SWTOR Legacy Perks Guide

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Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced players to the Legacy System when the Patch 1.2 went live. The Legacy system opened up a variety of upgrades on a global scale that you can unlock simply by playing more. For example, you can unlock a character’s race when you reach level 50 and it affects all characters on that particular account and server. This helped to make the game even more interesting. To unlock the Legacy System you need to complete Act one of your first characters storyline. This usually happens somewhere around levels 32 to 34. Once you accomplish this, you’ll be prompted to create a legacy or Star Wars Surname. You’ll also gain access to the Legacy UI, which is found on the top toolbar. This gives you access to your family tree and it will show you which class, race, and purchasable unlocks are available to you. The fascinating thing about this is that you get to create a family tree with the characters that you use on that particular server. This means that you can...

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TOR TV: In depth with the prices of items on the Cartel Market

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The guys over at Sith Talk,  made a video showing what’s going on at the public test server right now. This video goes in depth with the prices of items on the Cartel Market and the Legacy unlocks both per character and Legacy wide unlocks. As well as a few things new players will see as they create characters and what they may want to buy.

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1.2 Legacy Upgrade Screenshots

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Here are some 1.2 Legacy Upgrade screenshots as of 3/23, likely to change some before 1.2 hits live. Still, it gives you a real good idea of what you can expect coming up.     Will you be working towards Legacy upgrades? Have you already been saving up points and working on your legacy for when 1.2 gets here? Tell us what your favorite part of the upcoming Legacy features are so...

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SWTOR Guild Summit Legacy Presentation

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The Legacy Presentation was one of the most important parts of the Guild Summit. This is because we learned that what is currently just a pretty bar was actually intended to be the very lifeforce of the entire game! The Legacy System will be intertwined in everything else that happens in the game. It will affect each system of the game and the wait is almost over! The devs explain that they were sad to have to launch SWTOR without the fully working Legacy System in place but they had to pull it back to get the finishing touches on it. Now it’s finally nearing completion and ready for us all to experience. It’s a labor of love and they are hoping we will love it! Here are the highlights of what the full Legacy System will bring us: Family tree: decide your allies, kids, wives/husbands – its super cool roleplaying. Legacy species/class unlocks Reach level 50 with a species, you can unlock it on all classes on both factions – i.e. your “father” can be a sith and you can be a jedi. Reach...

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SWTOR Legacy System Guide: The Basics

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The Legacy system in SWTOR can be a bit confusing even to those who have already chosen their surname. This guide is designed to help you understand why the system was put in place and how it can benefit players. There will be changes to the legacy system in the future and we will update this guide and provide additional guides as needed to help you understand. The legacy system is one based on the principal of family. Many of the characters in the movies were related in one way or the other so the guys that made SWTOR decided to make it where the characters you create in the game are related. Some of the main relations are brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, wives and husbands but there are a few others. When you choose the relationship between your main character and a new one that you make, it has to be realistic. For example, your Twi’lek cannot be the mother or father to your human but they can be married to a human character. Creating a Surname Once you complete your...

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