Clear Favoritism of Republic in TOR

We’ve heard the accusations of favoritism in SWTOR. In fact, I remember the same thing from the early days of WoW (and actually it never ended in WoW). I’m hearing all this talk now of BioWare clearly favoring the Republic in TOR and before I just didn’t believe it. That is until… I came across this image and it’s so glaringly obvious now. BioWare, yes, you are definitely showing favoritism to Republic. What other explanation could there be for this? That’s right- what you are seeing is correct. The Republic get more cleavage, more leg skin and less pointy elbows. This is serious business, ya know. It’s apparent from these dancer’s outfits that the developers prefer Republic to Imperial and want to spice up the eye candy more for one side over the other, right? Of course I mean this only for a chuckle but do you think there really…

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SWTOR DeMotivational Posters

Motivational posters have graced the offices of businesses throughout the world. They typically contain an inspiring word followed by text designed to grab you by the neck and shake you into action. They make me sick every time I look at one. So here are a few de-motivational posters SWTOR style all stolen from to abase and darken your freelance office with. Warning, humor lurks ahead. Source

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Funny, How?

Humor is good part in any story even if it seems to be that everyone likes it because they like happier moments in the story unless you’re a cold-hearted Imperial Agent that enjoys his work way to much.  That would be comical to she the Agent laugh even if it was forced.  Daniel Erickson has made it known that every class has their moments of humor and that each class has their own writer to concentrate their complete attention to.  Drew Karpyshyn creator for my favorite Star Wars books “The Darth Bane Trilogy” is someone that has experience in different areas in the SWTOR project and he has been helping out everyone with what he knows.  If he told you what he was doing personally for the game, there would be spoilers.

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