Know your Lore: HK-47

HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by Revan towards the end of the Mandalorian Wars to kill those who Revan believed would destabilize the galaxy. Revan gave up the droid shortly before his redemption, and HK-47 went from owner to owner, many of whom he slew himself, before being unwittingly reunited with his master. The droid went on to help Revan destroy the Star Forge. Later, HK-47 was damaged, and his schematics were stolen by the droid G0-T0 to produce HK-50 units. Five years later, the Jedi Exile repaired HK-47, who went on to defeat G0-T0 with help from HK-50 droids he persuaded to join the Exile. Four millennia later, HK-47 was found on the planet Mustafar and given a new body. HK-47 turned on those that had created it for him, who were forced to disable HK-47’s new droid army and the factory producing them….

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