Gear Progression – All Classes

Reddit user Advanderer took screenshots of the gear progression of all classes in Star Wars: The old Republic. I’m personally happy that we left the visual progression far behind us in SWTOR. I remember back at the beginning were all level 50 players on the fleet looked exactly the same – Just like in World of Warcraft back in the days.  The idea was you should be able to identify a higher level player just from the gear he wears. I’m happy that’s not the case anymore, and we now get to take our own approach on our looks. Check out the screenshots below:                    

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Returning to SWTOR after 2 Years- A Player Album

We stumbled across this little goodie and had to share it with you, especially after just having recently written about players returning to the game and what to expect from SWTOR. So here we have a fan submission to imgur of their return to SWTOR after a 2 year hiatus. It’s really a lot of fun and you know how we love fan creations so we had to share it with you. The best parts are not the screenshots alone, but the captions with them that really seals the deal and completes the total package. This is far more than just some screenshots of a video game. This is true storytelling and it’s quite entertaining to read through. I giggled and laughed, then laughed some more as I went through each one and the captions. Check it out for yourself and be sure to let us know if you have…

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All SWTOR Loading Screens!

Here are all 50 SWTOR loading screens in one place. It just doesn’t get any better than this. There’s Alderaan to Coruscant, PVE Space Combat scenes, various PVP arenas, Operations, Flashpoints, Empire and Republic Fleet and the empty “Make your own” loading screen. Check them all about below. You can also follow the links through to Imgur and download them individually or pick out your favorite ones. Let us know your favorites in the comments. Have you tried to make your own loading screens? What would your favorite loading screen entail?

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BioWare calls for your screenshots!

BioWare is celebrating the second anniversary for Star Wars: The Old Republic and ask players to send in screenshots that make the game unique for them. These screenshots can be from your fondest memories to your best moments in the game and include your favorite places and characters. Check out the announcement below: SEND US YOUR “My SWTOR Saga” SCREENSHOTS! Between now and December 15th, 11:59PM PST / December 16th, 7:59AM GMT, send us your screenshots for a chance to be featured on our official Facebook page! It’s easy to participate: Screenshots should not be retouched or enhanced Screenshots must solely utilize in-game environments and objects Screenshots must be at least 800×600 We recommend turning off your User Interface All submissions are subject to the Electronic Arts Terms of Service. EMAIL YOUR SCREENSHOTS ALONG WITH YOUR CHARACTER NAME AND SERVER TO SUBMISSIONS_EN@SWTOR.COMBEFORE DECEMBER 15TH, 11:59PM PST / DECEMBER 16TH 7:59AM GMT.

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“That’s So SWTOR!” Screenshot Contest – And the winner is…

Recently we brought you news of the “That’s So SWTOR” Screenshot Contest on Reddit and there is now officially a winner of the 2400 Cartel Coin card giveaway. The winner is Tacogoat! Her submission can be found here: The contest host explains why she chose this as the winning entry: ” really feels like what I wanted out of this contest. The picture is alive! Lots of people being social, some guilds, some not, some republic, some inperial. Just wonderful. There’s lots of different things going on, too, but it’s still very easily recognizable as the Star Wars universe. Twi’lek Holodancers, lightsabers, droids, a Nar Shaddaa cantina… and that’s totally a holo-rancor in the back! It really just jumped out at me, but it definitely wasn’t the only one. I really loved a lot of the more cinematicly themed ones and the beautiful landscapes. So many great pictures! It was not…

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The “That’s So SWTOR!” Screenshot Contest – 2400 Cartel Coin Card Giveaway!

What do you see when you first think of SWTOR? What if you had a chance to win 2400 Cartel Coins by sharing a screenshot that makes you think “That’s so SWTOR!” You can learn more from the Community post here on Reddit: Community Post | The “That’s So SWTOR!” Screenshot Contest – 2400 Cartel Coin Card Giveaway! | 7/5/13 Howdy guys! As mentioned last Friday, I’m starting a contest today to find the single most SWTOR screenshot. What does that mean? Well, it means that I want to see what SWTOR means to you! What screenshot have you taken that really remind you of everything that SWTOR is to you. Here are the rules: You can submit up to 3 pictures, but please only make one post. You can vote on submissions, but I will be choosing the winner, so don’t bother trying to downvote other peoples’ submissions. I…

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Cantina Tour LA Exclusive- Pics, Updates and More

flash drive 3

Cantina Tour LA Exclusive – Caña Rum Bar, Los Angeles – Flash Drive Data Dump! E3 Info & Pictures for 2.3 The SWTOR Community Cantina has passed and TORWars brought us a lot of great info from the event. For those of us who couldn’t be there ourselves, this is a gold mine of data and information! SWTOR Community Cantina Thumb Drive Exclusive Assets In this post, they tell us all about the exclusive thumb drive and the data that it contains, with pictures. This included a sneak peek of what we might all see from SWTOR in the near future. And it includes a gallery of images to give you some ideas of what we can be on the lookout for over the next few weeks or so. SWTOR Community Cantina Exclusive: Bounty Hunter Event And Hangar Decorations And in this post, they tell us all about the SWTOR Community Cantina….

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SWTOR Fashion Friday for 6/7/13


Reddit has a pretty cool community event for SWTOR going on called Fashion Friday and if you’re into fashion, SWTOR, roleplaying or just good fun, then you’ll probably like this. I’ve been following it for a few weeks now and there are some nice things coming out of it. Each week, user goldegl explains the rules: Please upvote for visibility. Self-posts give no karma. Alright, you fashionistas, let’s see em! I have been pretty amazed at some of the awesome looks that have come up in the past few weeks. I hope people save some of these awesome screenshots/looks in case they were needed for some kind of contest or giveaway or something… (In the business, we call that foreshadowing) But aaaaaanyways, let’s see what you got this week, folks! If you guys want to submit ideas or request a change with something, or even better, if you want to submit any…

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Tales from the Republic Fleet

  “That’s amazing… you look just like me!” “Yeah, the doc did a great job. Your looks and charm got us in, now I should be able to get to the Senator’s computer. So, let’s get ready for the big date tomorrow night.” “Right. First thing – DON’T mention anything about the Senator’s hairpiece, he’s very self-conscious about it!…”   “The slaver said they were on a ship bound for Lonos Prime.” “Lonos? Keval, that’s in Sith space!” “I know, but I have a plan – there’s a slicer that can get us some fake ident chips and a transponder. That’ll get us onto the planet, at least.” *sighs* “Alright, brother. I should be able to meet up with you in a few days.” “Sounds good. I promise you, Jorda, we’ll find Mother and Father.” Oh yes, here we have Tales from the Republic Fleet. Previously we brought you the…

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