Leia and Han Solo in SWTOR

While we have to admit that what this guy did is pretty cool, we also have to admit that it’s going to be very annoying to see loads of Star Wars movie characters running around the SWTOR universe, especially for those who are serious about their storyline and roleplaying. However, if you’re looking for something fun, here’s how one guy created Han Solo and Leia with the character creator of SWTOR. You can probably play around with the settings and controls and try to create other Star Wars characters that you recognize as well since there is so much customization available in SWTOR. He even tells you the slider numbers so you can make them yourself. And here’s some more fun from Starfleet Dental: Join the forum discussion on this post

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This is what would happen if SWTOR dialog was put into WoW

This video might be old for some of you, but there is no doubt that it is funny. I should properly have been posted in a “May the schwartz be with you” column, but with all buzz about World of Warcraft loosing subscribers, and SWTOR getting so close to release, I thought I would just release it as a regular blog post. Anywas… The guys over at run a show called BlizzBlues with the host Darnell. In last weeks episode, they speculated how World of Warcraft would be like if you implemented the dialog from Star Wars: The old republic.

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