Updates on 2.10 Engineering Sniper / Saboteur Gunslinger Changes

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  Rob Hinkle have been active on the forums, updating players about Engineering Sniper and Saboteur Gunslinger Changes, comming in game update 2.10 Here is a consolidated list from the forums:   Post #1 Source Focused Feedback Discussion: Engineering Sniper / Saboteur Gunslinger | 08.21.2014, 09:37 AM Hey Gang, Back from vacation and the first thing I see is a big mess I made before I left. I just wanted to hop in here really fast to make a comment on the Plasma Probe damage adjustment from testing versus the patch note. The short answer is: I screwed up the patch note and the 22% was from a previous iteration of changes that we were testing and decided we didn’t like. The values you guys are seeing on PTS is what our current target is, so let’s move forward with the discussion based on that number being the “real” number and talk about any further changes that might be requested without assuming there is a bug fix coming with a big damage increase. Again, totally my fault and I didn’t catch the bad note before it went out to PTS. Post #2 Source Follow up note! Plasma Probe is going to keep its big snare that currently has on PTS and we will be updating the tool tip to clarify that bigger snare is intended. Just as an additional FYI (this was a change with the first PTS), the plasma probe snare reapplies every 1 second now versus every 3 seconds on live, so the snare “grabs” a player more quickly if they walk into it after the probe has been deployed. Post #3 Source Quote: Originally Posted by Adovir Hey rob I think it’s the feeling of everyone feels like the 3% isn’t really enough, especially with the change to the Inital plasma probe. A lot of players use the attack defensively in PVP and in PVE it doesn’t really change at all. I think that the 22% damage increase to plasma probe is very fair, the ability isn’t super powerful and it helps with the entire survivability and damage of the spec —- That’s totally fair, and possible. We want to see what kind of damage numbers our expert players are pulling out with the updated Explosive Probe (Live damage numbers with the 18s cooldown) that is hitting PTS soon (tomorrow, we hope) before we push PPs damage up further. Not saying we can’t or won’t, just that we want to see where things are now...

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SWTOR Smuggler Gunslinger Leveling Build

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Swtorsavior have released a new pve leveling build. This build is for the Smuggler using the Gunslinger advanced class in SWTOR. It is a PVE leveling build and as mentioned in the video is a good base if you want a solid leveling build as a Smuggler. Smugglers in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Scoundrel (Healer / DPS Class) or a Gunslinger (a pure DPS class). The Gunslinger uses 2 blasters for increased ranged dps. Gunslingers have three trees to choose talents from: Sharpshooter (DPS tree), Saboteur (DPS tree) and Dirty Fighting (a shared DPS tree shared with the Scoundrel Class). Below Is a good gunslinger builds to use for your smuggler so you do not have to waste valuble play time figuring out what gunslinger builds work As always I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right here. 3/3 No Holds Barred 2/2 Black Market Mods 2/2 Mortal Wound 1/1 Open Wound 2/2 Dirty Escape 1/1 Shrap Bomb 2/2 Cheap Shots 2/2 Bombastic 2/2 Hold your Ground 2/2 Fighting Sprit 1/1 Black Market Equipment 1/1 Wounding Shots 2/2 Reopen Wounds 3/3 Street Wise 2/2 Bravado 2/2 Saboteurs Utility Belt 3/3 Independent Anarchy 1/1 Shock Charge 2/2 Dealers Discount 2/2 Contingency Charges’ 1/1 Insurrection 2/2 Arsonist 3/3 Sharpshooter 2/2 Steady Shots You can view the build here   Single Target Rotation: Flourish Shot Sabotage Charge Shock Charge Shrap Bomb Vital Shot Wounding Shots Speed Shot Charged Burst Aimed Shot Flurry Of Bolts Try and keep your Energy regen up by staying above 60 energy. You can use Flurry of bolts if you fall below 60. Multiple Target AoE Rotation: XS Freighter Flyby Thermal Grenade Shrap Bomb Sweeping Gunfire Survival Options: Scrambling Field Defence Screen Dodge Surrender Escape Hightail It...

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SWTOR Smuggler Gunslinger PVE/Leveling Build With Step By Step Point Allocation

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Swtorsavior have released a new pve leveling build. This build is for the Smuggler using the Gunslinger advanced class in SWTOR. It is a PVE leveling build and as mentioned in the video is a good base if you want a solid leveling build as a Smuggler. As always I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right...

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Full Alderaan PVP Match on Video

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This 20+ minute video from THE-FORCE.EU features a full Alderaan PVP match, mostly from the point-of-view of gunslinger as well as some views of Eternity Vault. You will see a whole PVP Warzone playthrough on Alderaan, Trailer for Huttaball, Some Footage from the Bioware Booth and some more gameplay from the Eternity Vault.

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Georg talks about Smugglers and Cover

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Are you hanging desperately onto every new word about SWTOR and stalking the forums for yellow posts to give you a little more insight into how rocking the game’s gonna be? Ok, maybe you’re not quite as pathetic as me but the good news is, I get to pass the interesting details on to you so you can go on and… I don’t know… have a life! Speaking of interesting details, Georg “Observer” Zoeller, Principal Lead Combat Designer for SWTOR posted recently about Smugglers and cover on the forums. According to Georg, “All Smugglers have access to cover, but depending on Advanced Class and Skill set, cover plays a less or more important role for your gameplay.” He goes on to explain the differences with a Gunslinger and a Scoundrel. For example, “A Gunslinger with lots of points in the Sniper tree will have made cover a core part of their combat routine, with abilities like ‘Entrench’ and ‘Cover Pulse’ improving the utility and protection their cover ability offers, while utilizing several ‘cover only’ abilities for heavy frontloaded damage.” These skills have interesting dynamics in them, which shows the development team really put proper thought into the skills as well as the talent trees. Georg continues to explain: “A Scoundrel on the other hand will have fewer abilities that modify their cover mechanic and can be played in a way that does not rely on cover very much or at all. Their Stealth Field generator allows them to approach targets unseen and they have a decent arsenal of close to mid range scatter gun abilities and melee moves to round out their blaster capabilities.” This little post by Georg does more than just tell us about Smugglers and cover; it gives us a real inside look into what different classes will play like. It shows up a deeper insight to talents, talent trees and other abilities. It just gets me even more excited about SWTOR. What about...

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