Facebook Image of the Week #40

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BioWare have updated there facebook fanpage with a new screenshot. This time we get to see the beauty of Nar Shaddaa Upper City. These Screenshots is getting less and less interesting as we can pretty much se the game by our self now, but we will keep you updated on these images until the game comes out. Though Nar Shaddaa’s upper city is ablaze with brightly colored neon lights, the lower cities of the Smuggler’s Moon are rife with...

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Facebook Image of the Week #39

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For some reason we forgot the weekly SWTOR Screenshot yesterday. Our apologies, but BioWare did infact update the official Star wars: the old republic Facebook page with a new screenshot. This time of Nar Shaddaa. Shrouded by the bright lights of upper Nar Shaddaa, the Undercity is home to countless gangs, cartels and fugitives.

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Sabacc, futur mini game in TOR? new pazaak?

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This table appears in the esseles since the last build. If we click it say “this table does not accept new player at the moment”. To me it seems like BioWare are finally including  pazaak into SWTOR. It would be pretty strange not to really, as pazaak was a big deal in the KOTOR games. Now we only need swoop racing.

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Facebook Image of the Week #38

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Today BioWare updated there Facebook page with a screenshot of the Eternity Vault. The flashpoints we get to play in 30 days ( if you pre ordered).  As far as I understand this flashpoint should give us some more inside to what happened with the Infinite Empire – the guys that made The Star Forge. Check out the screenshot below: The Eternity Vault, a remnant of a once powerful empire, is believed to house ‘The Infernal One,’ an ancient and deadly evil that poses a risk to the entire...

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Random gameplay videos and screenshots

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The internet has been surging with new beta gameplay footage since this weekends beta session. Here is a compilation of the best material found on Reddit. Check it out: The Smuggler, world’s greatest actor! How to properly play the Jedi Consular. Bounty Hunter Healing PVP Huttball Lots of beta screenshots in 1920×1080 resolution More...

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