How To Become The Ultimate Star Wars Fan

When Star Wars first hit our screens back in 1977, we fell in love with the characters and the story that shot us into space and helped us discover a new world. Since then, there have been many new films released as well as plenty of books, games and comics. To help you become the ultimate Star Wars fan, we have put together a guide of some of the things that you can do. This includes everything from watching the movies to visiting Star Wars conventions and meeting other big fans just like yourself. Keep reading if you want to find out more and become the ultimate fan of this franchise. Movies You can’t be an ultimate Star Wars fan if you’ve never seen all of the movies. There are so many that have been released that by the time you’ve watched them all through you’ll be ready to watch…

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Holocron Computer Case Mod

I love custom computer cases. I know most everyone thinks they are cool or could think of a custom case they would like to have but I have a real obsession with these. I am addicted to see what people can do with their computer cases and I have seen some of the most amazing cases you can imagine. There are those that are artistic, practical, water cooled, fish tank cases and more. But this one that we came across is one you’re probably going to love as much as me.   This is a Holocron computer case mod. It’s really awesome looking and they photo-logged how they did it on Tumblr so you can see the whole 21 day process for yourself.   Maxwell explains to Tumblr a little about what they were doing at the start of the project:   After this coming weekend, we will have more…

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International Star Wars Fan Groups Now Accepting The Old Republic as Costume Canon, says Kotaku

The Star Wars costuming organizations are very strict when it comes to the costumes they allow to represent them. A game isn’t really a Star Wars game until the fans accept it as an official costume. The  announcement to let costumers submit designs based on the characters in the game, The Old Republic means SWTOR is officially being accepted by the community, even those who do not play the game. says: “While it may seem like an insignificant development to the outsider, the fact that The Jedi Assembly and The Dark Empire are both accepting applications from costumers decked out in the latest The Old Republic gear is a huge step in legitimizing the game in the eyes of the more fervent fans. These are groups that are incredibly strict about the costumes they allow to represent their organizations (the Jedi more so than the Dark Side, appropriately enough).”…

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