SWTOR Season 5 Gold Tier Reward Granted

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  All Players who reached Season 5 Gold Tier in Star Wars; The old Republic, will get another Nexu mount as compensation. Season 5 Gold Tier Reward Granted | 08.18.2015, 04:32 PM Hey folks! As we mentioned before, with Patch 3.3.1 the plan was to issue each Season 5 Gold tier PvPer a new reward which would be exclusive to only them and would be a bit of a make-good for the issues that occurred in granting the reward previously. We wanted to make sure to give you something which is comparable to your previous Gold tier reward but still something special. So when maintenance is over today Season 5 Gold Tier characters should have a different and new Nexu mount in their mailbox. This Nexu shares the same model as the Gold tier mount but with a new, traditional colorization pattern. If you were a Gold tier participant in Season 5, check your mailbox and Giradda’s Special Pet Nexu will be waiting there for you! If you have transferred or renamed your character since Season 5 you might not have received your mount. Please contact Customer Service and they will work with us to investigate and make sure everyone who earned the mount receives it. Thank you all for your patience, jump in and enjoy Season 6....

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SWTOR: Update on Win Trading from Season 5

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  Eric Musco  took on the forums to tell players about the actions BioWare have taken against win trading in the past PvP season. Check it out: Update on Win Trading from Season 5 | 07.23.2015, 06:07 PM Hey folks, With Season 5 recently ending, I thought I would give an update on what we have been doing to curb players who continue to win-trade. To recap from before, players who were caught win-trading were receiving actions ranging from a warning, up to having their character’s rating reset. Specifically, the character who we caught doing the win-trading itself. Depending on the character’s history, this can also include suspension time as well. Over the course of the last few Seasons, we have seen an overall decline in win-trading action, and we hope that you have seen that as well. However, in a handful of cases, there are players who continue to win-trade even after repeated warnings and having a characters rating reset. We believe that players such as these are using one character to win-trade, potentially boosting a friends character, and then playing more legitimately on their other characters. This way, they feel they are avoiding punishment on the characters they care about, while breaking our Terms of Service on other characters. In lieu of this, for those handful of players we have added another level of action to curb this behavior. If a player is found to have had repeated warnings, character rating resets, and still continues this action, we are resetting the Ranked PvP rating of every character on their account. This is along with any suspension time which can accompany a Terms of Service violation. This is all a part of our continued effort to keep Ranked PvP fair for all players. It has always been a minority of players participating in win-trading and we are happy to see that this has declined over time. We are seeing a similar decline in “trolls” as well, so keep reporting those players. Thanks everyone!...

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SWTOR Taking Down a Credit Selling Ring

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In a joint operation across the world, Police BioWare investigators have tracked down hundreds of accounts and confiscated their total assets of more 9 billion credits. All accounts are now in jail, and awaiting the death penalty. Good work boys! Here is the official news from Eric Musco: Taking Down a Credit Selling Ring | 05.06.2015, 06:12 PM Hey folks, Over the past few months there have been many issues with Credit sellers and Advertisers. As you have noticed lately, we’re communicating more about what’s going on behind the scenes, so this is another area where we plan to keep you informed. Last week, we took action against an entire selling ring. Over multiple weeks, we investigated and compiled evidence about a large Credit selling ring which spanned across hundreds of accounts and a variety of servers. To help thwart any possible reactions from this group, we simultaneously actioned every account in this Credit selling ring. In total, we banned hundreds of accounts and removed over nine billion credits from those accounts. Thanks to all of you who have been diligently reporting those pesky spammers and other characters acting suspiciously anywhere throughout our game. They are very persistent, but we will continue to aggressively remove credit sellers and advertisers from our game!...

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SWTOR Details on Grand Nightlife Pack

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As some of you guys might already know, the newest cartel pack is quite pricey. Eric Musco went on the forums to explain why this is: Details of the Grand Nightlife Pack | 04.30.2015, 10:34 AM Hey folks! We have seen some confusion around the Grand Nightlife Pack, what it is, and why it costs a bit more than you normally see on a Cartel Pack. Admittedly, we could have been a little bit more clear in the store tooltips and we will make sure that is better in the future. So, what is in the Grand Nightlife Pack? This pack is basically all of the best items from The Star Cluster and Club Vertica Nightlife Packs all in one place. Here is a basic idea of the items you will find in the pack: Complete armor sets (ex: Tulak Hord Disciple’s Armor) Note: All armor sets pieces are contained in a single lockbox, you do not need to get pieces individually Mounts (ex: Dathomir Rancor) Weapons (ex: Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber) Color Crystals (ex: Advanced Yellow Core) Rest & Recharge Items (ex: Credit Flip) Etc. What you will not find in the pack is the following: Minipets Titles Emotes As a last note, this is how each part of this 4 slot pack works: Slot one: A random super rare or better item Slot two: A random item Slot three: A fortuitous dye kit (these contain two random dyes and have a change to drop rare dyes like black/black) Slot four: A Minor or Major XP Boost (the general boosts, not the specific ones such as Exploration, Flashpoints, etc) As you can see these packs are very special in that they provide you a high chance to get some really great items. I hope this explains a bit about the new Grand Nighlife Pack and why you will definitely want to get your hands on one, or ten, while they are around....

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BioWare is taken action against players exploiting Ziost Bug

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SWTOR Game update 3.2 came with an unfortunate bug yesterday, letting players have access to the Ziost operation boss via what apparently is an exploit. I must admid that this surprised me, as I have been using the “exploit” my self. I personally thought it was just another new secret area. The whole point of hunting for datacrons, especially Makeb, is to train us to be good at accessing areas that are not genearally easily accessed – but apparently I was wrong. Here is the news from Eric: So Bioware, about people bypassing the locked part on Ziost to fight the OP Boss etc. | 04.29.2015, 03:15 PM One of the things we tried to be clear about with the Ravagers is that we are serious about handling exploits. With that exploit, the Ravagers we were open about our process and the action we were taking. For this issue with Ziost, we are going to do the same. If a player is bypassing the environment to access an area they should not be able to, and then killing a boss to get loot they should also not have access to, we absolutely consider this an exploit. We are investigating this issue right now, and will be actioning any player who participates, or has participated, in this exploit. If you ever hear of or find something that can be exploited, do not test it yourself. Please notify us immediately and privately. Some of you brought this issue to our attention on PTS and we thank you for that. We closed that opening, but it seems that there is another method of getting into the area. We would also like to thank those of you who did not exploit and who have brought this to our attention. Our goal will always be to create a safe and fair environment for our players. Thanks. -eric EDIT: Actions have now been taken: Hey folks, As I mentioned earlier this morning, we very quickly isolated what the exploit entailed and began an investigation into players who have participated. As of now, we have identified those unique accounts which have gone into the blocked off area of Ziost, and killed one of the two bosses present. For each of these players, they will receive a minimum of the following action: Multiple day suspension Removal of all gear earned through defeating those bosses Removal of all achievements earned through defeating those bosses Reduction in Elite and Ultimate Commendations We will continue to monitor the blocked off area of Ziost throughout Monday, May the 4th, which is when it opens officially. Any player who is found to participate in this exploit beyond today’s notice will likely receive more aggressive action. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. -eric [image...

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