“Dark Resurrection” Team Crowd Funded $150,000

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We are very happy to bring you another update from the “Dark Resurrection”. The Italian Filmmakers became an Internet sensation in 2007 and launched volume 2 just recently, which we told you about back in December. Now they’re hoping to complete the series with their third and final installment by 2015. Now they are looking to raise $150,000 to make this next and final film happen. Hollywood Reporter gives us more info on the story: Now writer-director Angelo Licata hopes to see the final chapter of his story told. The tale takes place several centuries after the events of Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, and centers on one dark Jedi’s obsessive quest to find a legendary temple believed to give those who open its seal unimaginable knowledge. True to Star Wars form, there are good guys standing in his way. Licita says he would like to shoot this year, with an eye to make the film available online in 2015. “The first challenge is to get higher level...

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Dark Resurrection Launches Vol. 2 on Fansflock.com – Calling All Star Wars Fans

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On the heels of the popular fan films Dark Resurrection Vol. 0 and Vol. 1, Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 is being launched on Fansflock.com, a new fanfunding platform. And they need your help to make this next exciting chapter of Hope’s journey in becoming a Jedi master become a reality.

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Project Revan is Fully Funded

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We brought you the story of Project Revan on Kickstarter and we’re very happy to announce they are fully funded! With 64 backers, the fundraiser was a success and the project will now move forward. We couldn’t be happier about this so you can bet we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses. What is Project Revan? Project Revan is the combined efforts of a group of serious and talented adults, creating the (unofficial) Star Wars independent film based off the book, Star Wars – The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. Learn more and keep up to date on the project:   Website! : http://www.projectrevan.com YouTube Channel: We have an official YouTube channel for the project, in which you can subscribe here, and check out the latest teaser trailer and B-roll (Behind the Scenes) footage of our movie! Twitter and Instagram: You can keep up with the project by following us on Twitter by clicking here, and checking us out on Instagram (projectrevan)!...

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Who Doesn’t Love Star Wars Fan Fiction? Well, reader and fellow SWTOR fan Crystal Storm recently wrote a novel. The funny thing is, she wasn’t actually trying to write a novel. But we know that sometimes the best things in life happen unintentionally. Such is the case in this fantastic piece of fan fiction. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I highly recommend you download it today! I had the chance to ask Crystal a few questions about her novel and I’m thrilled to be able to bring that interview to you today: Can you tell the readers a little about yourself? CS: My name is Crystal Storm, and I write under the penname DCS.  I’m an Indie author, and I’ve got two books published already with a ton more on the way.  I am a huge geek, total lover of science fiction and the written word, a spiritual activist, radio show host, and a tv script writer.  I’m working with a fellow independent producer/director to turn my first two books into a tv series. How long have you played SWTOR?  CS:...

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Tales from the Imperial Fleet

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Major Brelga shifted uncomfortably. Sith Lords were always unsettling – a fact someone serving the Empire quickly came to terms with – but Lord Veskis made him especially uneasy. “So Major,” hissed the hooded figure. “Do we have a deal?” “… so I slammed the Jedi against the cliff face, then turned and sliced his padawan nearly in half! The soldiers with them wet themselves and ran!” “My dear, you’re so beautiful when the bloodlust rises in you <3″ “Did you see the new robes Darth Jiannis was wearing? It looks like she skinned a Varactyl for them.” “Ugh, I know. It’s like all the good fashion designers work for the Republic.” “Reports say the base was obliterated. Excellent work, hunter! My Lieutenant objected to collaborating with savage aliens. But he was wrong about you and your team!” “Ah yes, Lieutenant Orbos. A real… shame he didn’t survive the...

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