Star Wars: Hunt for the Holocron

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  Here is a pretty good fan film that I have been waiting for for a while. It named “Hunt for the Holocron” and is directed by Martin Spitznagel. The movie is made by a dedicated group of young people entirely with practical effects — no 3D models were used in the film, only real models filmed against a greenscreen! — the film is a 30-minute love letter to Star Wars, complete with an original orchestral score. Read more about the movie here, and check it out below: HUNT FOR THE HOLOCRON is the story of Bando (Mark August Spitznagel, SAG-AFTRA) and Sahn (Dan Clavey) Jinkuru, young men thrown into a dangerous world when they find a Holocron, a record of Jedi secrets. Pursued by Dark Jedi Dregr Jarrat (Martin Spitznagel), whose thirst for the Holocron has reached obsession, the boys are aided by Jedi E’Din Kyle (David Turka) and smuggler Ariah Duen (Jennifer Moreau), old business partners of their father. As Dregr closes in, the brothers struggle to...

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Star Wars vs Game of Thrones- Meme Throwdown

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Star Wars and Game of Thrones face off in this epic series of memes that Mashable has combined for us. Mashable says: Westeros and the Death Star may seem light years apart in the sci-fi universe, but Game of Thrones and Star Wars actually share a lot of scenarios. And thanks to this awesome subreddit, we can prove it. Ok, so we knew Redditors had to be behind this all along! So what the heck do these two things even have in common? Well Mashable lays out a few examples of the symmetry: Sure, outer space doesn’t have any dragons and the Seven Kingdoms won’t be fighting off Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper army anytime soon. But long before Cersei Lannister macked it with her brother, Princess Leia made familial flirting look totally normal. And Lord Walder Frey probably learned a few things about betrayal from Lando Calrissian himself. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, you’ll get a good giggle out of these for sure. And maybe it will even inspire you to...

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MTSBWY: Billy Dee and Patton Oswalt do ‘Star Wars’ karaoke

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I’ve seen some ludicrously funny things in my day, but this is really a piece of work. This is just one of those things you have to experience to believe. I guess the video is an ad for Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and it features Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) hitting up Karaoke Night at the Cantina on Tatooine. Lando performs a embarrassingly bad rendition of Jason Schwartzman‘s song, “West Coast.” The video also features appearances by Schwartzman, Patton Oswalt, Carrie Keagan, Chris Hardwick, and Mike Phirman. Check the weirdness...

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MTSBWY: Star Wars Elevator Prank

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In a place far, far away in London, two guys played a prank on unsuspecting elevator passengers. The trick? Using “the force” to keep the doors from closing. With a wave of a hand, the closing elevator doors opened back up. It was easier prank than you think. Check it out below:

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MTSBWY: Animated Version of Patton Oswalt’s Brilliant Star Wars Pitch

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  If you’re a Star Wars fan and a Parks and Recreation fan, you probably remember the episode not so long ago when Patton Oswalt visited and delivered an incredible 8+ minute improve about his idea plt for Star Wars: Episode VII. It was hilarity at its best. Now, Isaac Moores has created an animation for the entire rant/skit which you can find here: See the original here: Patton Oswalt himself saw the animated filibuster and tweeted to Moores, as well as sent his “minions” to give the talented Moores some more followers. He went from 60 to over 1,00 in one day! Apparently spending 5 full days animating to improvised dialogue is a good way to spend ones time. Hello 1000 new followers. — Isaac Moores (@izacless) May 19, 2013 Hello Isaac and thank you for your awesome...

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