A Little SWTOR Story

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So one SWTOR and their significant other combined their character legacies to reflect the complicated relationships between them and the results are pretty entertaining. Here is the image and description for your enjoyment. “My SO and I play a lot of SWTOR together. We tend to lightly roleplay our characters and this has led to pretty complex relationships between them. Thus we decided to make a chart.”   We’re actually finding there are a lot of people who are doing this sort of thing with their Legacy connections, especially those who role-play in the game regularly. But it’s not just the RPers who can enjoy a little fun with small or side details in the game. What do you think? Ever done something like...

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SWTOR Legacy Perks Guide

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Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced players to the Legacy System when the Patch 1.2 went live. The Legacy system opened up a variety of upgrades on a global scale that you can unlock simply by playing more. For example, you can unlock a character’s race when you reach level 50 and it affects all characters on that particular account and server. This helped to make the game even more interesting. To unlock the Legacy System you need to complete Act one of your first characters storyline. This usually happens somewhere around levels 32 to 34. Once you accomplish this, you’ll be prompted to create a legacy or Star Wars Surname. You’ll also gain access to the Legacy UI, which is found on the top toolbar. This gives you access to your family tree and it will show you which class, race, and purchasable unlocks are available to you. The fascinating thing about this is that you get to create a family tree with the characters that you use on that particular server. This means that you can choose how your characters are related. You can choose a spouse, siblings, brothers, sisters and even an adopted child. You can also choose to have an ally or nemesis. To get started, simple drag your characters from the pool on the left side, drop them in the center and place the relationship you want them to have with your other characters over them. Character Perks When Patch 1.3 went live, it added to the legacy patch by upgrading each character on an individual basis. This makes it possible for players to level their Legacy alts much faster and more efficiently by allowing you to follow a more specific path when leveling your new alts. While the Legacy Perks above are Global and can be used on all the characters you have on one particular server, the following are character perks only. Advancement Legacy Perks The Legacy Advancement Perks are made up of 5 different categories with 5 tiers designed to help players level faster, while concentrating on one aspect of the game. You will have to unlock the bottom tier first before you can move on to the next one and each tier will stack with the one before it. You’ll receive a 2 percent increase in experience with the initial unlock. Here is a list of the 5 tiers and what you will receive from each: Improved Warzone Experience- increases XP gain from PvP Improved Flashpoint Experience- increases your XP gain when you defeat your enemies in flashpoints Improved Space Mission Experience- increases your XP gain when you complete space missions Improved Class Mission Experience –increases your XP gain when you complete class missions Improved Exploration Experience – increases your XP gain simply by discovering locations on maps The legacy level requirement is 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 per tier and you’ll need to pay 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 credits respectively per tier. Pick up your Advancement Perks as early in the game as you can. They’ll have a major effect on your character while you are leveling up by helping you reach endgame much faster. However, they’re useless once you reach level cap. Companion Legacy Perks Legacy Perks affect the flow of your companion’s affection gain through both conversations and gift giving. They will also increase their crafting effectiveness. These perks will affect all the companions associated with the character that buys it but not any of the other characters on the legacy. As you already know, companions can be difficult sometimes, so maxing out their affection early in the game can be very beneficial. Legacy of Altruism- for 90,000 credits, you can increase affection gain 30 percent by Tier 3 simply by giving gifts. Legacy of Persuasion- also for 90,000 credits you can increase affection gain 30 percent by Tier 3 through conversations. Legacy of Leadership- once you reach Legacy Level 10, the time it takes your companion to sell junk items reduces to 30 seconds for tier 1 and 5 seconds for Tier 2 and this one will cost you 60,000 credits. Legacy of Crafting- you can increases the chances of receiving an augment slot in a crafted item by 1 percent per tier but this one will cost you 350,000 credits and a Legacy Level of 20 is required. Now that players have access to augment kits, the Legacy of Crafting may not be worth the cost for many players. Convenience Legacy Perks Convenience Legacy Perks are expensive but their main purpose is to make the game more enjoyable and to make it easier for you to get around. You can purchase multiple ranks from 1-3 tiers for each of the following: Legacy Fleet Pass- reduces the cool down on your emergency fleet pass by 1, 2, or 3 hours. The length of time will depend on which rank pass you buy. They are cumulative so if you buy both a rank 1 and rank 2, you would have 3 hours of cool down reduction. Legacy Travel- You unlock these just like the fleet pass reductions and they cost the same and have the same ranks, which are as follows: Rank 1 requires Level 5 and 100,000 credits, rank 2 requires level 10 and 200,000 credits and rank 3 requires level 15 and 300,000 credits. Rocket Boost- gives all of your legacy characters rocket boost ability, which means they can sprint extremely fast for a short period and your cost is 2 million credits. You can buy additional unlocks to reduce the Rocket Boost ability cool down time for 1 million and 1.5 million credits. Travel Perks The Travel Perks (also consider a Convenience Legacy Perk) are similar to the Fleet Pass and they contain single destination quick travel skills. It also contains a tiered chain that allows you to buy the Speeder Piloting skills early in the game. Normally, you would purchase them at 25, 40 and 50 but with this perk,...

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TOR TV: In depth with the prices of items on the Cartel Market

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The guys over at Sith Talk,  made a video showing what’s going on at the public test server right now. This video goes in depth with the prices of items on the Cartel Market and the Legacy unlocks both per character and Legacy wide unlocks. As well as a few things new players will see as they create characters and what they may want to buy.

