Commando/Mercenary Top 3 Answers

Eric Musco started a new “top 3 Answers” thread on the official forums. This time about Commando/Mercenary. Here is a Summary made by bstr413: 1: Sustained DPS for Gunnery Assault. Gunnery/Assault will get a (small) boost to its sustained damage after all AC’s have at least 1 good sustained damage spec. (Commando/Mercs have Assault Specialist/Pyrotech already.) Devs are looking for feedback on how to do this. Being able to heal should not decrease DPS. Many off-healer DPS specs are able to do great sustained DPS. 2: Defense in PvP. No new “emergency defense” move for Commandos/Mercs. Instead, current defensive moves will be improved. Devs are asking for inputs on how this should be done. Devs are looking to make Commandos/Mercs better in Ranked Arenas. 3: Assault Specialist / Pyrotech suggestions. Thank you for your suggestions for changing Assault Specialist / Pyrotech. We do not want to do the first few due to the…

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Bounty Hunter Mercenary Build – High Damage Build For Leveling

As we promised yesterday, we are going to continue posting the builds has put together for us. This time we are going to show you a The Bounty Hunter Mercenary build. As I also mentioned yesterday, you need to buy there guide ( it’s worth it) to get the full advantage of there guides. It is available here. The Bounty Hunter Mercenary class is more of a defensive class but they have made this build so you get max damage for those of you that are trying to level up fast.

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