1.4.3 Patch Notes 10/30/2012

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Servers are back up, and BioWare released a new patch. it’s unknown of this will be the last patch before the release of patch 1.5. Still it’s good to see a fair few fixes in this patch.  Biggest deal is probably the increase in rewards for story mode EC that Jesse Sky posted about a few days ago. There’s also a warzone fix that could have been what has been preventing people from getting into warzones recently.   Classes and Combat Jedi Knight General The visual effects for Awe display more quickly to better match the ability’s effect. Flashpoints and Operations Flashpoints Cademimu Riding the taxi in this Flashpoint no longer causes a client crash. Operations [WEEKLY] Galactic Operations now rewards 15 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8). [WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points now rewards 20 Black Hole Commendations (up from 8). [WEEKLY] Deadly Operations now rewards 10 Black Hole Commendations. Explosive Conflict Warlord Kephess now drops additional Black Hole pieces in Story Mode (2 additional pieces in 8-player and 4 additional pieces in 16-player). Karagga’s Palace The Dessler Turbo is now a guaranteed drop from Karagga the Unyielding in Nightmare Mode. Many bosses in Nightmare Mode now have a chance to drop the M0-GUL Thrall Droid or Karagga’s Unyielding Helm. Terror from Beyond Hypergate Beacons now despawn when the Terror from Beyond transitions from phase 1 to phase 2 in 8- and 16-player Hard Mode. The Terror from Beyond now drops additional Black Hole pieces in Story Mode (2 additional pieces in 8-player and 4 additional pieces in 16-player). Group Finder Group finder now asks players to confirm requests to leave the backfill queue. Leaving the queue will now disable the “queue group” button if the group is in an active phase. The “update role” button is now disabled by default when the invalid group dialogue appears. It is enabled once roles have been updated. The role icon and name for a player being vote kicked now display correctly. An issue that could cause groups that required backfill to lose progress has been corrected. An issue that could cause players to fail to receive daily rewards has been corrected. Previously, players were not considered queued random when the group’s leader had active lockouts, even if the group was queued for random content. Missions and NPCs Missions World Missions Voss Darker than Dark: This mission no longer updates one of its steps prematurely. Class Missions Sith Inquisitor Financing the Enemy: B2-44’s subtitles now progress at a readable speed. NPCs Several probe droids that previously displayed a fictionally incorrect Czerka skin have been updated to the correct appearance. PvP Warzones The Warzone matchmaking system no longer occasionally places players into empty matches. Players no longer occasionally enter a state that prevents them from joining new groups after participating in a Warzone. Huttball An issue that could cause team scoreboards to be unintentionally switched has been corrected. UI The Chat color wheel now functions correctly again. The UI no longer appears briefly on top of loading screens. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes A potential method for Imperial players to reach Anchorhead on Tatooine has been corrected. Some text errors (such as typos and missing translations) have been corrected. Some minor art and cinematic issues have been corrected. Some instances where mood emotes caused facial overlapping (or overlapping with some head slot items) when used with action emotes have been...

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SWTOR 1.4.2 Patch Notes 10/16/2012

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  Servers are back up after almost 12 hours of maintenance today. Not sure what took so long yet, but hopefully the fixed the memory leak some of us suffers from. Below are the patch notes.   Classes and Combat Bounty Hunter Mercenary Sweeping Blasters now correctly causes the player to face the ability’s target. Smuggler Gunslinger Sweeping Gunfire now correctly causes the player to face the ability’s target. Companion Characters General Some companion abilities now show more descriptive failure error messages. Flashpoints and Operations General The UI for lockout tabs (for groups and lockout timers) now displays correctly. Operations Explosive Conflict Some terrain has been adjusted to prevent players from skipping some encounters in this Operation. The Defected Imperial Commander no longer occasionally becomes untargetable. Items Consumables that have an activation time are no longer consumed on a subsequent activation even when that activation is canceled. Missions and NPCs Class Missions Sith Warrior General Faraire: This mission no longer fails to update upon entering its phase. Trooper The Ambush: Corrected an issue that could prevent players from completing this mission. PvP Warzones Implemented changes to correct issues that prevented Warzones from backfilling when a pre-made group member let the Warzone invitation time out. UI General The map and other UI elements no longer occasionally flicker on machines with SLi or Crossfire setups. Maps SLi performance is no longer degraded when opening the Galaxy Map. GTN kiosks now on player ships are now properly represented on the map. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Players who log out on another player’s ship without ever having boarded their own are now correctly evicted to the docking bay. Vehicles can once again be used in the Black Sun, Old Galactic Market, The Works, and the Jedi Temple districts on Coruscant. Resolved an issue that caused the game client to sometimes treat mouse clicks outside of the window as valid clicks when using virtual on-screen keyboards. Performance is no longer degraded in the Walker interior on Ord Mantell when moving the camera around the character. Certain visual effects no longer disappear as they pass over particular types of geometry. Some misplaced art assets, seams or holes in the terrain, and locations where players could become stuck have been...

