May the schwartz be with you

What if Luke Skywalker missed?

Luke snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in this re-edit of “A New Hope” After boasting to the more experienced pilots of Red Squadron, he arrives late for the attack, disobeys orders and ignores Obi-Wan’s repeated pleas to use the force. Han Solo is not impressed with Luke and must now deal with a vengeful Darth Vader and all Red Five can do is watch from above as the veteran Red Leader calmly demonstrates the correct way to fire a proton torpedo down a thermal exhaust port. Mark Dury mixed dialogue from the original trilogy with the Death Star scene in A New Hope, turning Luke into a worthless moron who can do nothing but watch as someone else picks up his slack.

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May the schwartz be with you: Entire Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” in MS Paint [GIF]

Earlier this month, we posted Entire Star Wars “A New Hope” in MS Paint. After a hefty debate on DIGG, it came to our attention that the creator of this little jewel was a guy name foldsfive. Foldsfive, with the civil name David Court ultimately joined the discussion on DIGG and shared that there were more treasures to be found around on the internet. Sometimes I find myself amazed by the internet. How something I made an age ago can suddenly pick up interest again. It was something I made for fun (as an experiment to see whether I could do it, more than anything) for a site ( that wouldn’t post anything bigger than 250k. I did it all from memory, so the stuff about my incorrect lightsabre colours couldn’t interest me less. (and jesus wept, people accuse ME of not having a life for making it). At the end of the day doing that stuff donkeys…

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