Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Anniversary Edition?

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How much would you like to see a KOTOR Anniversary Edition? If you answered high, you are not alone. There are many fans out there who are anxiously awaiting word that we might see an Anniversary Edition for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. And word has it, Microsoft executive Phil Spencer thinks this sounds like a good idea. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Spencer revealed KOTOR was one of his top 5 RPGs, alongside Ultima Online, The Bard’s Tale, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Fallout and Baldur’s Gate. He was then asked if we would see an Anniversary Edition of the game, as we have done with both Fable and Halo. While he acknowledged potential difficulties centered around developments since then, he also said he would discuss it internally to see if Microsoft could make it happen. @JacobTaylorN7 I like the idea. No idea how the rights would work on that now with all the changes. I’ll put a vote in. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) February 26, 2014    ...

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KOTOR 3 Fan Game In Development

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KOTOR is still today one of the most popular Star Wars games ever made and the irony of it is that when it was first announced, many people questioned the fact that Star Wars would make an RPG and that it would be any good. Imagine the surprise once fans got to check out this amazing game?

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KOTOR Machinima Film – Episode 2

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Hello KOTOR fans! We have something really cool to share with you from a loyal reader and talented Star Wars/ KOTOR fan. Kevin Smets’ KOTOR machinima film – Episode 2 is getting a screening on the big screen at this upcoming MAGFest (a videogames and music festival in January). You can see the main MAGFest site in the coming weeks for the exact show time and we will keep you posted on news and updates as the time gets closer. Here’s the official movie poster for Episode II: The wait is almost over… it’s been three years since the release of Episode 1, and now, the Veil of the Dark Side is about to fall! Enjoy the official theatrical trailer for “Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic Episode II: Veil of the Dark Side. KOTOR Episode II is **not** made for money, it is a NON PROFIT project. It was made to introduce to a new audience, as well as its faithful, a fresh and cinematic take on this fascinating...

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KOTR for iPad Reviews and Purchase Info

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If you are an Apple iPad user and you love KOTOR you will be happy to know about the release of KOTOR for iPad. Released on May 30th by Aspyr Media, this game now comes on the iPad and gives you many great features and story to enjoy. It’s available in the iTunes Store and it’s a real must-have for KOTOR and Star Wars fans. KOTOR remains one of the best Star Wars games ever to launch so there is really no question about whether or not you should play it. The main question, however, is whether or not it’s playable on the iPad. While the controls are a little clumsy, it’s a great solid game and with it, you can take the Force with you wherever you go! See reviews of KOTOR for the iPad: IGN Review of KOTOR for iPad  Eurogamer Review of KOTOR for the iPad  MacWorld Review of KOTOR for the iPad  Touch Arcade Review of KOTOR for the iPad Game Info:   Release Date: May 30, 2013 Category: Games Publisher: Aspyr Media Developer: Aspyr Media OVERVIEW It is four thousand years before the...

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KOTOR is 10 Years Old- SWTOR and Bioware Celebrate

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July 15th marks the 10-year anniversary for Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ (KOTOR™). Bioware and fans across the globe are celebrating today and we want to bring you a roundup of some of the great posts, stories and interviews of the big day. The Game Agent Blog brings us 10 Years of KOTOR: An Interview with Lead Designer James Ohlen which interviews KOTOR Lead Designer James Ohlen from BioWare about his experience on KOTOR. Here is a snippet: Jon Carr: Can you introduce yourself to our readers and explain the role you had in creating Knights Of The Old Republic? James Ohlen: My name is James Ohlen. Currently I’m a VP/Studio Creative Director at EA/Bioware. I’ve worked as Game Director on Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as lead designer on Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age: Origins. I was the lead designer on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In that role I handled story, level design and game systems.     JC: You were also lead designer on...

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