2.3 Graphical Color Improvements to SWTOR

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SWTOR is getting something of a makeover in terms of colors. Most will agree that it’s an improvement but for those who have grown accustomed to seeing it in its darker fashion might not approve. Personally, I like it. I really think some zones were just a bit too dreary and drab with all the grey/brown. I like the improved colors and crispness of it all. It also seems to have more of a real feel and texture rather than the cartoony feel in some zones. I like this. One user shared some before and after pics on Reddit to help us see what the color changes look like: What’ll strike you first is the sheer colour in the game. These screenshots were taken in the exact same locations, with the same gamma/brightness/graphics settings.   Before:   After:    Before:    After:    To be honest, while I think this is a good move, I think the game needs a lighting overhaul in general. Again, I kind of have to agree here that even on some of the brightest planets in...

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Developer Blog: Technical Changes in Game Update 1.5

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I apologize we are late with this one, but the fact that I live in Denmark, and BioWare have a habit of sending out news when we I sleep, it some times make it hard to keep up. Anyways, enough QQ for now! BioWare’s Technical Artist Ben Cloward, posted a new developer blog yesterday, informing the community about large  technical changes coming with  Game Update 1.5. It’s actually quite interesting that the team use so much energy optimizing the Hero Engine. When Patch 1.5 launches the flora an fauna in the game  is going to be more realistic. Instead of looking solid and therefore unnaturally dark when viewed against the sun, players with their Shader Complexity set to high will notice that leaves and grass will be moderately translucent, allowing sunlight to filter through them. Check out the blog post here....

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Republic Trooper Interview of Jeff Dobson

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Graphics are a huge part of any MMO and it’s something that I look for when choosing a video game to play. Good graphics greatly enhance the gameplay. SWTOR has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the animation and visual effects of the game. The art team at Bioware did an excellent job with the graphics but I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible to create such amazing artwork. RepublicTrooper.com went right to the source and did an interview with Jeff Dobson, TORs Art Director to ask a few of the questions that gamers like me often wonder about but never have the opportunity to ask. One of the questions Republic Trooper asked was “How many different types of artists are there and what are their roles?” Dobson answered by saying, “We have concept artists, character artists, environment artists, VFX artists, GUI artists, animators, and technical artists. The world design team is worth a mention here as well, because they participate a lot in the initial visual development of an...

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SWTOR Trick to Improve Graphic Performance

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If you want to correct the high resolution texture issue that a lot of people are complaining about with SWTOR, then there is a little trick you can do to improve your graphic performance in the game. For some people, it might be too much trouble just to correct some shiny floors but for those who are comfortable with tweaking their settings, it’s a fairly simple process. *Keep in mind that adjusting your settings is done at your own risk. * You can change the settings for your SWTOR profile GPU profile. The idea is to is to force your ‘LOD Bias’ to -3. Nvidia Inspector is freeware that will help NVIDIA users. ATI Tray Tools is freeware that will help if you have an ATI GPU. Once you have these tools installed, go to the 3D settings and choose “additional” (should be a tab for it) and then set the LOD BIAS to -3 (negative 3). Save under the Profiles tool and link it to SWTOR under your Game Profiles. Then once you save it all and reopen the game, you should notice a...

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Official dev response regarding blurry high quality textures: Shit storm incoming!

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Almost since the first release day of SWTOR, users at the official SWTOR forum have raised concern about missing high quality graphical textures that was in the game during Beta. After investigating the issue, Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid responded to the problem and thereby started a tsunami on the official forums. Check out Reids answer below and follow the debate over here, but embrace yourself, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than there! Hey everyone, thanks for bearing with us as we investigated the concerns raised here.After investigation, it seems that the confusion here is a combination of a UI issue that’s been resolved and a feature that’s working as intended, but the reason why it’s ‘working as intended’ needs explanation.  First, the UI issue. The preferences menu as it is seen on the Public Test Server for version 1.1 of the game is correct – there are only supposed to...

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