SWTOR Performance Status Update

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As promised last week, the SWTOR team is releasing more details on the ability delay and server lag, we all have been experiencing since game update 3.0 . Below wall of text is a good example of being transparent and informative without going overboard. Thank you Eric, now let’s keep it up all year.   EricMusco Performance Status Update | 01.09.2015, 04:11 PM Hey folks, As I mentioned in my post last week, we have been working hard on assessing and figuring out how to address the “lag” issues which have been prominent since Game Update 3.0 went live. After speaking with our engineers, we thought the following would help explain what’s happening and what we are doing to address the issues: What The Problems Are Here are some of the issues that players have been experiencing since the launch of Game Update 3.0: Server performance: Ability delay, Latency issues Client performance: A drop in framerate The game having a general “laggy” feeling, which is really a mix of the above Causes and Their Status As you might expect, when you start to talk about performance, almost every game system has an effect. Once the performance issues with Game Update 3.0 were identified, we needed to isolate what was causing them, and narrowed it down to two main sources: Server code – There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes to keep the game running. The main symptom of server related issues is something we call “hitching”. Server hitching is the main culprit behind what a lot of you will commonly refer to as lag in SWTOR. The servers are busy processing responses from all the players at once, and sometimes a particular activity on the server can take longer than usual. This is basically the equivalent of a low “framerate” on the server rather than on your client. Server hitching occurs when you issue a command on your client (such as activating an ability, moving your character, opening a vendor) and there is a delay in the server actually performing that command. The server will “hitch” in its response since it is taking a long time to deal with your action or the actions of other players. For the most part, this behavior is responsible for nearly all of the problem areas mentioned above. Note: Many of you noticed that shortly after Game Update 3.0 we made a quick change to limit the amount of players in each planetary instance. This was an interim solution to this problem as lowering the number players in a specific area reduces the impact of server hitching to the player. We’ll continue to monitor and adjust this number as needed. Status: We’ve implemented changes in Patch 3.0.2 to address some of these issues. We will continue to monitor and make additional adjustments, as needed. The User Interface – Next up is our game’s UI. Following Game Update 3.0, we noticed a large spike in time spent rendering our UI. This caused a lot of the framerate issues many of you reported. Keep in mind that the UI will always have some performance impact versus having it turned off—it’s busy doing something, after all. The question is how much time is acceptable to spend rendering the UI, and what can we do to improve it. Status: Several changes have been made for 3.0.2 to address the UI’s performance issues. I learned a few other things while talking with the development team. First is our data tracking around performance. We are constantly monitoring the performance of the game to determine when things have gotten worse and to find ways to address it. That data, as well as your feedback, reports to Customer Service, and information from the Forums helped isolate the major focus areas. After reviewing all our performance data, we were able to pinpoint some pretty critical areas. The engineers informed me that any code change will have a profound impact regardless of the change, so they consider them very high risk. That means extensive testing! A bad change could take down the entire service, or at least cause some surprising bugs. Second is how performance is adjusted – think of it as a sliding scale. Our engineers will constantly make optimizations where we can to help move that slider in the direction of best performance. When we implement new features, or new systems, typically they require additional game resources and impact our overall performance and the slider moves away from “best”. For example, last year we made substantial changes to the way our chat systems worked and it had a dramatic and positive impact on performance. In fact, performance for the chat system has never been better. Each time we patch the game, it typically includes slider performance adjustments of some type, even if they have a very small impact. We know Game Update 3.0 moved the slider in the wrong direction, but we fully intend to get to back to pre-3.0 performance and improve it even more. I know performance is far from perfect and that changes aren’t coming quite as fast as we wish they were. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many of you. Please know that we are working on them and will get performance back to a better place! -eric   [Image...

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Server Lag Being Reduced with game update 3.0.1

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Bioware is fixing the server lag issues that came with game update 3.0. hopefully they do not nerf instance sizes though, but it looks like it. Hey folks, First off, I apologize if you feel that we haven’t communicated around looking into the lag/delay issues which have been happening since 3.0 launched. When 3.0 / SoR early access started there were quite a few issues around things like ability delay. We worked very quickly to make some changes to our “instances” in order to help alleviate those problems. Since then we have been monitoring lag across the game and making adjustments as best we can to remove any issues that players are experiencing. Tomorrow we are adjusting things further in hopes that this will further improve performance or even completely remove those issues. That said, we are always going to be looking at performance and making improvements where possible. We want you to have the best experience you can while journeying through Rishi and Yavin 4! -eric Second Post: Source Does that just regard the ability delay or also the FPS drops in warzones and operations? I know that we are aware of all of the issues you listed. Abilities along with performance in WZs, Ops, and planetary content. I believe a lot of the fixes we have put in prior, and tomorrow, are targeted primarily at planets. However, I would need to verify. Like I said, I know we are aware of and looking into Ops and WZs as well! -eric Third Post: Source I think he is referring to whether you are addressing both server performance (i.e., lag, which mostly noticeably affects ability activation) as well as client performance (i.e., fps issues and/or stuttering). I’m glad you’re working to address the server issues, but do you have any ETA or information on work being done to address client performance? Yup, totally understand! I do not have an ETA right now but I can tell you we are aware and looking into those issues as well....

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SWToR server issues lead to Patch 2.9.0d

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It’s no secret that since yesterday a number of SWToR servers have experienced a series of issues. Lag spikes, dropped connections and queues started with the Harbinger server, and then expanded to Begeren Colony and the Bastion. These issues forced Bioware to take these servers offline for maintenance today. According to an official post by Eric Musco at the SWToR community forums, players in the Harbinger server experienced some “rollback” after the server’s downtime. Musco was also quick to point out that no other servers were going to be affected by this issue. The situation eventually lead to the announcement of Patch 2.9.0d set to be deployed tomorrow.

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Only a few days remaining to voluntarily transfer off the SWTOR APAC servers

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Just a heads up that On Tuesday, August 13 the APAC servers will be demolished and all characters on them forcibly transferred to a new server. Eric Musco writes;; Hey folks, Just to clear up any confusion from the email yesterday, the consolidations are going to happen on August 13th as listed, which is quite a bit more than one week away. That actually gives you approximately three weeks before the consolidations happen. Just to reiterate, the consolidation will happen in approximately three weeks on August 13th. Sorry for the confusion, thanks everyone! -eric For those of you that will be affected by this consolidation, here  the following servers tranfers: Dalborra -> The Harbinger Master Dar’Nala -> The Bastion Gav Daragon -> Bergeren Colony If you’d like to actually choose where your APAC character ends up (you can pick from any non-Asia-Pacific server), you need to follow these instructions: Go to your “My Account” page by clicking on your username in the top right corner of SWTOR.com On the left hand side, scroll down to Character Transfer Once there, select your current APAC server and then the character you wish to transfer Now select your destination server (where you want to move your character) Press the transfer...

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Patch 2.2.1 Slated for 6/25 (Expected Paid Transfers)

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  A few days ago we wrote about the price for paid server transfers. Most people hoped that this transfers would come with game update 2.2 but unfortunately it was removed in the last minute. Yesterday Eric Musco had some update about it as he shed some light on the targeted date for patch 2.2.1. There are no guarantees that server transfers will be live with the next game update, but the devs are working on it. Hey folks, I just posted here, the current target date for 2.2.1 is 6/25. One thing I wanted to stress is that it is not a guarantee that transfers will be in 2.2.1. It is our goal to get them to all of you as fast as we can as a part of 2.2.1, but we will not release it until it is working correctly....

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