Another look at the character selection screen and London Hands-on Event Impressions

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Even though no news sites are allowed to posts images or write reviews about the UK Press Event a few pictures has already shown up. This one was posted by Stephen Reid on Twitter just before guests showed up: I expect many interesting reviews, pictures and movies to show up the comming weeks, until then, we have to settle for the hands on that was posted on the official forums Many of you are aware of the UK Community Event we’re holding at Gamerbase, where community members get some hands-on time with the game. If you got to play, we want to hear your impressions! If you’re one of the lucky folks who attended the event, let us know how it went for you and share your impressions with your fellow community members. I know everyone is eager to hear your stories, and the whole Community Team is very excited about the event, so share away! We’ll try to collect as many impressions as we can in this first post for easy reference! Quote: Originally Posted by deanogee I thought the (Jedi Knight) gameplay was pretty smooth and the story progressed nicely as your were immersed straight away into a “heroes” role.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Darth-Reaver Ok so i just want to say it was great to meet and chat to Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid So i played the Sith Warrior for half my time and the other half i played a Bounty Hunter, the game runs nice and smooth quest system was easy to follow.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by burnsyy i really enjoyed the jedi consular it is what i was hoping for i didnt get to lvl 10 but heh no 1 i saw even got pass lvl 5 but yeah titles start after lvl 10 Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Dariel Played a Sith Inquisitor tonight at the event. Only got to level 4 but I absolutely loved the voice over. Even the random NPCs standing around which don’t have much of a purpose are talking to each other and they have voice over too whilst they chat, continuously found my self stopping and listening to what they had to gossip about.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by matteh I played the trooper, had a great time playing grouped with another 2 troopers Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Nighthaunterz Just got back from the London event and I’m ready to give my humble opinions. I’ll get this out of the way first and say that I had had a great time at the event. The game was fun and all of the Devs were awesome. We all got a t-shirt and a signed poster, more awesome.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by JamieM I played a Sith Warrior Pureblood for my 50 mins or so – from what I can tell you the game looks really, really good.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight I decided to play my second choice of a main, the Bounty Hunter. A Ratataki.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by DarthViscus I played as a Chiss Agent. The story was very gripping from the start, I found myself skipping dialogue only because I did not want to get too engrossed in the story due to time restrictions.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by rapidity Arrived for the 9pm slot. Played as the trooper. Got to level 4 in the time (with also a quick go on an all the other republic classes), and i can say i was thoroughly impressed.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Orellian Hi All, My experience at the 9pm session today was what I believe to be a ‘unique one’.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Saigo The force is…. showing potential in this one! Okay, so just got back from the UK get to play (#SWTORGB) event and I have to say, well, I’m impressed.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by MEHColeman So, I got to play swtor today at the 9pm session. It was fan-tas-tic! I made a couple of notes:The PCs were set up with either 4 republic or 4 empire characters (one of each class) It made me think that the game is set up so that you are locked to one faction per server. There were empty character slots on the start screen, and I can’t think of another explanation why they didn’t have all 8 classes on each PC.Click here to read more. Quote: Originally Posted by Costello Just got back and time for some feedback. I played a Sith Warrior (I’m pretty sure Human though could have been half Ogre from the look of him) and a Chiss Agent.Click Here to Read MoreAdded Information Quote: Originally Posted by Karduth I played a Jedi Consular at the 7pm session. When I was given my first quest to collect the Holocrons (only to find out later that one was missing), I thought it would be the basic Fed Ex quests you see elsewhere.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by Aestel Apologies for the readability but its rather late: I was fortunate to play a female human Jedi Knight at the event. We weren’t allowed to access the character creation however my character had a lightish skin tone with shortish red hair swept straight back along with two long scars one running diagonally across her right eye and one running bellow the right eye.Click Here to Read More Quote: Originally Posted by DeathCorp Hi everyone, I played at the 7pm event, which I will start with saying was absolutely fantastic. Brilliant evening, so thanks to all of the BioWare team for that!Click Here to Read MoreAdditional review. Quote: Originally Posted by JonoBradley SWTORGB Trooper Analysis. Firstly let me say; I’m starving, hungry and tired. Yet...

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Pax East Trooper Character Sheet

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This photo was mailed to us along with the SWTOR Class Background Sheets we posted last week. Unfortunately it got lost, but is now it’s found. There is still some confusion about if it is leaked material that the Leakerz guys are behind or if it is PAX material. But our source tells us that it is takes with a mobile phone at this years pax east – and we choose to belive so, because sharing beta leaks is bad m’kay.

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PC Gamers prints two new screenshots

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The latest issue of PC Gamer has a 4 page writeup on Star Wars: The old republic. The article takes up and  angle on how the game will change the MMORPG genre for ever  – some for good and some for the bad. The article also shows 2 new screenshots I don’t believe have been published before. – First one is a screeny of what appears to be an Imperial Agent dual-weilding some sort of daggers and sneaking up on a Cathar (NPC?) from behind. – The second one is a group of 3 Republic characters… a human Smuggler Gunslinger, a human Trooper and a Mirialan Jedi Knight. The Trooper has no helmet on, is huge, and carrying a huge weapon. In front of a Republic base on… maybe Belsavis? There is nothing new revealed in the article apart from the new screens – well maby a  dual-weilding melee Imperial Agent? Check out the pictures below:...

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Facebook Image Of The Week

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It’s Wednesday and BiowWare have posted a new Image on their facebook page. This time it’s a picture of the anthanide mine on Alderaan: Vicious Killiks drove the workers from this Lanthanide mine on Alderaan, claiming the tunnels as part of their sprawling hive.

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Facebook Image Of The Week #4

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I forgot all about BioWare’s weekly Facebook image update yesterday. This one is called: Speeder bikes transport reinforcements directly into the heat of the battle on Alderaan.

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