WhatCulture’s 52 Reasons Why Star Wars Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

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This week has seen one of the most momentous events in the history of high-definition releases with the long-awaited release of the complete Star Wars Saga on blu-ray. And to celebrate, the net has gone wild with Star Wars activity, from deconstructions to flat-out criticisms, and one of the most comprehensively put together pieces came from WhatCulture, who offered 52 reasons why they think Star Wars: A New Hope just might be the greatest film of all time. You can see those reasons here, and whether you agree with them or not, the article stands as a wonderful celebration of the film and of the wider franchise. There are those who will immediately disagree, and suggest that The Empire Strikes Back is the superior of the two films, but A New Hope is a bona fide watershed moment in the history of sci-fi film making, and how ever you now feel about George Lucas and the behemoth commercial monster that is LucasArts, nothing can pollute the importance of that original 1977 film that...

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Star Wars Fan Film: Chess Wars

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You have to love Star Wars fan-film-makers: even when the Blu-ray collection has been released, they’re still plugging away making their own offerings to the wider franchise. This latest impressively high-quality addition comes from youtube users RespectThePact, who have replaced one strangely helmeted figure with another, slightly smaller foe with a light-saber… It’s a great one – to the extent that there have been rumours about it being a viral ad – but that wouldn’t discount it as a good Star Wars fan-film since intent shouldn’t really devalue any work of...

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Five Stages of Star Wars Revisionism Fan Grief

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I wonder how much of this is age related. ROTJ came out when I was three, so for most of my childhood we kids still loved Star Wars, but adults, having lived through the hype of the late 70s and early 80s, were pretty much sick of it. From about 1985 until 1995 there wasn’t anything Star Wars in the stores at all. Nothing. I got my Star Wars fix off of old Star Wars Marvel comics in the 25 cent bin at the local comic shop, and a couple of video games. It came on TV once a year, but mostly it was kind of a cult thing like Pulp Fiction; a good movie but that’s about it. Certainly not a major cultural force anymore. I remember being amazed when they announced the Thrawn trilogy; for a lot of us this was as close as we ever figured we’d get to new movies. Then there were more books, new comics, new video games; the mid-90s were becoming a Star Wars renaissance. Then, believe it or not, they announced they were re-releasing them in theaters! Wow! That was news. My entire...

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Landophiles Unite! Join The Fight For Justice

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Photo by Deirdre Hollis from Torwars This year’s PAX (that’s the Penny Arcade Expo for the uninitiated) was overrun by a gaggle of devotees, hell-bent on highlighting a cause that they feel warrants world-wide, if not galaxy-wide coverage. These people, who are traditionally seen wearing blue capes and moustaches march under the banner of The Lando Society, and expouse better living by the teachings of Lando Calrissian, the coolest cat in the entire Star Wars universe. At PAX their devotion reared its head in a different way to usual, with the Society uniting to march on the Expo in order to protest that their hero – their swarthy, moustachioed messiah – has been cruelly left out of the SWTOR character list. Okay, so that’s not the whole truth, because Lando wasn’t born until 3500 years after the time of STWOR’s setting, but you can’t fault their commitment as they’re pushing to convince Bioware to include a Calrissian ancestor in...

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The Best Worst Foreign Versions of Star Wars

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Foreign variants are a wonderful thing: in the film world they invariably provide sarcastic writers like myself with ample ammunition for ripping the proverbial out of them. And today, thanks to The Swedish Bed, we have a collection of some of the best (for that read worst) foreign versions of Star Wars. The original article lists a number of reimaginings, but I’ve just chosen the four most entertaining (for the rest, head over to The Swedish Bed by following this link). Warning, they’re not exactly as well made as the original trilogy, but then not even George Lucas managed to recapture that quality with his own follow-up trilogy, so it’s probably to be expected… Brazilian Star Wars Not really a straight reimagining, but you’ll find that none below are either, but that villain is definitely familiar… Japanese Star Wars Commercial Something tells me this one slipped through the net of George Lucas’ usually stoic dedication to copyright…...

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