More New Content Coming For Star Wars: Battlefront

More New Content Coming For Star Wars Battlefront

Emboldened by the success of their recently released Outer Rim Expansion, the creators of Star Wars: Battlefront have put out an announcement the other day, promising still more great content to come, some of which will apparently be free. While it’s been known for a while that Bespin is set to land in June, laden with new content, DICE have made public more details about it, as well as about the various events meant to drive player engagement scheduled for May. There will apparently be more community missions, double-score weekends, as well as special login events, all meant to hand players new opportunities to collect more XP, credits and items in ever more entertaining ways. In addition to all the above, there will be new Hutt Contracts as well, which will yield Star Card rewards, such as the Ion Neutralizer and the Bacta Bomb. On May 4, to celebrate Star…

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First Battlefront DLC Lands, Plenty More to Look Forward To

Star Wars Battlefronts eagerly awaited first DLC - Outer Rim

Star Wars: Battlefront’s eagerly awaited first DLC, Outer Rim, has landed earlier this month, for those who have Season Pass, and indeed, it hit the nail right on the head: it expanded a universe often derided for its shallowness, it added new game modes and overall, it addressed one of the most easily identifiable shortcomings of the original title. Obviously, there’s still plenty of room for improvement depth-wise in the game, but Outer Rim does represent a massive step in the right direction. How massive? The DLC is about 8 GB big, so for those on slower connections, it may cause a few headaches, but it is a must. It expands the game world and it brings so many new goodies, it completely revamps the title. Above and beyond all that though, you will need it because none of the future DLCs already in the works apparently, will work without…

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Star Wars: Battlefront Outer Rim Expansion Arrives Today!

Outer Rim Expansion

It is safe to say that after years of building up hype, Star Wars: Battlefront was something of a disappointment depth-wise when it was finally launched, even as it blew the expectations out of the water technically and visually. One of the strengths of the game was to depict actual movie locations in great detail, making one feel like he/she was actually involved in the Star Wars canon. That strength is apparently what the franchise is banking on going forth, as it seeks to address its oft-decried lack of depth. Outer Rim, the first expansion to the game, will look to attack the problem from several angles. It will introduce players to locations like the palace of Jabba the Hutt, and it will also introduce no fewer than five new weapons/cards as well as a new game-mode called Extraction, which will see one of the teams protect and escort cargo…

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Outer Rim Set to Land This Month

star wars battlefront Outer Rim

According to many, DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront failed to live up to some of the pre-launch hype and expectations, primarily on account of a rather glaring lack of depth. Fortunately, that problem is one that can be righted on the go and that’s exactly what the developer is looking to accomplish by adding no fewer than three DLCs this year and another one in 2017. The first such DLC is scheduled for March, and given how there will apparently be a free update preceding it, we’re looking at a wealth of new content coming online this month, content which is obviously much-anticipated and much-needed too at this point. The March Battlefront update is set to deliver the usual selection of bug-fixes and tweaks, along with a new Endor map aimed at big game modes as well as a survival map for Tatooine. Exactly what the DLC will bring to the…

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New Star Wars: Battlefront Update Reportedly Underway Bringing Weapon and Vehicle Buffs

star wars battelfront

A living-breathing world like that of Star Wars: Battlefront is in continuous need of updating and tweaking, and the community is indeed very demanding in this respect. The January patch brought many improvements, tweaking various weapons and even characters, looking to smooth out the balance, and while most of these tweaks were welcome indeed, some of them ended up generating unwanted side-effects. The Homing Shot and the Bowcaster for instance got seriously nerfed, so much so in fact that according to the community, the two said weapons have become all but useless. There was naturally a lot of upheaval tied to these botched tweaks, but help is apparently already underway. According to Battlefront Community Manager Sledgehammer70, the next update will target the above said two weapons, and they will be restored to what they should indeed be. The Community Manager also admitted that the tweaks in the works for the…

