Another Star Wars change you didn’t hear about

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I thought this was real for longer than I should be willing to admit. If it weren’t for the fast food he was slurping down I would’ve believed it for nearly the entire thing (This is what we’ve come to expect, Lucas! ) But I do think we need another round of prequels that focus on Porkins. There’s a number of books full of short stories about the guys you see in Star Wars for just an instant. The story of the pig-guards in Jaba’s lair, the story of the Jawa who is burning the feet of the droid as R2D2 rolls past, the story of the pilot of Jaba’s boat at the Sarlac pit, all the guys you see for 2 seconds in the bar (including the band), etc etc. All quite really amusing – we need one for...

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May the schwartz be with you: Star Wars – Royale with cheese

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Earlier today I came across DavidWilm. This guy is downright amazing. He has made quite a few movies already, but here are his latest two. In this cut scene from Return of the Jedi, pilots Vincent Vega and Jules get their chat on during the battle over endor. And here is another deleted scene mixed with Dumb and Dumber: Fart jokes always make me...

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There’s Something Not Quite Right About These Star Wars Action Figures

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Back in 1977, Kenner Products made one of the most inspired rights acquisitions in the history of movie merchandise, taking advantage of Mego Corporations astounding decision to pass up on the rights to Star Wars, and releasing a line of action figures that are still worth their weight in gold to collectors. Mint, boxed Kenner figures fetch astonishing amounts of money if they’re of the rarer variety, and it has been said that the most avid of collectors would happily kill their grannies for the chance to pick up the Japanese variant Chewie with the originally intended cross-bow weapon (instead of the cheaper blaster that was included in Western editions). Something tells me they didn’t approve these Star Wars figures of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru though… Brilliant. Source:...

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WhatCulture’s 52 Reasons Why Star Wars Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

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This week has seen one of the most momentous events in the history of high-definition releases with the long-awaited release of the complete Star Wars Saga on blu-ray. And to celebrate, the net has gone wild with Star Wars activity, from deconstructions to flat-out criticisms, and one of the most comprehensively put together pieces came from WhatCulture, who offered 52 reasons why they think Star Wars: A New Hope just might be the greatest film of all time. You can see those reasons here, and whether you agree with them or not, the article stands as a wonderful celebration of the film and of the wider franchise. There are those who will immediately disagree, and suggest that The Empire Strikes Back is the superior of the two films, but A New Hope is a bona fide watershed moment in the history of sci-fi film making, and how ever you now feel about George Lucas and the behemoth commercial monster that is LucasArts, nothing can pollute the importance of that original 1977 film that launched a sprawling franchise galaxy. Not far, far away, but here, now and probably for a long time after we all...

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Star Wars Fan Film: Chess Wars

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You have to love Star Wars fan-film-makers: even when the Blu-ray collection has been released, they’re still plugging away making their own offerings to the wider franchise. This latest impressively high-quality addition comes from youtube users RespectThePact, who have replaced one strangely helmeted figure with another, slightly smaller foe with a light-saber… It’s a great one – to the extent that there have been rumours about it being a viral ad – but that wouldn’t discount it as a good Star Wars fan-film since intent shouldn’t really devalue any work of...

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