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SWTOR 1.4.1 Patch Notes 10/9/2012

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Servers are back up after this weeks scheduled maintenance. They did fix alot more things that I thought they would this time. Crew missions are back to full yields, but Bounty hunters are still dealing with random Unload/buff/4pce issues. Check out the full patch notes below: Classes and Combat Jedi Consular Shadow Kinetic Combat Stasis no longer prevents Force Lift from breaking on damage and making its target take less damage. Sith Inquisitor Assassin Darkness Eye of the Storm no longer prevents Whirlwind from breaking on damage and making its target take less damage. Companion Characters General Companions now respect “hide helmet” settings in cinematics and when speaking. Companions Xalek The “Unify Color” option now works with Xalek’s Pants in combination with Neophyte Robe. Crew Skills General Crew Skill Missions now return the correct (higher) amount of materials. Players can no longer consume schematics that they already know. Flashpoints and Operations Flashpoints Maelstrom Prison Grand Moff Kilran’s Fifth Fleet Troopers and Gunners now correctly despawn if the player group is defeated. The False Emperor Jindo Krey’s ship can now be properly destroyed. Operations Explosive Conflict Calibrating Shot (used by Imperial Siege Droids) now reduces damage taken by a smaller amount per stack. Eternity Vault The correct (higher) amount of Rakata and Columi tokens is now dropped in 16-player modes of Eternity Vault. Karagga’s Palace The correct (higher) amount of Rakata and Columi tokens is now dropped in 16-player modes of Karagga’s Palace. Terror from Beyond Killing a tentacle while the Terror from Beyond is enraged in phase 2 now properly damages the boss for 5% of its health instead of 15%. In 16-player Hard Mode, the Terror from Beyond’s enrage timer has been increased to 9 minutes. The Tunneling Tentacle buff on the Terror from Beyond no longer appears in Story Mode. Group Finder Players are no longer able to revive in place while in a Group Finder Operation or Flashpoint. Personal starships now remain docked at their previous location when the player returns from a Group Finder instance after traveling to it from their ship. Items The Marauder’s Battlemaster head piece no longer allows body type 3 heads to clip through it. Legacy Elements of the Legacy panel now update without needing the player to log out and back in. Missions and NPCs General Weekly missions can now be acquired consistently. Missions Hoth Keeping Secrets: This bonus mission now properly grants experience. Jedi Consular Chaos and Harmony: Syo now attacks players correctly. PvP Warzones General Same-faction matches now play the correct voiceovers. Alderaan Civil War Players hit by a knockback while riding a taxi are no longer occasionally killed instantly. Voidstar Voidstar matches no longer occasionally end early and grant a win to the incorrect team. UI General Players can once again right-click names in chat to open the context menu. The “Hide Helmet” option is no longer located in the preferences. It can be accessed via the character window. Galactic Trade Network The GTN now interprets multi-word searches using “and” instead of “or,” returning narrower results as intended. Items on the GTN can now be properly filtered by the Strength stat. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Corrected an issue that caused some female Mirialan characters’ eyeballs to be visible through their eyelids when blinking. Corrected a very rare issue that could cause the incorrect character to be deleted. This could only occur when a player deleted a character immediately after renaming it such that it moved in the character select list due to alphabetization. Grouped characters can no longer become stuck on another player’s...

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1.4.0b Patch Notes

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BioWare is back to a normally schedule with maintenance each Tuesday . Servers are now back up, and below are the Patch notes. Looking at all the known issues with game update 1.4 I must say I had expected a bigger update this time., but I guss little is better then nothing. Check out the path notes below: 1.4.0b Patch Notes 10/2/2012 General Improved performance for players using NVIDIA graphics cards in an SLI configuration. (Please use the default SLI setting or AFR2, as AFR1 will result in poor performance with SWTOR.) Corrected an issue that could prevent players from exiting their personal starship after completing Group Finder...

