audiences. It’s not a bad strategy, honestly. It’s something that most companies will do in a time like this but some will say it failed for BioWare in this scenario. It doesn’t look like it paid off how BioWare would have hoped because they aren’t using that tactic anymore. It’s common practice for companies to experiment with different marketing tactics to see what works and this wasn’t a bad idea in theory. I work in marketing and I know the power behind brand ambassadors and…

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SWTOR Chapter 11 Disavowed Teaser Video

Knights of the Fallen Empire – Disavowed Teaser

BioWare just released a teaser video for the upcoming chapter 11 in Star Wars: The old republic, named Disavowed- The next chapter goes live on march 8 for subscribers. Check it out: Join forces with Major Jorgan and the elite solders of Havoc Squad to destroy the Eternal Empire in Disavowed, the next chapter coming in the episodic story of STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire! In Chapter 11: Disavowed, Jorgan joins your Alliance in a deadly mission deep behind enemy lines. It’s up to you as the Outlander to determine how far to allow Jorgan and his soldiers to go in the war against the Eternal Empire. Knights of the Fallen Empire, including Disavowed, is free to all Subscribers and new players can jump right into the story with a new Level 60 character. Plus, Subscribers are rewarded every month with unique gear, weapons, and…

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TOR TV: Knights of the Fallen Empire Fan Trailer

Fallen Empire

Here’s another entry for the Build Your Alliance contest by BioWare and Nvidia that we really love. This is a fan trailer for Knights of the Fallen Empire and is just a little over 2 minutes long. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve embedded it below and it’s well worth the time. The attention to detail, the story element, all of the fine details are present in this one. It has the immersion element that gamers love and makes you feel like you want to jump in and start playing like NOW. It appeals to Star Wars fans who love being the hero and it pulls you in with your emotions as well as the intrigue. I’ve been looking at tons of these since the contest began but this one definitely stands out among the majority. It’s very well done, nearly professional-level quality. “A recreation of the Force Awakens…

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January SWTOR Story Livestream Notes

January BioWare Star Wars Story Livestream

BioWare posted a video yesterday featuring Charles Boyd and Alexander Freed. The video go over the story in Knight of the fallen empire, and upcoming content we can expect with chapter 10. Below is a recap made by Dulfy:   KoTFE Recap Storytelling in games has the unique of challenging of having players able to see and know the villain without placing players in the same room as them as they would be dispatched quickly by the player.You need to get the villains upclose to the players to be a significant presence in their life. It would be hard to imagine Star Wars Ep4 told from only Luke’s perspective. Vader would just be a random Tie Fighter pilot. Vaylin is an unpredictable villain. She is difficult to pin down, you never know what she is going to do next. You got lots of serious figures like Arcann being very stoic….

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