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1.2 Legacy Upgrade Screenshots

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Here are some 1.2 Legacy Upgrade screenshots as of 3/23, likely to change some before 1.2 hits live. Still, it gives you a real good idea of what you can expect coming up.     Will you be working towards Legacy upgrades? Have you already been saving up points and working on your legacy for when 1.2 gets here? Tell us what your favorite part of the upcoming Legacy features are so...

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SWTOR Guild Summit Legacy Presentation

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The Legacy Presentation was one of the most important parts of the Guild Summit. This is because we learned that what is currently just a pretty bar was actually intended to be the very lifeforce of the entire game! The Legacy System will be intertwined in everything else that happens in the game. It will affect each system of the game and the wait is almost over! The devs explain that they were sad to have to launch SWTOR without the fully working Legacy System in place but they had to pull it back to get the finishing touches on it. Now it’s finally nearing completion and ready for us all to experience. It’s a labor of love and they are hoping we will love it! Here are the highlights of what the full Legacy System will bring us: Family tree: decide your allies, kids, wives/husbands – its super cool roleplaying. Legacy species/class unlocks Reach level 50 with a species, you can unlock it on all classes on both factions – i.e. your “father” can be a sith and you can be a jedi. Reach level 50 with a human race – gain presence stat on all your characters. Cyborgs – individual classes have their own individual cyborg attachments – you can now unlock all of them and be an uber cyborg. Complete Chapter 2 story– unlock class emotes – unlock current class buff for all other legacy characters  Complete Chapter 3 – unlock heroic abilities for all your Legacy chars – these new heroic abilities will require companions to use the heroic moment abilities you have right now. It will also use your heroic moment ability. Example of heroic ability: Force choke from Sith Warrior on all your alts if you complete Sith Warrior to Chapter 3. Completing a companion character – reach max affection with any one type (i.e. healer) of companion character and gain a shorter cooldown on heroic abilities – unlock a small stat boost. Additional presence buff for max affections with additional companions of the same type. Alignment abilities: Reach level 50 and gain dark/light or neutral alignment – unlock active abilities for all Legacy characters. Not all rewards are combat. Valor rank unlocks – unarmed duels – unarmed combat moves can be unlocked with valor system. Also fun for RPing or just for goofing around.  Social rank unlocks – Dance with your companions, new emotes (RP packages – big package of RP emotes). Most Legacy rewards can be purchased or unlocked – people with millions of credits can buy these rather than “unlock” them – some of the rewards are not initially purchasable but will be allowed in another patch. We want to reward people who just play 1 character instead of going with alts – hence the purchase route. Cooldown reductions for Emergency Fleet Pass/Quick Travel. Jetpack/Rocketboots – short duration sprint – we moved to sprint to level 1. Jetpack for BHs, rocket boots for everyone else. Items for your ship (this was a very popular announcement) – training dummies (operation, warzone dummies, healing dummies), repair droid (buy, repair, and sell upgrades for your ship droids that improves specific crafting abilities), mailboxes, auction houses (neutral GTN terminal but very, very high up the legacy system – we want fleet to be populated it requires a lot of legacy level and a lot of credits). Legacy Weapons and Armor – you will get drops that are bound to your Legacy System – “bind on legacy” – can’t trade with others. These do not scale. Legacy appearances – orange gear only unlocked with Legacy stuff. Customizing your alt experience: if you just want to PvP with an alt, you can purchase a PvP XP buff for this alt. If you like to purchase speeder earlier, you can buy something for a specific alt. HUGE REWARDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE LEGACY SYSTEM. 1.2 and 1.3 are huge Legacy patches. Q&A of Legacy System Q: Can I transfer an alt from a different server? A: Yes when the ability to transfer servers come, which is not in the immediate future – these alts will melt together and you will get higher of the two legacy. Q: Can I share Legacy with other players? (Such as marrying another player or making that player your brother) A: It is a one of our dev’s biggest pet projects – we do not have a plan where we know how to make that yet but we have a lot of hopes for it. Q: Can you use Force Choke on the Republic side? A: Yes. Q: Can you change the race of a previous alt? A: No, you need to make a new alt. Q: Any plans to allow characters to use weapons not intended for their class? More like cosmetic weapons A: We will address that in heroic abilities – iconic abilities but not permanent weapon change. This might be a possibility in future legacy development. Q: I want Barbershop; can I get them with Legacy? Unlock more cosmetic slots? Some players level up a character and then get tired of looking at the same thing. A: That is something in the works but something you won’t be able to see for a while. Q: Alt: those buffs from other classes, are those self-only or apply to all groups? Does that mean we don’t need to bring a specific class for ops/warzones? A: Yes. Q: Shared bank between your alts? A: Legacy bank is on the table – it’s behind guild bank. We are pro-legacy bank. In 1.2, we will allow you to send cross-faction mails. Q: More character slots? (yes, yes!) A: No plans at the moment but suggestion is noted. Q: Class quests are unique but stuff like planetary quests are not; can we bypass them? A: Yes, we will give you specific buffs that rewards for doing specific activities Q: Will buffs from different factions stack? i.e. will Sith warrior and Jedi knight stack? A: They won’t...

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