Assassin / Shadow Top 3 Answers

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  Here are the top 3 Assassin / Shadow Answers: Madness in PvP The Madness Assassin has been grossly revamped from its original state pre-xpac, which in turn has caused many players to become repulsed by its current playstyle. Due to the changes, Madness also suffered a dramatic hit in PvP, losing access to its Insta-Whirlwind utility and the loss of Maul procs which also goes to hurt its burst potential. In addition, the spec suffers from being far too easy to kill (having no true stealth benefits) with no real execution power to actually down targets beyond fluff damage, therefore making it seemingly a useless fighter on the field in comparison to what other classes / specs can do. With no team utility, lack of kill power and absurdly low survivability, what exactly is the purpose of a Madness Assassin on the battlefield? Are there any plans to alter or change the viability of the spec in PvP? The purpose of the Madness/Balance Assassin/Shadow on the field of battle is to put a great deal of pressure on the enemy by dealing a large amount of sustained damage. If left unchecked, a Madness/Balance Assassin/Shadow should be able to devastate enemy forces with their high damage output. We know that the relatively low sustained damage output of the Madness/Balance Assassin/Shadow has prevented players from adequately fulfilling this role, and we do have plans to alter the viability of Madness/Balance Assassins/Shadows in PvP. We are currently working to improve their performance in the 2.8 update. You can read up on and discuss the latest information regarding these improvements in our Public Test Server forum. At the time of this writing, here are the current 2.8 changes that affect Madness/Balance Assassins/Shadows: Assassin/Shadow General Assassin’s/Shadow’s Training now additionally reduces the activation time of Whirlwind/Force Lift by 1 second. Mass Mind Control will now taunt NPC’s while Dark Charge/Combat Technique is active and reduce threat when Dark Charge/Combat Technique is not active. Lightning Charge/Force Technique, Surging Charge/Shadow Technique, and Dark Charge/Combat Technique no longer require 100 Force to activate but do consume all available Force when activated. Madness/Balance Haunted Dreams/Containment now lowers the activation time of Whirlwind/Force Lift by 0.5/1.0 second(s) while Lightning Charge/Force Technique is active (up from 0.25/0.5 seconds). Shapeless Spirit/Mental Defense now causes Mass Mind Control to grant a 15/30% reduction in damage taken by the Assassin/Shadow for 6 seconds, along with its other effects. Raze/Force Strike now has a 100% chance to activate on melee attacks (up from 60%). Bloodletting/Crush Spirit now grants a 15/30% chance for damaging periodic effects to trigger Bloodletting/Crush Spirit, which finishes the active cooldown on Assassinate/Spinning Strike and makes your next Assassinate/Spinning Strike usable on a target at any health level. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds. Creeping Terror/Sever Force now deals slightly more damage. Discharge/Force Breach deals slightly more damage while Lightning Charge/Force Technique is active. Lightning Burns/Rippling Force now also has a 50/100% chance to trigger from Creeping Terror/Sever Force damage. Lingering Nightmares/Mind Warp now increases the damage dealt by Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush by 16.5/33% instead of increasing the duration of its periodic effect. Please remember that the notes above are still subject to change as we continue to develop the 2.8 update. PvE Assassin’s Capability Both DPS specs of the Assassin: Deception and Madness currently suffer from their own unique hindrances that puts us behind on the DPS markers by a fair amount. Whilst Deception may be performing alright in PvP, its PvE mirror isn’t exactly optimal, suffering from high fluctuations spawned by RNG elements such as the ability to land critical hits which may make or break Deception’s DPS output or the current rate limit’s incarnation. Due to its dependency on high surge talents or its random force regeneration mechanics, the spec can perform great when the stars align but when they don’t – it severely falls behind. Then Madness’ target switching capability seems lacking whilst the rotation itself feels clunky, as if something is missing. It is the only spec that does not utilize the signature ability Maul and generally feels starved for force within its Thrash-spamming rotation. The top-end Madness ceiling feels low, relative to the balance norm, and looking at top damage dealers seen here or here on the Operations dummy and on a large number of boss fights confirms this. A burst filler such as Maul, Force Lightning, Shock or even a proc that triggers Assassinate could help to solve the missing link and raise the DPS ceiling in line with similar classes. The stated intent of all DPS classes is to perform within the 5% bracket. Do you actually feel Assassins are performing up to par in that design intentl? Are there any plans to help us out in this area? We do not believe that Assassins/Shadows are currently capable of dealing competitive sustained damage for endgame PvE content, and that is one of the things we are aiming to fix with the 2.8 update. The answer to the PvP question above contains a list of many potential changes to the Madness/Balance Assassin/Shadow that increase sustained damage. Our goal is to make Madness/Balance Assassins/Shadows a viable choice for picky Nightmare Operation group leaders once the 2.8 update goes live. Deception/Infiltration Assassins/Shadows already do quite well in PvP, even with their uncompetitive sustained damage output. Their skill tree provides them with very effective burst damage, and at this time we have no plans to boost their sustained damage for fear of creating unstoppable killing machines in PvP. In the more distant future, we might diminish some of Deception’s/Infiltration’s burst damage output in exchange for more sustained damage output, but we cannot currently provide a timeframe for any potential changes. The Phase Walk Enigma While Phase Walk finds a solid use in PvP or even for the Assassin Tank in PvE, the PvE DPS variants of the Assassin have practically no use for the ability. Outside a random escape or perhaps a near impractical situation,...

