Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls – A Fan Film

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A Darth Revan vs Darth Nihilus fan film! What more do you need?! You know how we love cool videos here, especially fan created and submitted stuff. So here we have Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls –  A Fan Film. Here’s a little info from the description: Darth Revan and his Sith general Meetra Surik, hunt down a monster that threatens the newly established Sith Empire. Winner of the 2015 Best Visual Effects Star Wars Fan Film Award. Darth Revan has long since reclaimed his mantle as Dark Lord of the Sith. But a greater evil has emerged and if the Sith are to survive, Revan must lead an attack against this new threat. “The Lord of Hunger”. The following film is a work of Non-Canon fan fiction. It is inspired by the alternate Dark Side Ending storyline as seen at the end of Knights of the Old Republic. Everything including plots from Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords has been rewritten to accommodate this alternate universe. This is really awesome! We think it’s fun, interesting, and a quality film. The quality of the film is pretty good for a fan film and we think you’ll enjoy it, too. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the...

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“The Other Guys” Needed Our Help: Star Trek Independent Film Coming Soon

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Hey, when one geek calls to another for help, we answer that call, right? There has long been a running joke about Star Wars fans vs. Star Trek fans but the way we see it, Sci-Fi nerds have to stick together. And that is just what people did to help the Star Trek independent film get off the ground. Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar by Axanar Productions was a Kickstarter project for a short film that will give viewers a historical look at the events leading up to the Battle of Axanar, the central event of the film Axanar, to be filmed later this year. The project is now fully funded (as of March 31st) and begins filming in May. Over 2,000 backers gave over $100,000 to help support the project. They went well over budget which will allow them to work on the next phase of the project, too. The had some really amazing perks so it’s no surprise they got fully funded for this project. And when it comes down to it, Star Trek is as much a part of our culture and history as Star Wars. Those Trekkies know how to get stuff done, right? So we’re curious; how many of our Star Wars fans here are also fans of “The Other Guys”? Are you into Star Trek? Keep updated on the project from their...

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“Dark Resurrection” Team Crowd Funded $150,000

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We are very happy to bring you another update from the “Dark Resurrection”. The Italian Filmmakers became an Internet sensation in 2007 and launched volume 2 just recently, which we told you about back in December. Now they’re hoping to complete the series with their third and final installment by 2015. Now they are looking to raise $150,000 to make this next and final film happen. Hollywood Reporter gives us more info on the story: Now writer-director Angelo Licata hopes to see the final chapter of his story told. The tale takes place several centuries after the events of Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, and centers on one dark Jedi’s obsessive quest to find a legendary temple believed to give those who open its seal unimaginable knowledge. True to Star Wars form, there are good guys standing in his way. Licita says he would like to shoot this year, with an eye to make the film available online in 2015. “The first challenge is to get higher level production values to make a movie comparable to a Hollywood film,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Anything is possible if you have passion to get to the goal.” Producer and star Fabrizio Rizzolo says the team is ready to scout locations around Italy, and will shoot on location and on actual sets much more than in the previous installments – assuming the funding comes in. “It’s going to be hard work for us, but it’s OK,” he says. “It’s something we must do. Our fans who support us are are main thing that are helping in a lot of ways.” So if this all sounds great to you, what can you do to help? From now until March 7th, you can contribute to the project here. There are also cool rewards such as prop lightsabers up for grabs. Watch the team’s pitch video below, as well as the first volume of Riviera Film‘s Dark Resurrection in Italian (with English subtitles)....

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Dark Resurrection Launches Vol. 2 on – Calling All Star Wars Fans

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On the heels of the popular fan films Dark Resurrection Vol. 0 and Vol. 1, Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 is being launched on, a new fanfunding platform. And they need your help to make this next exciting chapter of Hope’s journey in becoming a Jedi master become a reality.

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Project Revan is Fully Funded

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We brought you the story of Project Revan on Kickstarter and we’re very happy to announce they are fully funded! With 64 backers, the fundraiser was a success and the project will now move forward. We couldn’t be happier about this so you can bet we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses. What is Project Revan? Project Revan is the combined efforts of a group of serious and talented adults, creating the (unofficial) Star Wars independent film based off the book, Star Wars – The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. Learn more and keep up to date on the project:   Website! : YouTube Channel: We have an official YouTube channel for the project, in which you can subscribe here, and check out the latest teaser trailer and B-roll (Behind the Scenes) footage of our movie! Twitter and Instagram: You can keep up with the project by following us on Twitter by clicking here, and checking us out on Instagram (projectrevan)! Facebook Page: Like our page on...

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