Next Star Wars: Battlefront DLC to Include Chewbacca

Next Star Wars Battlefront DLC to Include Chewbacca

For a true Star Wars fan, the inclusion of heroes like Nien Nunb and Greedo before the iconic Chewbacca never made much sense, unless his delay was purposely meant to increase anticipation – which was probably the case indeed. With Battlefront’s upcoming DLC called Death Star, Chewie will finally take his rightful place as Han Solo’s trusted partner in the game. Exactly what sort of firepower the wookie will bring isn’t yet clear, as the only confirmation of his upcoming introduction is currently nothing but a flimsy screenshot posted by EA a few days ago. Currently, there isn’t an actual trailer out for Death Star, but it is indeed a bit early for that: the DLC is only due out in September, and until then we’re bound to see more of Chewbacca in action. The other hero delivered by the Death Star DLC will be Bossk, another bounty-hunter for the…

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Chicago Star Wars Museum Cancelled


In what would have given us another good reason to visit Chicago, we now have news that George Lucas has cancelled the plans to build a Star Wars museum. The Chicago Tribune recently reported that Lucas has halted his Windy City plans to build The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. It would seem that Lucas has spent the past two years arguing with the city of Chicago over the land the museum was to be built on. The story says that back in 2014, a group called Friends of the Parks filed a lawsuit that sought to stop the museum from being built on the Chicago lakefront. they say that anything build on the lakefront has to specifically benefit the citizens of Chicago since this land belongs to them. The Star Wars museum proposed by Lucas would not, in their opinion, specifically benefit the people of Chicago. It doesn’t make a lot of…

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A new event is coming to SWTOR so get ready! Starting on June 28, there will be a Dark vs. Light event. You will need to start brand new characters for this event. Previous characters and their milestones or achievements will not count for this event. There will be rewards based on each reward level you can reach: Heroic Legacy Valiant Champion Eternal Legendary The event ends this fall and you do not have to keep the character to achieve the requirements. Once you have completed the objective by receiving the achievement, that character no longer needs to be active. So you could level to 50 on a character, and then delete it. This may work for people who just want to win the awards for the event but don’t have 8 free character slots on their primary legacy server. Some other options are: Complete the objectives on a different server…

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Some Points to Ponder About Bespin, Battlefront’s Upcoming DLC

Some Points to Ponder About Bespin, Battlefront's Upcoming DLC

In January, EA DICE have set up a roadmap for their Star Wars: Battlefront DLC strategy, a roadmap through which they aimed to deliver new and exciting content to the game oft-criticized for its shallowness, in a way that would keep existing players engaged while hopefully drawing in new crowds. The first DLC, Outer Rim, has already landed, and if the way it was delivered is any indication – and it most probably should be – the second DLC, Bespin, will see a two-stage release as well. Outer Rim landed for season pass holders on March 22, while everyone else could pick it up on April 5. Now then, with Bespin, we do not yet know of any specific release date(s), but there’s plenty of speculation out there, and the devs have dropped a number of clues in this respect too. Season pass holders will obviously get a fortnight of…

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No Weapon Tuning for Vibroswords in Near Future

swtor Vibroswords

There won’t be any weapon tuning to Vibroswords in the near future due to technical limitations in SWTOR. Which weapons would you like to see Weapon Tuning slots on? | 06.03.2016, 03:40 PM Hey folks, One of the items we saw a lot of requests for in this thread are various Vibroswords. As we continue forward we will be adding Weapon Tuning Slots on to more and more weapons. However, we wanted to let you know that in the current plan, Vibroswords will not be receiving a tuning slot. We agree with you that they would be an awesome addition to Vibroswords, but the team has to work through some unique limitations for those weapons first. It is something we would like to do at some point, just not in the near term. If anything changes on that front I will be sure to pass it on. Thanks for understanding. -eric

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SWTOR Addressing Weapon Tuning issues

SWTOR Addressing Weapon Tuning issues

BioWares Eric Musco took  on the forums to address the weapon tuning issues the  swtor community have been talking about. Check it out: Weapon Tunings | 05.04.2016, 02:05 PM Hey folks, I wanted to stop in to this thread and address some of the questions/concerns that have arisen since we introduced Weapon Tunings yesterday. First off, please keep the feedback coming. We have seen a lot of feedback relating to things like drop rates, adding the tuning to Collections, etc. The team is actively looking at all of your feedback and considering what future changes, if any, need to occur. Here are a few of the common questions we have seen: Is the Weapon Tuning more rare than other rare items? The Weapon Tuning’s drop rate is on par with most other rare items found in a pack. At times there are rare items which are exceedingly rare, such as the…

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It’s Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be with You!

BB-8 by Kevin Graham

It’s my favorite day of the year: Star Wars Day! It just wouldn’t be a May 4th without a post here about all the wonderful ways you can celebrate this awesome day. If for some reason you are not up to date on this very special day, has you covered: Say “May the 4th Be With You” out loud and you’ll hear the pun that Star Wars fans worldwide have turned into a rallying cry to proclaim their love of the saga. It’s the worldwide day to say “May the Force be with you” to all, and celebrate the beloved Star Wars story that binds our galaxy together. One of the earliest known records of “May the 4th” used in popular culture is in 1979, as described here by author Alan Arnold while he was chronicling the making of The Empire Strikes Back for Lucasfilm: Friday, May 4 “Margaret…

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Battlefront May Update Lined Up – What to Expect?

Closest to perfect game I've gotten

To address the alleged shallowness of their much-hyped Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE have come up with an impressive solution: throw content at the player-base every now and then and make that content as easy on the eyes and as appealing gameplay-wise as possible. Their recently released Outer Rim expansion represented the first stage of this strategy and it looks like it hit the nail on the head, although it came packed with bugs, which have to be ironed out. While the next DLC is scheduled for June, the team will not rest on their laurels till then. In fact, there’s a major update scheduled for May and although its release date is not yet set, most believe that it will come in the early part of the month. Obviously, the first objective of the update will be to iron out the problems and bugs brought about by Outer Rim, of…

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More New Content Coming For Star Wars: Battlefront

More New Content Coming For Star Wars Battlefront

Emboldened by the success of their recently released Outer Rim Expansion, the creators of Star Wars: Battlefront have put out an announcement the other day, promising still more great content to come, some of which will apparently be free. While it’s been known for a while that Bespin is set to land in June, laden with new content, DICE have made public more details about it, as well as about the various events meant to drive player engagement scheduled for May. There will apparently be more community missions, double-score weekends, as well as special login events, all meant to hand players new opportunities to collect more XP, credits and items in ever more entertaining ways. In addition to all the above, there will be new Hutt Contracts as well, which will yield Star Card rewards, such as the Ion Neutralizer and the Bacta Bomb. On May 4, to celebrate Star…

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First Battlefront DLC Lands, Plenty More to Look Forward To

Star Wars Battlefronts eagerly awaited first DLC - Outer Rim

Star Wars: Battlefront’s eagerly awaited first DLC, Outer Rim, has landed earlier this month, for those who have Season Pass, and indeed, it hit the nail right on the head: it expanded a universe often derided for its shallowness, it added new game modes and overall, it addressed one of the most easily identifiable shortcomings of the original title. Obviously, there’s still plenty of room for improvement depth-wise in the game, but Outer Rim does represent a massive step in the right direction. How massive? The DLC is about 8 GB big, so for those on slower connections, it may cause a few headaches, but it is a must. It expands the game world and it brings so many new goodies, it completely revamps the title. Above and beyond all that though, you will need it because none of the future DLCs already in the works apparently, will work without…

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