Carrie Fisher, a long time ago

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Since Lisa is not here, and there is not much to report on regarding Star Wars: The old republic. I thought we should celebrate Carrie Fisher’s birthday ( yesterday) by posting some eye candy of this great woman. you can purchase a print of the photo here. Photo credit Aaron Rapoport. … I’ll be in my bunk....

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15 Reasons Why Jedi Knights Are Better than Pirates and Ninjas

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There are too many pirates and ninjas roaming the Interwebs for my liking, so  it makes sense to examine specifically why Jedi Knights pwn both Ninjas and Pirates. 1. Ninjas and Pirates have to at least break a sweat to disarm each other.  A Jedi Knight just has to think it and you’re screwed. 2. Ninjas may use stealth, but Jedi Knights can use the Force to make you freakin’ forget they were even there.  In fact, with just a wave of a Jedi’s hand, you might end up finding yourself rocking back and forth outside a 7-11 while drooling profusely. 3. Seriously, can you name a ninja or pirate that is able to take out Sith Lord like Darth Maul, or a giant beast like the Rancor?  I didn’t think so… 4. A sword used by a Pirate or a Ninja can be broken.  Try and break a lightsaber.  Go on, bitch, try it. 5. Dress someone in a pirate or ninja suit and they look like they’re in costume.  Hand someone a lightsaber, and a cloak, and they look bad-ass. 6. Janitors prefer Jedi Knights because the...

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Seven Songs Inspired By Star Wars You Should Check Out

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Star Wars has had a massive impact on pop culture around the world, inspiring fans to create their own works of art, fan films, fan fiction, and crafts.  But it is in music that we can also see the influence that George Lucas and Star Wars has had over the years.  Take a look at these 8 tunes inspired by the Star Wars saga: Weird Al Yankovic: The Saga Begins Amusing to many, iconic to geeks, and known to many as a Star Wars nerd at heart, The Saga Begins is not Weird Al’s first tribute to the films.  He’s done a few songs, but what makes this one stand out is it came out just before The Phantom Menace – which proved one thing: just like most of us hardcore fans, Al was scouring the web for spoilers about the prequels.  He did it so well; he used the plot synopsis as the basis for his song, written to the tune of American Pie: Richard Cheese: Star Wars Cantina For those who aren’t familiar with the name Richard Cheese, think of the swing version of Disturbed‘s The Sickness you heard...

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Star Wars: Hunt for the Holocron

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  Here is a pretty good fan film that I have been waiting for for a while. It named “Hunt for the Holocron” and is directed by Martin Spitznagel. The movie is made by a dedicated group of young people entirely with practical effects — no 3D models were used in the film, only real models filmed against a greenscreen! — the film is a 30-minute love letter to Star Wars, complete with an original orchestral score. Read more about the movie here, and check it out below: HUNT FOR THE HOLOCRON is the story of Bando (Mark August Spitznagel, SAG-AFTRA) and Sahn (Dan Clavey) Jinkuru, young men thrown into a dangerous world when they find a Holocron, a record of Jedi secrets. Pursued by Dark Jedi Dregr Jarrat (Martin Spitznagel), whose thirst for the Holocron has reached obsession, the boys are aided by Jedi E’Din Kyle (David Turka) and smuggler Ariah Duen (Jennifer Moreau), old business partners of their father. As Dregr closes in, the brothers struggle to...

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Star Wars vs Game of Thrones- Meme Throwdown

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Star Wars and Game of Thrones face off in this epic series of memes that Mashable has combined for us. Mashable says: Westeros and the Death Star may seem light years apart in the sci-fi universe, but Game of Thrones and Star Wars actually share a lot of scenarios. And thanks to this awesome subreddit, we can prove it. Ok, so we knew Redditors had to be behind this all along! So what the heck do these two things even have in common? Well Mashable lays out a few examples of the symmetry: Sure, outer space doesn’t have any dragons and the Seven Kingdoms won’t be fighting off Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper army anytime soon. But long before Cersei Lannister macked it with her brother, Princess Leia made familial flirting look totally normal. And Lord Walder Frey probably learned a few things about betrayal from Lando Calrissian himself. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, you’ll get a good giggle out of these for sure. And maybe it will even inspire you to...

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