Pax East Trooper Character Sheet

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This photo was mailed to us along with the SWTOR Class Background Sheets we posted last week. Unfortunately it got lost, but is now it’s found. There is still some confusion about if it is leaked material that the Leakerz guys are behind or if it is PAX material. But our source tells us that it is takes with a mobile phone at this years pax east – and we choose to belive so, because sharing beta leaks is bad m’kay.

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PC Gamers prints two new screenshots

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The latest issue of PC Gamer has a 4 page writeup on Star Wars: The old republic. The article takes up and  angle on how the game will change the MMORPG genre for ever  – some for good and some for the bad. The article also shows 2 new screenshots I don’t believe have been published before. – First one is a screeny of what appears to be an Imperial Agent dual-weilding some sort of daggers and sneaking up on a Cathar (NPC?) from behind. – The second one is a group of 3 Republic characters… a human Smuggler Gunslinger, a human Trooper and a Mirialan Jedi Knight. The Trooper has no helmet on, is huge, and carrying a huge weapon. In front of a Republic base on… maybe Belsavis? There is nothing new revealed in the article apart from the new screens – well maby a  dual-weilding melee Imperial Agent? Check out the pictures below:...

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Facebook Image Of The Week

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It’s Wednesday and BiowWare have posted a new Image on their facebook page. This time it’s a picture of the anthanide mine on Alderaan: Vicious Killiks drove the workers from this Lanthanide mine on Alderaan, claiming the tunnels as part of their sprawling hive.

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Facebook Image Of The Week #4

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I forgot all about BioWare’s weekly Facebook image update yesterday. This one is called: Speeder bikes transport reinforcements directly into the heat of the battle on Alderaan.

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Facebook Image of the Week: Sith Inquisitor

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Imperial forces slowly gain ground in a violent confrontation, pushing this Jedi Knight and his strike team further from their objective.

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