Georg Zoeller

Georg Zoeller reveals more info on healing

On the official German Forums for Star Wars: The old republic – Georg Zoeller (Zöller??), Principal Lead Combat Designer  –  did some more explaining about healing in SWTOR Quote from BenchAlright , but i don’t believe in healing Troopers, Jedi, Sith or Bounty HuntersGeorg: Two Healers are in that listing. Who exactly? Sorry, won’t tell just yet Georg: To be a little more precise than in the English forums Each Side will have four starter classes with 2 advanced classes each , starting at lvl 10Three of those starter classses can choose an advanced class that’s a full value healer with the respective abilities Check out the original post here (scroll down to his post) Below is the German version: Um ein wenig praeziser zu sein als im Englischen Forum. Jede Seite hat vier Start Klassen mit jeweils zwei Erweiterungs Klassen waehlbar ab Level 10. Drei dieser Start-Klassen auf jeder…

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Torocast Interview with Georg Zoeller

Torocast hat a chance to sit down with Georg Zoeller, the lead combat designer at Bioware and ask him a bunch of questions. TOROcast: Early in development, BioWare said that they were doing something unique and special with healing. What is happening that is different compared to a typical MMO design? Georg Zoeller: In Star Wars: The Old Republic, improving your character’s Presence attribute, which governs healing ability, also improves the character’s active companion in various ways. Coupled with the ability to adjust companion behavior and equipment, this enables the player to function as a healer; even in solo situations. Read the rest of the interview here

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