E3: More screenshots

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Danish SWTOR Fansite swtor.dk was quick to capture some screenshots of BioWares live stream earlier today ( More on this in a later news post). Here we get glimpse at  Tropper, Jedi and Smuggler in what looks to be a Alderaan operation.  Check them out...

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E3: New SWTOR Screenshots just released

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BioWare released a dozen of new screenshots at this years E3 conference. The screenshots features Tatooine, new player vehicles and what looks like a new Raid operation named Ulgo. Check them out below: Ulgo: player vehicles...

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Facebook Image of The Week #15

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Some how we mange to forget BioWares weekly facebook Image. So one day late. Here it is: Dromund Kaas is a beacon of efficiency and discipline. With a fully militarized society, police actions are rarely needed.

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Facebook Image of The Week #14

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BioWare has released a new screenshot of SWTOR. This time BioWare takes us back to Taris. Here is the picture description: “A Ferrazid Hound prowls the undergrowth on Taris, trundling tirelessly after the scent of prey.”

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Facebook Image Of The Week #13

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BioWare updated their facebook page with a new screenshot of Star Wars: The old Republic. This time the description is: The Senate Tower on Coruscant, with its beautiful architecture, provides a sometimes contrasting background to the political maneuverings that take place within it.

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