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Assassin Leveling Build For game update 2.0

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We haven’t been posting many SWTOR builds for a while, but here is a new one from. from This time we take a look at a Sith Inquisitor Assassin Build For PVE/Leveling. The build is a good mix of damage and survivorbility as well.  Sith Inquisitors in SWTOR can become one of two advanced classes at level 10, a Sith Assassin (DPS / Tank Class) or a Sith Sorcerer (DPS / Healer). The Sith Assassin uses a double bladed light saber they use to do impressive melee damage. The assassin class also make good tanks, they are more of an avoidance based tank but do make use of their force skills and shields to tank. Assassins have three trees to choose talents from: Darkness (DPS tree), Deception (DPS tree) and Madness (a shared DPS tree shared with the Sith Sorcerer Class). As always I I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all amazing features. It is available right here. 3/3 Charge Mastery 2/2 Lightning Reflexes 2/2 Lightning Recovery 2/2 Swelling Shadows 2/3 Electric Execution 1/1 Dark Ward 1/1 Energize 2/2 Premonition 1/1 Disjunction 3/3 Blood of Sith 2/2 Hollow 2/2 Electrify 1/1 Force Pull 2/2 Dark Bulwark 3/3 Mounting Darkness 2/2 Harnessed Darkness 2/2 Assassins Shelter 2/2 Conspirators Cloak 1/1 Wither 3/3 Chain Shock 2/2 Avoidance 2/2 Sith Defiance 2/2 Torment 1/3 Exploitive Strikes Stat Priority: Absorption (60%) = Shield (65%) > Defence (20%) >= Endurance > Willpower >= Accuracy (110%) Single Target Rotation: Dark Ward > force Lightning > Wither > Discharge > Shock > Assassinate >Thrash > Saber Strike Try and maintain Dark Ward at all times. Use Saber Strike if you fall below 20 force. Try and keep the debuffs active from Wither and Discharge Multiple Target: Wither >Discharge > Overload > Lacerate Survivability Options: Overcharge Saber Force Cloak Deflection Unbreakable Will Phase Walk Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old...

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Sith Inquisitor Class Changes in RotHC

