The guild – New column

Hi. This is Peter writing to you. I’ll be overseeing and writing a new weekly column here om called “The Guild” where YOU can share your thoughts on the coming Star Wars: The old republic. Do you know something about the game we don’t? Do you have any special plans or thoughts about the guild system, the combat system or even the payment system? Send me an email, and I might contact you for further information and bring an exclusive interview with you here on this column! No thoughts are too small or too big to be important on this column! Now – a little about myself. My name is Peter (As I already mentioned) and I’ve played mmorpgs since DAoC, and before that, I did a few years of mud’ing. I went on to play SW:G where I led a really large flora empire with a friend of…

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Preventing knee-jerk ragequitting through marketing machinations? Sean “Dragons” Stalzer explains.

In D-Mail #1, The Syndicate Guildmaster and CEO Sean “Dragons” Stalzer explained his passion for building strong online communities and reasoned that these communities and the “business brains” behind online games have many of the same interests at heart. This week, in D-Mail #2: Knee Jerk Reactions, Sean looks at how game developers can slow down ragequit-prone guildmates before they do something rash, and do it through, of all things, clever marketing gimmicks?Sean explains: In the real world we weigh the pros and cons of a decision more carefully than many players do in the virtual world. So we can often see examples of ill-conceived decisions or solutions to a perceived issue that were not well thought-out. It is in those moments that communities can tear themselves apart and, once destroyed, the developer and the player suffers the results. So when I read the recent news from Bioware, it was with…

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