New Dev Post – 3.2 PTS Feedback Communiqué

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System Designer John Jarynowski took on the forums to address some of the Patch 3.2 feedback regarding class balance. Fine members of the galactic community, Just wanted to pop up and thank you all for the continued feedback. We are testing many of your ideas presently. Even if some of these changes do not come around in this patch cycle, we are archiving community perspectives/ideas for future updates. To help curb some continued points of contention that I’ve seen, I’d like to address two particular areas: 1) Many of you are concerned about melee viability against bosses in various Flashpoints and Operations. We have all heard your cries, and I know that our Encounter Designers are actively assessing improvement strategies. That aside, I want to clarify that we, the Combat Team, will not reconfigure an entire class or Discipline around a single boss encounter. While we continually work to improve both PvE and PvP experiences, we cannot allow a single event or boss to call us to...

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SWTOR Developer Livestream on March 20 on Patch 3.2

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The SWTOR developers over at BioWare will be holding a livestream on March 20 to discuss the upcoming Patch 3.2 and Ziost. SWTOR Developer Live Stream – March 20th | 03.17.2015, 03:01 PM Hey folks! I wanted to give you the details of our next live stream: When: Friday, March 20th from 3PM-4PM CDT Where: Who: Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus, and myself What: We are going to to talk about the story coming to Ziost and what is coming in Game Update 3.2. (no spoilers!) I hope to see you there!...

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Update on SWTOR Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4

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Yesterday Eric Musco addressed the PvP forums, and  updated  players on Bioware’s action towards win-traders and trolls in ranked PvP. Check it out below: Update on Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4 | 03.10.2015, 06:45 PM Hey folks, As promised, we want to keep you informed on what we are doing about those win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. Here is what is happening right now: Win-traders – We have been reviewing multiple sets of data, along with the private reports that many of you have been sending to the team. Any player who, through validating data, is win-trading is receiving will be receiving at a minimum, a warning. Not only are we warning these users to stop what they are doing, continued win-trading will lead to greater actions including resetting their ratings and suspension time. Griefer – Those players that seem to have that one singular purpose, to ruin the spirit of Ranked PvP. They refuse to participate, or they leave the match altogether. Those players will be...

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SWTOR Operation Speed Run Challenge

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A player known on the forums as Death_By_Smiley has decided to do the speed run challenge for himself, since the official tournament was cancelled. If you’d like to participate, the rules and guidelines are listed for you and it’s open to anyone. Goal: Be the fastest guild to clear operations! Sounds fun, right? Well, it depends on whether or not you have a guild that can pull this off and if you like this sort of thing but there are many players and guilds who like a little side competition and this could be just the right project to keep you and your members entertained in the game. Here are some details. Learn more and ask your questions here. Session #1: Current Operation: The Ravagers (from March 3, 2015-March 17, 2015) Special notes: To ensure the Coratannni bug does not occur, if you have one person leave the instance after Master/Blaster, it SHOULD make the door appear when they zone back in. I would recommend every group do this, but if you feel risky, it’s...

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Courtney Woods Leaves the SWTOR Community team

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  Courtney Woods Leaves the SWTOR Community team to become a writer for BioWare. It’s unclear what game she will be writing on, but it is a big step up for Courtney Woods. This isn’t goodbye… 02.13.2015, 11:56 AM Almost four(!) years ago, I joined the SWTOR Community team. It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve learned so much not only from my teammates (yes, even Musco ), but all of you. Your constant enthusiasm and passion for SWTOR has been a daily motivator for me. From Cantinas to livestreams, I’ve enjoyed meeting some of you and chatting about everything from string cheese to our favorite companions. I would only give up these daily interactions with all of you for a truly great opportunity. I am happy to announce that I have been offered my dream job of becoming a writer at BioWare. This has been my career goal ever since I first loaded up Dragon Age: Origins. At the time, I was leaning more into comics, but that game literally changed my life – I switched career...

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