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Senior Designer on Star Wars: The Old Republic Austin Peckenpaugh is unstoppable this week as he continues running through all the class changes coming with SWTOR Rise of the hutt cartel. Check ouot the original story here, or check it out below. If you missed any of the other class updates posted this week, you can check the out here: Smuggler Class Changes in RotHC Imperial Agent Class Changes in RotHC Jedi Knight Class Changes in RotHC Sith Warrior Class Changes in RotHC Trooper Class Changes in RotHC Bounty Hunter Class Changes in RotHC Hello everyone. My name is Austin Peckenpaugh, and I’m a Senior Designer on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, responsible for class design and combat systems. As such, I’m here to shed some light on the changes to the Sith Inquisitor class in Game Update 2.0. We’ll be writing about recent class changes coming to The Old Republic, but this time we’re going a little more in depth and taking on one class (for both factions) at a time. Combat Systems Alacrity Improvements: One of the big changes to combat systems is the way that Alacrity works. Prior to this update, Alacrity came with a tradeoff for some classes, and it was nearly useless to other classes. The faster you attacked, the more resources you would spend, and that only worked if you had channeled abilities or abilities with activation times. Now, Alacrity will increase the activation speed of all abilities, including instants. We haven’t just shortened the global cooldown, either. When activating any ability quicker, its animation will also play quicker. This makes some attacks look and sound very cool. Furthermore, Alacrity increases resource regeneration by the same rate, helping you to recuperate resources more quickly as you spend them more quickly. Now more Alacrity is strictly a good thing. DoT Improvements: We’ve changed the way we evaluate damage over time effects, so it should now be less costly to keep your DoTs up and to spread them around. Shield Improvements: We’ve changed the way shields work to allow them to absorb any incoming kinetic or energy damage regardless of the source (melee, ranged, Force, tech – doesn’t matter). This has significantly increased the importance of shields, and the game has been rebalanced to account for such a major adjustment. Accuracy Matters: In 2.0, all Elite (gold star) and tougher enemies will have additional defense chances against Force and tech attacks. As a result, Accuracy Rating will play a pivotal role in optimizing your sustained damage in boss fights. Prior to 2.0, Accuracy Rating was valued very differently from class to class (or even spec to spec), and while it’s still different for each class or spec, that difference is now much smaller. In effect, all damage-dealing roles will find Accuracy Rating much more useful than before. Sorcerer Better Dark Heal: Previously the difference between Dark Heal and Dark Infusion wasn’t as obvious or meaningful as we’d have liked. Now, Dark Heal costs 70 Force and heals for significantly more. Dark Heal should be a better resort when time and immediacy are of the essence, and Dark Infusion should be a better resort when Force-conservation is of the essence. Consequently, parts of the game where Force efficiency is less important, Dark Heal is just a better heal. This makes Dark Heal better for soloing and off-healing in Flashpoints and Warzones. Better Static Barrier: We’ve removed the cooldown from Static Barrier so that it’s easier to protect your allies even when not spec’d in the Corruption skill tree. It still has its Deionized debuff lockout of course. Baseline Polarity Shift: Polarity Shift is now available for all Sorcerers! All Sorcerers can now benefit from 10 seconds of 20% Alacrity and immunity to interrupts. Force Barrier (New ability): This ability grants total immunity to all hostile effects and damage while channeled. Force Barrier can be channeled up to 10 seconds, but like any other channeled ability, you can cancel it or move out of it at any time. While channeled, incoming damage and debuffs will fail to apply. Below are some additional details on changes made to the Sorcerer’s skill trees. Many more skills than the ones mentioned here have changed; these are really just the highlights. Corruption Prior to 2.0, Corruption didn’t have much in the way of unique utility. In fact, many Corruption Sorcerers forwent their high tier skills to pick up some of Lightning’s utility. This is usually a sign that things in your main skill tree aren’t attractive enough, so we set out to address that. Force Suffusion: This skill has been completely redesigned. Now this skill causes your Overload to heal all affected allies for a moderate amount. Corrupted Barrier: While your own Static Barrier or Force Barrier is active on yourself, you heal for a percent of your maximum health. In addition to increased survivability, this skill should help reduce the impact of managing your Force with Consumption. Corrupted Speed: This new utility skill increases the duration of your Force Speed and finishes the cooldown on Force Speed when Force Barrier ends. This gives you the means to a quick getaway after using Force Barrier. When coupled with the existing Fadeout skill, you should be harder than ever to pin down. Force Surge: This skill has been redesigned. Now Innervate critical hits grant 1 charge of Force Surge. Each charge can be spent on Consumption as before to make Consumption not degenerate your Force. You can now have up to 3 charges of Force Surge. Furthermore, each charge of Force Surge reduces the activation time of your next Revivification by 33.34%, such that Revivification becomes instant when spending 3 charges of Force Surge on it. Lightning Lightning has gotten a few major changes in 2.0 that should improve their gameplay considerably. However, we’ve also made considerations for how Lightning affects the rest of the game (other player’s gameplay) through Backlash. Fixed Backlash: This effect now only triggers when a Static Barrier you put on yourself ends. Placing Static Barrier on an ally will not trigger the Backlash effect when that Static Barrier...

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer PVP Build For 2.0

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  This post will give you a PVP build for the expansion pack 2.0 in SWTOR. The class we are going to focus on is the Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer. Thanks to the guys over at for this one. Point Allocation: 2/2 Will of The Sith 3/3 Calcify 2/2 Disintegration 2/2 Parasitism 3/3 Force Horrors 1/1 Death Field 3/3 Sith Efficacy 1/1 Madness 2/2 Corrupted Flesh 1/1 Wrath 1/1 Deathmark 2/2 Haunted Dreams 2/2 Lingering Nightmares 2/2 Lightning Burst 3/3 Creeping Death 2/2 Devour 2/2 Focal Lightning 2/2 Shapeless Spirit 1/1 Creeping Terror 3/3 Seeping Darkness 2/2 Force Weaver 2/2 Reserves 2/3 Electric Induction You can also see how to allocate the points here: For complete leveling guides and build guides updated for 2.0 head over...

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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 2.0 Leveling Build

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In this post we are going to give you a build for the Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer that you can use with the new 2.0 expansion. This build has been developed using the PTS so there may well be some changes but it should get you started. 3/3 Calcify 3/3 Force Horrors 2/2 Disintegration 2/2 Oppressing Force 2/2 Parasitism 1/1 Madness 1/1 Death Field 3/3 Sith Efficacy 2/2 Corrupted Flesh 2/2 Haunted Dreams 1/1 Wrath 1/1 Deathmark 3/3 Creeping Death 2/2 Devour 1/1 Surging Speed 2/2 Shapeless Spirit 1/1 Creeping Terror 3/3 Seeping Darkness 2/2 Force Suffusion 1/1 Sap Strength 1/1 Lucidity 3/3 Electric Induction SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer 2.0 Leveling Build: Still a mock up leveling build and this may change but if you are looking for a headstart to get ready for patch 2.0 this should help. Thanks to the guys over at for this...

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