Pax east 2011: Taral V Developer Walkthrough

BioWare continued its presentation of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) at PAX East 2011 today with the release the Taral V Developer Walkthrough video. Taral V is a mid-level Flashpoint aimed at a four player group. The video offers a look at the gameplay and story of the Flashpoint from the view of several different classes and narrated by SWTOR’s Director of Production Dallas Dickinson. If you’re curious to know how these Flashpoints will play out and see some new SWTOR gameplay,

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Friday Update: Building Flashpoints Dev Diary

In BioWare’s Friday update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, World Designer Jesse Sky talks about building “Flashpoints”. So, what is a flashpoint and why might one want to design one? A Flashpoint is a galactic crisis, something so threatening that even the most stalwart heroes must bring allies. The Death Star was a Flashpoint. Luke and Obi-wan spent a few minutes LFG in the Mos Eisley Cantina where they enlisted the aid of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Together, they infiltrated a moon-sized battle station to rescue Princess Leia. Things didn’t go quite as they expected; difficult choices were made along the way. That’s a Flashpoint in a nutshell. In game terms, a Flashpoint is a challenging, cooperative mission that takes place entirely within an instance, which only your group can enter. While adventuring, you’ll be alerted to a crisis developing somewhere in the galaxy. That’s when you know it’s…

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News about SWTOR Flashpoints + new video

BioWare has never been shy about adding elaborate stories to their games and Star Wars: The Old Republic may be their most ambitious attempt to date. GameSpot recently got the chance to speak with World Designer Jesse Sky about the game’s Flashpoint gameplay. The interview features a look at the fortress mission on Taral V, which a full group of four players can play through in about 90 minutes. Along the way, players can discover things that may change the way that their adventure plays out. In the below video we’re introduced to the flashpoint Taral V, a Republic-based adventure in which you will be infiltrating an Empire facility to steal a specialized computer: Jesse summarize the contents of Taral V like this: The emperor is holding a powerful Jedi captive in his personal prison–a massive space station at the heart of the Maelstrom Nebula. Only a Gree computer is…

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