Rumor Says Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is Being Remade for Xbox One and PS4

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  Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is one of the most popular Star Wars games to ever be. We’ve talked about it a great deal here on the site and we are very excited about a rumor that suggests there might be a remake being created for XBox One and PS4. It’s still just a rumor so take it for what it’s worth but we are excited at the possibility that this might happen. Cinelinx reports on the rumor: One of the most popular and critically acclaimed Star Wars games ever released is over a decade old now, and for the last few years many fans have been clamoring for an updated version of the game for current consoles…Well guys it looks like next year you’ll be getting your wish.  Come inside to learn more! Before I get into this scoop too much, I want to clarify something.  I waffled on posting this for a while.  In fact, it wasn’t until today where I’ve heard from THREE separate sources the same thing, that I decided to go forward.  The problem is that the game industry, even more than film, is incredibly fickle.  Plans change in a snap and things that were once true, end up being wrong.  From a reporting standpoint, it’s a tough call.  I know of many sites over the years who’ve reported on gaming scoops that didn’t pan out and it wasn’t until years later it was discovered their initial reports were 100% accurate, but plans had changed within development.   So again, it’s just a rumor but there was enough convincing evidence that they felt comfortable posting. So what news do we have about this possible release? “Supposedly we may hear an announcement Q4 of 2015 for a possible Q3/Q4 2016 release.” Also, those of you on Steam with me might have noticed that last month KOTOR II got an official update on Steam. For a 10-year-old game, that seemed a bit odd. With the release of the movies spurring interest in Star Wars, this is also really good timing for a reboot or update to the beloved game. So we’re looking at an announcement late this year (2015) about the possible release of the game in early next year (2016). That is very exciting news. If it gets a reboot/update, would you play...

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New Update For Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II

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Fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, which was released in 2004, is receiving an official update with new features and fixes. This new update covers Linux, Mac, and Windows versions of the game when purchased through Steam. It’s introducing a variety of new features, like widescreen resolutions of up to 4K and 5K, 37 more achievements, Steam Workshop integration, and controller support. The last feature is really awesome because it allows anyone to have access and install user-created add-ons for the game inside of Steam client. One item that is available already is the KotoOR II’s popular “Restored Content Mod,” and it repairs a variety of bugs and introduces new story content that was made for but not originally included in the game. Developer Obsidian Entertainment has been working under the gun for the last months of the games developments. This is the reason why the first day it was released was filled with bugs. Many years later, code-savvy fans have found cut content inside of the game’s code, thus the community came together to create the Restored Content Mod. This new Steam update is coming from Aspyr, a studio that has a long past of porting games from other developers to brand new platforms. The official patch notes shows Aspyr created the update while still in partnership with Disney Interactive and LucasArts, but now the latter studio is only existing under Disney’s...

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Massivelyop: swtors upcoming expansion builds on the legacy of KOTOR

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  Recently, sat down with BioWare at E3 to talk about the new Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. They were also lucky enough to see some of it in action. So, what is Fallen Empire you might ask? It’s much more than just an expansion, it’s a return to BioWare’s amazing storytelling adventure in the Star Wars galaxy. The best part of all is that Knights of the Fallen Empire is only the very beginning. The new expansion is called a season because there are more seasons on the way. In Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will see that every choice and decision you make, matters. There have been many choices in SWTOR but they didn’t really have much of an effect. When your character makes a choice in Knights of the Fallen Empire, it has immediate consequences and long-term ones as well. One choice that they experienced was to either save a city or save yourself. There were immediate consequences once they made their choice. This new expansion is quite literally building onto the grand legacy of Knights of the Old Republic and giving players a great RPG experience that they have been begging for. There aren’t any class stories in the new expansion, only one amazing story with class flavor thrown in. Since the story is personal to each individual, playing with even one friend is quite restrictive. The base game allows friends to play together while choosing different classes, but Fallen Empire is only one epic story. The story continues over on Massivelyop and we encourage you to read the full story for yourself. Via...

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KOTOR Mod: The Jedi Masters

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You can get the new, non-beta version of the KOTOR mod, The Jedi Masters from their website now. This is a story converstion mod for Kotor 2 :The Sith Lords. See the website at for full details. You can learn more at the official Wiki. Here are some good sections to start with: Characters Main Quests (walkthrough) Sub-quests You can see the trailer here to learn more about The Jedi Masters, if you’re not already...

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Revenge of Revan Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Mod

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Here’s something really cool that’s ready (in beta) for you to download now and check it out. Developer Blog asks, “Can a mod be created that won’t disrupt KOTOR canon and still allow players to continue their stories from KOTOR1 and KOTOR2? Ever since the MMO was announced along with the Revan book, this has been on my mind. The short answer is: yes, it can be done. But the next part is, how you can do this without putting yourself in a corner and hurting your creative freedom?” Revenge of Revan (RoR) does exactlly that. It will allow fans to continue their story based on the choices they make in the last two games so they can continue while still fitting the KoTOR canon. Even with the non-strict canon choice the story for the mod will still fit nicely between KOTOR2 and SWTOR in the large grand scheme of events, but finer details will be different. The developer explains more here: For those who want to define their experience based on their choices in KOTOR1/KOTOR2 will be given a good deal of freedom. Players can set up Revan’s and Exile’s alignments and gender at the beginning of the game. Your last companion is actually determined by whether Revan was light side or dark side at the end of the KOTOR1. During the adventure there will be points where you will be able to clarify events from the past two installments. These moments are where the player cannot only define the major choices like Revan and Exile, but also define other choices made including to whether Onderon is ruled by Queen Talia or General Vaklu. Some choices will have a larger impact than others in the mod. If you’d like to learn even more about it, check out this post on See more...

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