Screenshot Extravaganza

The second Beta weekend for Star Wars the old republic is over and tons of information has started to hit the net.  So far all impressions i have been reading has been positive, and people is already missing the game. Below is a bunch of screenshots from the beta, all hosted in standard Imgur albums, so be sure to use the arrows to check out the everything the album contains.

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Facebook Image of The Week #29

BioWare almost had us yesterday as they updated there Facebook profile with a new Screenshot. We diden’t get the week days wrong though, but BioWare treated us to a new screenshot as they hit 400.000 fans on the page. Today is a normal Wednesday though and a new screenshot awaits us. Todays screenshot is from inside an Imperial space station: A large space station in the midst of the Imperial Fleet serves as a hub for transportation and a trading center for Imperial forces as they travel the galaxy.

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