SWTOR Fashion Friday for 6/7/13


Reddit has a pretty cool community event for SWTOR going on called Fashion Friday and if you’re into fashion, SWTOR, roleplaying or just good fun, then you’ll probably like this. I’ve been following it for a few weeks now and there are some nice things coming out of it. Each week, user goldegl explains the rules: Please upvote for visibility. Self-posts give no karma. Alright, you fashionistas, let’s see em! I have been pretty amazed at some of the awesome looks that have come up in the past few weeks. I hope people save some of these awesome screenshots/looks in case they were needed for some kind of contest or giveaway or something… (In the business, we call that foreshadowing) But aaaaaanyways, let’s see what you got this week, folks! If you guys want to submit ideas or request a change with something, or even better, if you want to submit any…

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Tales from the Republic Fleet

  “That’s amazing… you look just like me!” “Yeah, the doc did a great job. Your looks and charm got us in, now I should be able to get to the Senator’s computer. So, let’s get ready for the big date tomorrow night.” “Right. First thing – DON’T mention anything about the Senator’s hairpiece, he’s very self-conscious about it!…”   “The slaver said they were on a ship bound for Lonos Prime.” “Lonos? Keval, that’s in Sith space!” “I know, but I have a plan – there’s a slicer that can get us some fake ident chips and a transponder. That’ll get us onto the planet, at least.” *sighs* “Alright, brother. I should be able to meet up with you in a few days.” “Sounds good. I promise you, Jorda, we’ll find Mother and Father.” Oh yes, here we have Tales from the Republic Fleet. Previously we brought you the…

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Create Your Own SWTOR Loading Screens

Do you want to know how to create your own loading screens? A lot of SWTOR players were having a lot of fun creating their own custom loading screens to help bring a little something new to the game. Well now you can learn how to do it on your own. Dijon posts on As requested by a number of users, I’ve created a simple template for making loading screens and will include loading screens for each panorama I create from now on. It’s very easy to replace your loading screen – make sure to create a backup of the original! Bioware has suggested to be cautious with this, patching may require a repair if there is an altered background. Honestly, I’ve never encountered this. But beware! Panorama update tomorrow! Cheers, Dijon Along with it you will find several great panorama templates to help you make your own custom…

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Facebook Image of the Week #41

You know it’s wednesday when BioWare updates the official Star wars the old republic Facebook page with a new screenshot. This time we get to see some Rancore action. Remember we also got our own Facebook page, and we would love to see you there. Anyways. Here is today’s FB pic: On Belsavis, a group of Imperial forces defend one of their strongholds from a deadly rancor.

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Facebook Image of the Week #40

BioWare have updated there facebook fanpage with a new screenshot. This time we get to see the beauty of Nar Shaddaa Upper City. These Screenshots is getting less and less interesting as we can pretty much se the game by our self now, but we will keep you updated on these images until the game comes out. Though Nar Shaddaa’s upper city is ablaze with brightly colored neon lights, the lower cities of the Smuggler’s Moon are rife with danger.

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Facebook Image of the Week #38

Today BioWare updated there Facebook page with a screenshot of the Eternity Vault. The flashpoints we get to play in 30 days ( if you pre ordered).  As far as I understand this flashpoint should give us some more inside to what happened with the Infinite Empire – the guys that made The Star Forge. Check out the screenshot below: The Eternity Vault, a remnant of a once powerful empire, is believed to house ‘The Infernal One,’ an ancient and deadly evil that poses a risk to the entire galaxy.

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