Star Wars: Battlefront – Release Date Already Pushed Back?

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Shortly after the E3 trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront was shown, people began speculating a possible release date for the title. A commonly floated time-frame was the first quarter of 2015, placing the game’s release within striking distance of Star Wars:  Episode 7, something which – as I have said before – would indeed make perfect sense from a marketing angle. According to some very recent rumors however, it now looks like a more likely release time-frame for the much awaited title is late 2015/early 2016. While these are indeed just rumors and nothing has been confirmed by DICE in this respect, and while such a push-back of the release date definitely pains die-hard fans of the Star Wars universe, there may unfortunately be some solid reasoning behind it all. While development has indeed begun as evidenced by the above-said E3 trailer, it may already be running late, given how the developer had been forced to abandon work on all its future projects in order to whip Battlefield 4...

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SWTOR Summer Pass- Get it and Save!

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  With summer comes great things for gamers and the SWTOR Summer Pass is a fine example of that! For a limited time only, if you’re not already subbed to SWTOR, you can get a pretty decent discount on a 4-month sub with this summer pass. The 2014 Summer Pass is on sale until June 30th and you can save 33% over the standard monthly cost of a subscription for four months. Here’s what you get with the summer pass: Save 33% over the standard monthly cost for four months of subscription – one-time payment of $39.99USD / 23.99 GBP covers all four months Get unlimited game access to exciting story missions, galactic adventures and more 200 Bonus Cartel Coins to spend on valuable collectibles, XP Boosts, mini-pets and more at the in-game Cartel Market If you’re looking to bring in some friends and family to play with you, to get a discount on your own game and Cartel Market goodies, or even if you wanted to come back to SWTOR after some time off, then this is a great deal to...

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SWTOR Los Angeles Community Cantina Q&A Audio (Cana Rum Bar, June 2014)

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We love to bring you updates from the Community Cantinas that take place in various cities across the map. There is always new and exciting fun to come out of these events and of course, we can’t forget the flash drive goodies. So the Q&A of this Community Cantina was with Eric Musco and you can find a full write-up of that here on You can also listen to the video below (audio only). Here is a snippet: Question: When will we know the rewards for Ranked PVP Season 2? Answer: “We do not like to present the rewards and requirements till at least halfway through the Season” Question: Will classes be able to use weapons that are not intended for the class, i.e Jedi using a blaster? Answer: No, one of the reasons is to allow others to identify the enemy’s class in PVP. Question: Will there be a Dual Spec or Armor Switch upcoming in the game? Answer: “As players we would like to see it added, but not anytime soon. It is on the wall of crazy.” There was also some...

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Video Game Franchises and a Star Wars Legacy

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While recording a podcast for my gaming community tonight, we were discussing E3 this year and the announcements that were made. An interesting topic came up; one that I think could use a little more exploration. Basically, we were talking about video game franchises and in particular, franchises that include more than just a line of video games. We have many popular game franchises that started off as movies, comics or books. And there are some that were later turned into movies and books and even TV shows. When a title takes off like this, we are looking at much more than just a series of games. What we’re really looking at is a brand. And the developers who create these games want to keep the fans interested in their brand. They want to take those loyal gamers and turn them into lifelong fans. However, this tactic is not as easy as it might seem. There has to be a balance between bringing in the new players and also keeping the old fans happy. They need to offer something new and...

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Happy Father’s Day Star Wars Style!

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Today is a day for celebrating the men who brought us into this world- our dear old dads! Thousands of fathers will be kicking back and relaxing today, or grilling up their favorite meals in the sunny backyard. Some will be lazy-ing around in the recliners or taking a dip in the pool. Still, others might go fishing or out to their favorite restaurant for dinner.

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