1.5.2a Patch Notes 12/6/2012

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  BioWare closed down the servers for an unscheduled maintenance window to apply a new patch. This patch is a fix for the subscriber artifact item equipping bug.  Servers are back up now, so go play. Below are the patch notes:   Items Corrected an issue that prevented players from equipping some crafted Artifact (purple) quality gear.

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1.5.2 Patch Notes 12/4/2012

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Lot’s of fixes this time including 4 quickbar slots for preferred players! Bioware don’t get much love when this game is concerned, but looking at these patch notes, you can tell they are listening and reacting to community feedback. Cartel Market New Additions The Covert Pilot Suit has been added to the Cartel Market! This adaptive armor can be worn by any class at level 1. General A confirmation dialogue is now displayed for Cartel Coin purchases made outside of the Cartel Market. It shares the same “never show again” option as the confirmation for purchases made directly from the Cartel Market. Attempting to purchase an item or unlock your character already owns or cannot use now displays a more appropriate warning dialogue. An issue that prevented some Cartel Market purchases from being delivered correctly has been addressed. Several errors in the French and German Cartel Market tutorials have been corrected. Items Players now receive a notification when...

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1.5.1a Patch Notes 11/28/2012

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BioWare had had an extra  maintenance today fixing the companion character bug that has hunted the players since yesterday.  I understand people are unhappy about bugs like this, but the fury on the forums yesterday was unheard off.  In normal software engineering, each time you add a function, you can easily create test cases for it. function x does blah, put in a test case to see if ti does blah. automate it, the result is the same every time. In something like a game, it’s much much much more complex because you aren’t dealing with just the simple output of some code, you are dealing with interpreted behavior of people using many many things chained together. It’s just not simple or feasible to put together a full set of regression tests everything you make some small changes. when you do something like a massive patch or something, sure, test the hell out of it, spend weeks with people testing and retesting all kinds of things on test systems, internally,...

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1.5.1 Patch Notes 11/27/2012

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As mentioned last week, BioWare has taken down the servers for some Scheduled Maintenance. This time the Customer Support ticket system have been fixed, but now Companion gear does not work. Hopefully this will be fixed asap, or I am afraid that the BioWare forums will become violent. On the bright side,  Major XP Boosts: Discounted 25% to 90 Cartel Coins from 120 Cartel Coins.  It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the f****** century! Check out the patch notes below: General Subscribers are again able to file Customer Support tickets from the Character Selection screen. Cartel Market The following Cartel Market items are on sale! Major XP Boosts: Discounted 25% to 90 Cartel Coins from 120 Cartel Coins. Level 15 Chest Pieces: Discounted 10% to 135 Cartel Coins from 150 Cartel Coins. Medical Probes: Discounted 25% to 375 Cartel Coins from 500 Cartel Coins. The Experimental Flight Suit has been added to the Cartel Market! This adaptive armor can be worn by any...

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SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert

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Dulfy had the opportunity to interview Lead Designer Damion Schubert regarding the F2P option launching yesterday. Dulfy was good enough to take questions from the readers of her blog. reading through the interview I found some of the most interesting key points to be: Armor dyes seems to be in the pipeline No new items to the VIP/Collectors Edition vendors Cathar race will be by purchase only Returning events (i.e. sell your rakghoul items now before the word gets out) Check out the full interview over at dulfu.net or read our small snippet below: What was the biggest challenge in converting such a massive MMO into a FTP model? It would have to be giving away as much as humanly possible to our free to play players, while still ensuring that our subscribers felt like they were getting a great value. Both populations of players are a key component to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s path forward, so getting this tricky balance correct is crucial. Compared to other FTP MMO games in the...

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