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SWTOR: News on the Item Stack Resale Exploit

swtor News on the Item Stack Resale Exploit

Eric Musco has some updates from the  swtor devs over at Bioware,regarding the Item Stack exploit. Apparently  more than 500 accounts have being perm banned for now.  Make me wonder if you can sue BioWare for a banning? Anyways. Below are the news:   Item Stack Resale Exploit | 12.11.2015, 01:56 PM Hey folks, Here is another update on the exploit, and the action we have taken. We are continuing to investigate accounts and action is on-going. Here are the actions we have taken against accounts: Suspension time, up to and including a permanent ban (more than 500 accounts have been permanently banned so far) Removal of all Credits Removal of all Currencies Removal of all items which could be gotten from the exploit, including recurring Event Currencies and Companion gifts Resetting of all Companion Influence to 0 Resetting progress of all Alliance Commanders to 0 The nature of this exploit…

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SWTOR KotFE Chapter 1 free trial for former subs


The first chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire, is now for a limited time only, available as trial for former subscribers. This will go on until January 4, so here is your chance to heck out the new expansion, if you haven’t already done so.     LIMITED-TIME FREE TRIAL* FORMER SUBSCRIBERS – YOU’RE INVITED! OFFER ENDS JANUARY 4, 2016 (VALID FOR FORMER SUBSCRIBERS WHO OPT IN TO RECEIVING EMAIL) Step into your own Star Wars™ story in Chapter 1, “The Hunt” – ON US! Create your new Level 60 character now and jump right in! Experience a return to BioWare-style storytelling. Confront a powerful new enemy, The Eternal Emperor. Make choices that matter and recruit Companions into your Alliance. Subscribe at any time to continue your saga – Knights of the Fallen Empire is free for Subscribers! Source: Join the forum…

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“Night at the Museum” Meets “Star Wars”


The Oklahoma Science Museum knows how to keep a child’s interest. In fact, I wish I was a kid and I wish I lived in Oklahoma because I would be all over this. On Friday,December 11, Oklahoma Science Museum is hosting a Science Overnight program inspired by the wildly popular “Star Wars” movie franchise. It’s like a big, Star Wars-themed slumber party! The museum director of education and training, Clint Stone, said the overnight exhibit will have trained science educators who teach the visitors about the science of “Star Wars”, comparing ways the real world stacks up against a galaxy far, far away. It’s a timely event, considering the upcoming release of Star Wars: A Force Awakens but it’s more than just exploiting the popularity of the film to get kids interested in science. This is a great example of how Star Wars truly is a culture, rather than just a movie franchise….

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SWTOR NiM Loot Issue / Update

SWTOR NiM Loot Issue  Update

Eric Musco took on the official forums, to report that Nightmare loot are not a guaranteed drop from nightmare operations.   NiM Loot Issue / Update | 12.07.2015, 05:21 PM Hey folks, I have a few updates to pass on regarding the current issues with Nightmare Loot Drops. First, we discovered there is a bug with the percentage chance of a 224 rated item dropping in any of our Nightmare Operations. We plan to address this when we release Chapter 10 (Game Update 4.1) scheduled in February. If we are able to address it sooner, I’ll pass along an update. Aside from that, we realized that we need to make a correction to our Operations and Flashpoints in Fallen Empire blog. Currently it states the following: Nightmare Mode will also be available for all the Operations that had it previously, and will reward the same as the highlighted Hard Mode, as well…

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Fourth Anniversary Rewards for SWTOR

Fourth Anniversary Rewards for SWTOR

BioWare just publiched the Rewards for SWTOR 4th anniversary MOVE INTO CORUSCANT OR DROMUND KAAS FOR ONLY FOUR CREDITS – PLUS NEW DECORATIONS! Help us celebrate the fourth anniversary of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! Beginning December 8th, you can use the “Emergency Fleet Pass” ability located in your ability bar to get the Republic or Imperial Fleet. Then, visit the “Strongholds and Crew Skills” area of the Fleet to get your rewards: Purchase your very own Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds from the Strongholds terminal for only FOUR CREDITS each. Plus, visit the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor to claim exciting in-game rewards including the HK-51 Commemorative Statue, Ebon Hawk Starship Wall Mount and the Ebon Hawk Rest and Recharge animation! Hurry – get your celebratory items by Sunday, January 3, 2016* to help us make this a year to remember! *The Fourth Anniversary promotion for Star Wars™: The Old Republic…

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