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Known Issues: Game Update 1.4

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If you’ve been playing SWTOR after 1.4, then you already know there are some bugs and issues. Well, BioWare staff are aware of them as well. This is to be expected any time a large new game update comes out but if you’re wondering whether or not you should report a problem or if it is already a known bug, they released a thread today to help you. Here are the known bugs and issues in Game update 1.4 from Amber Green: Hello everyone! We appreciate you joining us to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and we hope you enjoy the game. As MMORPGs are large and complex projects, inevitably we do discover issues that may affect gameplay. We’re working constantly to fix anything that will affect the player experience, but for now this is our current list of high priority in-game known issues. Please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all bugs that the developers are working on. Also, we encourage you to report any issues that you do not see on this list via the in-game /bug feature. UPDATED: September 27th, 2012 General If players join a group conversation via holocall, their preset mood emote will not function and can not be set. Mood emotes that are set during a cinematic will not update as intended. Players who log out of the game client while on a group member’s ship will be unable to exit the ship after logging back in. Workaround: Players can exit the ship by using their Emergency Fleet Pass ability. Group Finder When attempting to manually add a replacement player to a group that is waiting to fill the slot via the Group Finder Queue, players will not be given an error message indicating that their action is not allowed. Classes and Combat If players enters Group Finder content while on their personal starship, attempting to leave the ship after the content is complete will cause the client to become stuck on the loading screen. Workaround: Using the Galaxy Map to travel to a new location before exiting the starship after Group Finder content will prevent becoming stuck. Under some circumstances, Sith Assassin and Jedi Shadow Lightsabers will remain visible while the character is using stealth. Companion Characters Entering a cut scene can cause hidden companion headgear to reappear in some instances. Workaround: To hide the gear again, players can dismiss and resummon their companion or toggle the “Hide Head Slot” option off and then on again via the Preferences. Companion Lightsaber glowing may persist in some circumstances after the companion has been dismissed. Gault: When the ability “Volley” is activated manually by the player, the channel bar will only appear briefly and the ability will cancel early. When it is used by Gault automatically, the channel will work properly. Companion conversations will not trigger properly in the Drunkard’s Vote Cantina on Coruscant. Nadia Grell: The “Unify Colors to Chestpiece” option does not work with “Master’s MK-2 Lower Robe.” Crew Skills When attempting to learn a schematic that is already known, the schematic will be consumed instead of providing an error. When a moddable item is being reverse engineered, it is possible to add new item modifications into the item before accepting the materials from the reverse engineering process. Doing so will the the item modifications to be lost with no additional materials produced. Flashpoints and Operations The timer for resetting a Flashpoint phase does not reset after 5 minutes as intended. Operation: Terror From Beyond: The “Tunneling Tentacles” buff does not properly update during the encounter with Terror from Beyond. Operation: Terror From Beyond: During the encounter with Kel’Sara, the “Mark of Death” ability will not be visible by players with a Graphics Quality Preset of “Very Low” Operation: Terror From Beyond: Recognizer and Regulator’s targeting reticles may not display properly when players are standing on the outer (blue) circle of the encounter’s platform. Legacy If players are on a mission step that requires them to return to their Capital World (Dromund Kaas or Coruscant), using the Legacy ability “Priority Transport: Capital World” will not properly update the mission step. Workaround: Players must return to their ship, leave the Capital World, and then return by means other than the “Priority Transport: Capital World” Legacy ability in order to advance the mission. Missions and NPCs Missions Class Missions Bounty Hunter: Number One With A Bullet: The loading screen text does not update as intended. This does not affect the character’s game progress, and the mission’s completion is valid. Imperial Agent: Hostile Takeover: When using the “Droid Disguise” to infiltrate the VerveGen Corporation, characters will become completely invisible. NPCs Currently, the Imperial Fleet does not have a Quesh Commendation Vendor Workaround: Imperial players must travel to the planet to spend Quesh commendations. PvP Players who have reached Valor Rank 100 are not properly promoted to Operations Leader in Warzones. Items and Economy When purchasing the Czerka Patroller Speeder from Barik on the Republic Fleet, players will not be given a confirmation box before purchasing. Adding or removing a crystal does not update the credit value of the items as intended. Space Combat Engine trails from the back of ships are not displaying properly. UI GTN: Including multiple words in the “Name” filter of the GTN will provide too many results due to matching at least one word instead of all. GTN: The GTN is currently missing the option to filter items for the “Strength” stat. The “Hide Head Slot” does not function properly when toggled in the options menu (Preferences > Social). Workaround: The toggle works correctly when selected from the Customize Appearance button on the bottom right corner of the Character Window. If a player deletes a character immediately after renaming it, and that rename causes a move in the character list due to alphabetization, the character occupying the slot previously held by the renamed character will be deleted instead. This is a very rare case and it is being corrected as a...

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